Nicky Little

Nicky Little (voiced by Clea Lewis) is one of Pepper Ann's best friends. She is 12 years old. She is practically perfect in every way. Her only imperfection is sometimes she is a little too perfect.

Once, Nicky tried being "bad", but she soon discovered she liked being "perfect" instead of "bad". ("Nicky Gone Bad"). Nicky is one of the only people who can get through to Pepper Ann's atrange thoughts and plans to try to talk some sense into her. Pepper Ann doesn't always listen, but still, she tries.

Nicky's dream is to become a concert violinist in Italy. She practices her violin and her Italian every day. She even got Stewart Waldinger (her boyfriend) to learn Italian. ("Like Riding A Bike") We've only seen her perform in Hazelnut twice. But she did get to play at The Realto once.