This is the transcript for NickToons All-Stars: Song of the Superheroes.

(The episode begins with the NickToons playing pretend)

Leonardo: (pretending to surf) Yee-haw! Surf's up!

Spongebob Squarepants: Coming right behind ya Leo!

Michealangelo: Looking good, you guys.

Danny Fenton: You aren't bad yourself Mikey.

Donatello: Yeah.

Tak: You got that right Donnie.

(Jack and Maddie Fenton come in)

Jack Fenton: Hi boys.

Maddie Fenton: We have some bad news. The water systems are not working right. So we won't be able to use the water for a while.

Danny Fenton: Oh no.

Raphael: We have to find a fresh supply of water.

Timmy Turner: We will, Raph. And there is only one way. If we work together.

All: Agreed.

(Meanwhile, with the villains)

The Shredder: I have heard that the heroes are going to get the water supply.

Ember McLain: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Plankton: That if we team up with each other we'll get to the water supply first.

Mr. Crocker: Sounds awfully tempting.

Traloc: Indeed.

Ember McLain: And do you know what I like about being evil?

The Shredder: We all have our evil goals?

Ember McLain: No. That we always give in to temptation.

Plankton: Indeed. Let's do it.

(They head off. Back with the heroes)

Danny Phantom: Okay. Where do you find water?

Spongebob Squarepants: Maybe you can find water at the sea.

(The heroes checked the sea)

SpongeBob Squarepants: Huh?

Timmy Turner: The sea's dried out.

Cosmo: Not exactly what you have in mind.

Danny Phantom: What's making all the water go away?

Leonardo: I know what.

Timmy Turner: Well, what is it?

Leonardo: It's the villains!

(They all look up and see the villains nearby)

Plankton: Gah! What are you doing here?!

Donatello: We're here to get that water.

Ember McLain: So what? We need it too.

Michaelangelo: We need it more than you.

(They glare at each other for a few minuets then Timmy has an idea)

Timmy Turner: Wait! Arguing isn't gonna solve anything! So, why don't we become superheroes and supervillains to see who can get the water first?

Shredder: You know, that isn't a bad idea.

Plankton: I agree with you Shredder.

Danny Phantom: Now that you mention it, Timmy, this could whip up quite a competition.

Leonardo: Indeed.

Timmy Turner: Then what are we waiting for? Time to feel super!

Raphael: All right!

(Ding and poof)

Dynamo Danny: I am... Dynamo Danny!

Timmy Turner: I am... Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder!

Spongebob Squarepants: I am... Spongebob Justicepants!

Jimmy Neutron: I am... Iron Boy Genius!

Tak: I am... Ju-Ju Man!

Leonardo: I am... Limb Leo!

Donatello: I am... Digital Donnie!

Raphael: I am... Raging Raph!

Michaelangelo: And I am... Mega Mikey!

Plankton: As for us I am... Plank-Ton!

Ember McLain: I am... Music Amber!

The Shredder: I am... The Shredinator!

Mr. Crocker: I am... Dr. Croctopus!

Traloc: I am... Tracklock!

HP: I am... Nega-Pixie!

Dynamo Danny: We are.. The NickToon Heroes!

Music Ember: And we are.. The Legion of Nicktoon Villains!

Raging Raph: And we're going to take the water supply before you.

Music Ember: May the best team win.

All: Agreed.

(The NickToons Heroes and the Legion of NickToon Doom set off)

Dynamo Danny: Okay. If I were a liquid that keeps you cool during a hot summer's day, where would I hide?

Spongebob Justicepants: Uh, in a drain pipe?

Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder: A lake?

Dynamo-Danny: Right.

(The NickToons Heroes set off to the lake)

Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder: Hey, guys! (holds up a key) Look what I found.

Iron Boy Genius: A key?

Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder: Not just any key, it's a key to a chest which contains what we need to get the water supply.

Limb Leo: Maybe if we find the chest we'll find the water containers.

Dynamo-Danny: Right.

Digital Donnie: To the chest!

(They head to the chest but run into the villains on the way)

Music Ember: Let's get started on the song.

Dynamo-Danny: Hit us with your best shot~

Cause you're gonna get caught~

Spongebob Justicepants: NickToon Hereos, coming through~

NickToon Heroes, whoo-hoo!~

NickToon Heroes: NickToon Heroes, whoo-hoo~

Nicktoon Heroes, whoo-hoo~

Limb Leo: Mighty Limb Leo stomps the ground~

Raging Raph: Raging Raph flips round and round~

Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder: Cleft is a Boy Wonder Chin~

Dynamo-Danny: And Dynamo-Danny sometimes wins~

NickToons Heroes: The Iron Boy Genius smart as can be~

Mega Mikey is super funny~

Digital Donnie sure knows a lot~

Spongebob Justicepants shows you he isn't a robot~

NickToons Heroes, whoo-hoo~

NickToon Heroes, whoo-hoo~

(The song ends as the villains are defeated and the heroes open the chest)

Mega Mikey: We did it!

Digital Donnie: We did indeed.

Dynamo-Danny: (picks up the containers) Now, let's go get that water supply.

NickToons Heroes: Right!

Limb Leo: Come on.

Mega Mikey: We're gonna make it!

(They eventually find it)

Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder: We did it!

Digital Donnie: We got all the water!

(They head home and Jack and Maddie return)

Jack Fenton: Well done, boys.

Maddie Fenton: Yes. Well done indeed.

Danny Fenton: It was nothing.

(Everyone laughs as the episode ends)

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