Nighlock is a mutant and the leader of Code Red. He is also good friends with Apocalypse. He is also the second in command of the Suicide Squad.


Before his powers emerged, before he was a government agent, before he was even called Nighlock, he was known as the Texan Thief. He was so good, the police never even suspected he was a teenager, and never caught him. Until he screwed up a mission, and went on the run. He was arrested for his crimes, but got bailed out by Major Malfunction.

After being reformed, he was made a police officer of Washington County, but received five scratch marks from Dark Eagle. he was captured by the Ultralinks, where his powers were starting to emerge. He finally broke free and found the Nighlock Armour and used it to combat Dark Eagle. He has become a fugitive a few times, but eventually proves his innocence. He is also known as the Dark Knight of Texas.



  • rivalry with Princess Celestia.
  • Has a bionic right arm.
  • respects Apocalypse.
  • Good friends with Punisher and the Indominus Rex.
  • Doesn't like Claire Dearing.
  • Husband of Shadowkat
  • will become hostile if friends or family is threatened.
  • Nighlock will become the second in command of the Suicide Squad in Nighlock and the Suicide Squad.
  • Nighlock will consider Moon Dancer and Princess Celestia to be the destroyers of Equestria in Equestria Civil War.
  • As ruler of Mutant Kind and founder of the Mutant Republic, Nighlock has an Alicorn form.
  • Nighlock is considered an Autobot for his unwavering spirit.
  • Nighlock has an evil alternate dimension version of himself, called Deathstrike, who is a ruthless mercenary.
  • Nighlock is Major Malfunction's star student.



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