Here's how night goes again in Night Furies vs. The Nightmare Family Part 1

[It was dark again]

[we then see Yuna skirming in her bed again]

Yuna: [is in the same misty forest] Hello?

[then the music score: plays]

[but then she sees another figure, but this time, it's a dark stallion.]

Dark stallion: [as Smaug] Come now, don't be shy. Step into the light!

Yuna: [nerviously walks forward]

Dark stallion: [as Smaug (in his version)] There is something about you, something made of black, something far more percious.

Yuna: [appears]

Dark Stallion: There you are, I see you met marry the other night.

Yuna: Yeah.

Dark Stallion: well, prepare yourself as you are about to meet.. The King of Darkness. [green and red eyes glow in the shawdow]

Yuna: [gasps]


Yuna: NO!!!

[in reality]'


[Nightstar springs up again]

Yuna: Not another one!

{then Princess Luna bursts in]

Princess Luna: Yuna, are you alright?!

Yuna: I had another nightmare!

Princess Luna: I saw it. and I'm afraid that the Nightmare Family is free!

[then they hear Hiccup scream]

Yuna: Hiccup!

Princess Luna: He is suffering from nightmares of the Nightmare Family too!

Yuna: Wait, The Nightmare Family?

Nightstar: [has a look of confusion]

Princess Luna: Yeah, I'll epxlain more about them after we get everyone gathered up.

Yuna: Okay.

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