Here is how Nighlock has a plan goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(Nighlock overhears the question, and flies over to them)

Nighlock: To answer your question Bee, I am going to have to restore and make Indominus see her senses. I was her only friend back on Jurassic World. But don't worry, I have plan on how to defeat her without hurting her.

Red Smoke(takes over): Under no circumstances is she to be killed.

(Bumblebee turns to talk to Sideswipe about the plan, but he is already gone)

Nighlock: I got him.(opens one of his portals)

(Sideswipe trips and falls through in front of Bumblebee)

Sunset Shimmer: Dramatic much.

Sideswipe: Ow! Go easy on me next time will ya?

Nighlock: I'll keep it in mind.

Sideswipe: Man that really hurt.

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