Here is how Nighlock, War Machine, and Vision confront Dusty, Skipper, and El Chupacabra in Thomas, Twilight Sparkle, Brian Griffin, and Weekenders Adventures of Civil War.

[we see Dusty, Skipper, and El Chupacabra flying in the sky]

Skipper Riley: Looks like things are quiet. A little too quiet.

[suddenly, they hear rockets and see Nighlock, War Machine, and Vision]

Nighlock: Dusty Crophopper, Skipper Riley, and El Chupacabra. Land now, and there won't be trouble.

Dusty Crophopper: Split up!

(they do so)

Nighlock: They always take the hard way. Rhodes, you get the Skipper. Vision, you get the masked flier. I got Crophopper.

[they split up as well]

Nighlock: You, driving the cropduster, pull over now! I only wanna talk.

Dusty Crophopper: Never![flies away]

Nighlock:(fires an EMP at him)

Dusty Crophopper:(sees some helicopters and lands)

War Machine:(fires his cannons at Skipper)

Skipper Riley:(tries to get away) What is the meaning of this Colonel?

War Machine: I don't want this to get messy. So just land, and there won't have to be further problems.

Skipper Riley:(lands)

Vision:(fires his mind beam at them) El Chupacabra. I know you believe y what you're doing is heroism. But for the collective good, you must land now.

El Chupacabra:(growls and lands)

(later, the three superheroes and and army landed as well)

Dusty Crophopper: Why are you doing this?!

Nighlock: We only wanna talk with Thomas, Twilight, and the three Alicorn Princesses.

Dusty Crophopper: Why?!

War Machine: That information's classified.

Vision: So just take us there.

Skipper Riley:(growls) Fine.

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