This is how Nighlock vs Dan Phantom goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Return of the Jedi.

[Nighlock flies up to a platform to confront Dan]

Dan Phantom: So you made it. I was hoping I could fight the King of Mutantkind.

Nighlock: Well, unlucky for you, I've grown strong enough both mentally and physically to defeat you.

[Nighlock's hands light on fire and Dan's hands ignite with ghost energy]

[They fire both respective energies at each other]

[The energies clash against each other as they try to overpower the other]

[They charge at each other and get locked in hand-to-hand combat]

[Nighlock then grabs Dan by the shoulders and slams him to the ground]

[Dan unleashes his Ghostly Wail]

[The Wail knocks him back a bit, but Nighlock digs his swords into the ground to anchor him into the ground]

Nighlock: Nice trick.

[He fires his sonic blasters at his foe]

Nighlock: Cause I have something just as powerful.

[They charge at each other]

[They then get locked in hand-to-hand combat]

Dan Phantom: You're strong. But not strong enough.

Nighlock: You'd be surprised by the threat level S.H.I.E.L.D. gave me.

[He then got out his minigun]

Dan Phantom: Oh come on!