This is where the group go investigate and get thrown off the train in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

[the next morning we see the 2 trains continuing on their merry way as we hear their whistles blow]

Skyla: [wakes up, still shaking]

[just then some of the pets come in, shocked to see Skyla in a state of fear]

Zoe Trent: Oh my, you must've been scared out of your wits!

Minka Miark: Yeah, you look like you've seen a ghost!

Skyla: [nervous] No. Shot man.

Penny Ling: Do you wanna talk about it?

Skyla: Last night, as we were getting ready for bed, I saw dead man hanging from the Silver Streak! Shot in head! 

Sunil Nevla: Dead man hanging? Shot in the head?!

Skyla: Yeah: [walks up to window] I saw him on the Silver Streak last night, outside this window!

Nyx: At least, that's what she said.

Skyla: I really did see it! Why won't you believe me?!

Nyx: We didn't even get a chance to see it.

Skyla: There was! I swear to you, Nyx. You have no idea...

Sunil Nevla: Well I can symposize for you, Skyla.

Zeñorita: Don't tell me, you believe Skyla, Sunil.

Sunil Nevla: Well I've seen things like that. And I'm normally scared at the time! Nothing ever surprises me anymore.

Russel Ferguson: Well, I could believe it, but how could the man be dead? Who was the one that shot him is the real question.

Skyla: Who knows. But I think we're next!

Nyx: Get real Skyla, we don't have any relation with that man.

Skyla: Shut up! You still don't get it, do you? We are next!

Penny Ling: How can you? We're on the Daylight Special and you saw the man on the Silver Streak. There isn't anyway we're next. That's just your scared side thinking.

Skyla: Okay, but I still don't know.

Pepper Clark: If we wanna find out who shot the man, why don't we go onto the Silver Streak and look?

Skyla: Alright.

Nyx: Yeah, let's go look. I can teleport us on, but we'll have to head for the lounge car.

Snowdrop: Wait, shouldn't we wake up Yuna?

Skyla: Naw, let's let her sleep.

[the leave the room as we hear Yuna softly snoring]

[as they head for the lounge car, they pass through the dinning car]

Blackie: Hey girls.

Skyla: Hey Blackie

Blackie: You wanna join me for breakfast?

Nyx: Naw, we'll join you later.

Balckie: Okay.

[they soon reach the lounge car]

Skyla: Okay, let's go.

Nyx: Right, [she lights up with horn and then they teleport into the Silver Streak]

Sunil Nevla: Oh, warn me next time when you do that.

Nyx: Sorry.

Pepper Clark: Let's go and find the mystery killer.

Skyla: [gulps]

Zeñorita: No se preocupe mi amigo, yo tengo el arma escondida, en mi mochila.

Skyla: Okay. 

Vinnie Terrio: Which car do you see the man?

Skyla: I think it was the third car from the baggage car.

[They go to it]

Pepper Clark: I don't see anything weird.

[then they here something]

Zoe Trent: I hear something! It's coming from that coach suite!

[Once they head to the coach suite they find find Sunset Shimmer and the human Snips and Snails in it searching for something]

Minka Mark: What are they doing?

Nyx: What are you guys doing?!

Sunset Shimmer: I think you guys are sticking your noses and muzzles where they don't belong. There could be trouble.

Snowdrop: You're the ones in trouble, not us.

Sunset Shimer: You 2, remove these creeps.

[the 2 grab them]

Pepper Clark: Wha.. What are doing?!

Zoe Trent: Hey! Let us go, you brutes! What do you think you're doing?!

[they arrive at the door setion of the coach]

Nyx: What are you doing?!

[then they open the door]

Skyla: Oh no, you can't be serious.

[they grab the group]

Minka Mark; Hey! Wait, you don't have to...

[they are thrown off the train]

Skyla: AAAAHH!!!!

[they tumble a small bit and watch the trains leave as they get back up]

Zoe Trent: [runs a little way down the tracks and stops] Wha... Don't they realize that we're not there? [gasp] I'M LOST!! [cries] I'M A LOST DOGGY!! [falls to the ground and weeps]

Pepper Clark: [pulls out a conshell] Great, magic conchshell! Now what do we do? [pulls the string]

Conchshell: Nothing.

Rusell Ferguson: Nothing?! WE CAN'T JUST SIT HERE AND DO NOTHING!!

Pepper Clark: But the conchshell said...


[the bullet knocks the conchshell out of Pepper's grip and it breaks]

Zeñorita: [holding her gun] Forget about the conchshell! That thing won't help us, besides our parents will be worried sick if they find us gone.

Nyx: She's right.

Skyla: So what do we do?

Nyx: We'll just follow the tracks to the next town and find someone who can take us to one of the places where the Silver Streak and Daylight Special pass through.

Skyla: Okay.

Nyx: Now let's get going, before we miss the trains.

Zeñorita: [heads up to Zoe] Zoe?

Zoe Trent: [brings her head up, and continues shedding tears] Hmm?

Zeñorita: [puts her on her back]

Zoe Trent: This better be good.

Zeñorita: We're gonna be fine.

Nyx: Let's go, if we wanna catch the trains, we can't waste any time.

Russel Ferguson: And all I wanted to do was relax and rest.

[They run down the tracks]

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