Here's how the next town and the journey to the next stop goes in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

[they keep walking down the tracks]

Nyx: Can't believe we're off the train again!

Skyla: And now we're trying to catch up to the trains again!

Zoe Trent: And we have to walk! [whimpers] I hate when stuff like this happens!

Minka Mark: So, what do we do when we get to the next town?

Zeñorita: We just have to find a police station or the Sheriff and see if we can't get a ride to the next stop for the trains.

Snowdrop: Sounds like a plan.

Sunil Nevla: Likewise.

Penny Ling: Let's just hurry.

Skyla: Now that we know the Dazzlings are onboard, we have to get back on before they do something to Brian!

Russel Ferguson: Yeah!

Pepper Clark: Then we must catch those trains!

[They run down the track]

[after a while, they reach a town]

Zoe Trent: Look, a town! We're saved! [laughs crazy]

Nyx: Let's find a sheriff's office!

[They run to the town]

Skyla: There's the sheriff! [points to the sheriff's office] Come on!

Snowdrop: [runs after her]

[they reach the sheriff's office]

Sheriff: Can I help you?

Nyx: We've been thrown off our train!

Sheriff: Well take a seat and tell me all about it.

[a little later, after they've explained their story]

Nyx: And now we need a lift to the next trains' stop, so we can get back on.

Sheriff: I see.

Skyla: You think you have someone who can give us a lift?

Sheriff: Yes. I can have my deputy take you to the next station.

[They then board a police car as the deputy drives away]

[we return to the trains]

Twilight: Where could those foals be?

Rarity: I just hope they're alright.

Blythe: And the pets. I know that Zoe can't always keep calm in most of these situations.

Brian: Ah, I'm sure she's fine.

Cadance: [sighs]

Shining Armor: What's wrong, honey?

Cadance: I'm getting worried about Skyla.

Shining Armor: She'll be fine, she's with Nyx, Snowdrop, and Zeñorita. They're smart foals.

Cadance: Alright then.

Blackie: But at least now you know Skyla was telling the truth.

Cadance: Yes, [starts to well up tears] My poor filly. I should've listened to her. [sniffs] And now, she's off the train because of me. [weeps]

Blackie: Don't cry, Cadance.

Cadance: It's my fault.

Blackie: It's not your fault. Sure you didn't listen, but it doesn't mean you were the one that caused Skyla to end up off the train.

Brian: Yeah, if anyone's to blame, it's those damn sirens and Sunset Shimmer.

Spongebob: [on phone] I understand, thank you. Bye. [hangs up phone] Officer Drake and some of the other police have set off along the Daylight Special and Silver Streak's route to search for them.

Squidward: That's good.

Cadance: I hope they find Skyla.

Yuna: Do you think Snowdrop will be alright, Mama?

Princess Luna: I'm not sure, sweetie. But I hope she's alright.

Yuna: I do too.

[we return to the others as the car continues to the trains' next stop]

Snowdrop: How much longer?

Deputy: Don't worry, we're almost there.

[They soon reach the station]

Skyla: [hops out] Thank you for your help.

Deputy: Anytime.

Nyx: Right, let's find the trains.

[They then race into the the station]

Zoe Trent: [tapping her paws]

Zeñorita: Something wrong, mi amigo?

Zoe Trent: Just waiting.

Nyx: Look!

[we see the 2 trains]

Minka Mark: The trains!

Vinnie Terrio: Let's go!

[They race up to the Daylight Special and board the train]

Conductor: Board!

[They got on just in time]

[after the trains leave the station]

Skyla: Let's get to our coach suite and find Blackie.

[as they continue on, something appears behind them and then they're knocked out]

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