Here's how the next morning and taking off goes in Return to Paradise Falls

[the next morning, we see Skyla wake up]

Skyla: [yawns] [Hears something.] Huh?

[she leaves her bedroom and see the team gathering supplies]

Skyla: What in Equestria is going on here?

Yuna: [walks over]

Skyla: Yuna, what's going on?

Yuna: Hm? Oh, hey Skyla. Cadance and Shining Armor called Mama last night about Paradise Falls, and you got your wish.

Skyla: Really?!

Yuna: Yeah! Tell that to cousin Cadance!

Skyla: Alright. [runs to her parents] Mommy, is this true?

Cadance: Yes, it's true.

Skyla: Oh, Mommy, thank you, thank you! [hugs her]

Cadance: [hugs her back] You're welcome.

Skyla: How are we gonna get there?

Shining Armor: I'm not sure, the Miner Trains said they'd have a special kind of Transport provided.

[everyone heads outside and are surprised to see a giant airship!]

Skyla: Whoa..

Yuna: Look at the size of that thing.

Skyla: Yeah.

Twilight: Wait a minute. That's not an ordinary airship. That's... that's... The Famous Hiddenburg! The Biggest Zepplin in the world!

Skyla: WHOA!!!

Percy: The Hiddenburg!?

Mucker: [drives up] That's correct. We put it back.

Edd: How did you do this?!

Steam Mech: After many hours of research, we found the old schmatics for this thing and we rebuilt it ourselves. But there are a few differences.

Brian: Differences? Like what?

Steam Mech: For starters we filled it with Helium, not hydrogen. And we replaced the logo on the tail.

Brian: Oh.

[they look up and see the Nazi symbol with replaced with Thomas and Twilight's team's logo (with Brian's collar on it)]

Thomas: Nice logo.

Brian: Yeah, with my collar on it too.

[then Kipper and his friends walk by (while carrying several clusters of balloons)]

Kipper: Hello.

Skyla: Hey Kipper.

Kipper: Hey, Skyla.

Nyx: Uh, what are all those balloons for?

Kipper: We're gonna use them to fly.

Skyla: Fly? How can you fly with balloons?

[Kipper and his friends then walk up to a bench and ties some fo the balloons on it]

Tiger: We're gonna fly on this bench.

Pig: Yeah!

Nyx: Ah, that makes sense.

Arnold: Fly.

[they then hop on the bench]

Kipper: Alright, prepared for take off!

Brian: Let's go!

[everyone else hops into the Hiddenburg and then the engines roar into life]

Kipper: Alright, take off!

[Tiger unties the rope to the bench and the bench starts to float]

[the Hiddenburg then starts to fly upward]

[And soon in the sky]

Mucker: Alright, full speed ahead southward! [puts the engines to full speed]

[the ship turns and the compass points south]

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