This is how Nighlock sees the Indominus Rex and the fight begins goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(They partners and heroes continue walking)

(Nighlock stops mid step and turns around)

(After activating his thermal sensors, he sees the Indominus Rex's heat sig go off)

Nighlock: I just saw her heat signature turn off behind that building. She is here. Alright everyone get moving, I've just spotted her. Prepare for battle.

(We see civilians running to get away from the battle)

(The partners and Autobots prepare for battle while Sunset Shimmer takes cover)

(Suddenly, the Indominus Rex bursts out of the building right next to them)

Graydon Creed: Alright switch your weapons to stun!

Nighlock: FIRE!

(They start firing, but the Indominus Rex ignores them)

(She then charges at two nearby civilians with her jaws open)

Nighlock: NO!

(Drift, Slipstream and Jetstorm defend them, driving the I-Rex back)

Drift: (to the civilians) Run!

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