Here is how Nighlock and Red Smoke's Diplomatic Mission and Bumblebee's arrival goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton

(The screen then shows an airport)

(We then see the words "Wasington D.C. Airport. Three weeks after the Cartel Incident")

(We then see Anthony and Amy leaving a plane and the airport)

Nighlock: I still don't think this is a good idea.

Red Smoke(grabs her bag): But you know why we're here.

Nighlock: The boss sent us on a diplomatic mission, I know. But you know I hate diplomacy.

Red Smoke(grabs two muffins and a cup of tea): If we don't do this, then there won't be a world to defend from evil. Besides(points to a coffe stand) there is one way to ease your nerves.

Nighlock(grabs a cup of coffee, some creamer, and some sugar): And what's, may I ask?

Red Smoke: We can have some fun before tomorrow. This is the first time we've been here.

Nighlock: Well it has been a while since we had fun. Not since the whole thing with the Cartel went down.

(An airport worker walks up to them)

Worker: Welcome to Washington D.C. May I take your bags?

Nighlock: You may. (Hands her his briefcase) Thanks. (Takes a bite out of his muffin and sips his coffee)

(Red Smoke does the same)

(The worker looks at them and her eyes flash yellow, signifying she is Mystique)

Mystique: Your car will be this way, please.

(While they were heading there, a yellow Cheverlet Camarro with black stripes on it drove up)

Mystique: Your car is right there. (Points to the Camarro)

Nighlock(to himself): What's he doing here?

Red Smoke(to Mystique): Thank you for your help.

Mystique: You are quite welcome. (Walk away)

(They put their bags in the trunk)

Nighlock(getting into the back seat): You mind telling us why you're here Bumblebee?

Bumblebee: Dark Eagle's broken out of prison, and is on the run. I was assigned to protect you.

(Nighlock grabs his side and winces in pain)

Red Smoke(to Bumblebee): Wait he's loose. How is that even possible? The Vault's inescapable.

Bumblebee: We think he had help on the inside.

Nighlock: Well that makes sense. (To his partner) So where to first?

Red Smoke: The Smithsonian.

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