NickToons All-Stars: Song of the Superheroes is a new episode.


When the water systems go off, the NickToons and their respective antagonists become opera singing superheroes and supervillains and race to find it first.


After the events of NickToons Scared Silly, the water supply has been lowered due to the dam being low on water. Whilst this is happening, Danny and his NickToons friends have to find some more water while Jack and Maddie Fenton watch opera on the television. But the NickToons villains are also low on fluids and have to find the water. So, they decide to get to the water supply before the heroes and have enough water but the heroes have the same idea. During their search, the heroes and villains run into each other. So in order to get the water, they let their imaginations go wild and became Superheroes and Supervillains to decide which team gains the water supply. The heroes and villains sing as they search for the key to the treasure they're after in order to get the water. When they find the key, they would the get the treasure and wins the water supply. The heroes have the key and they opened the chest to find a container to contain the water supply and they were heading to the water supply when the villains ambushed them. They fought until the heroes win and they have the containers for the water supply. The heroes have the upper hand and have the water supply in no time. And the heroes have delivered the water supply to the dam and have enough water to last them a lifetime. Maddie and Jack congratulate them on a job well done. Danny says that you don't always have to be a ghost boy to save the day and they all share a laugh as the episode ends.


  • This film is based on the Muppets Babies episode "A Song of Superheroes​"


NickToons All-Stars: Song of the Superheroes/Transcript

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