Ace is in his room at his Parents house and look at drawing of him and his Friends)

Lexi: (voice) I just can't wait. Once we go to another world I will be great.

(Ace saw a Storm far away from Acmetropolis)

Ace: A storm? Oh no! The Ship!

Minutes later

(Ace went off the Acmetropolis to save the Ship)

Ace's Mother: Ace! Dinner ready, come down! Ace?


(Ace saw a Giant Dark Ball)

Ace: What is that?

(He saw a Vehicles from his Friends)

Ace: My Friends Vehicles and Lexi.

(And then he saw a Dark Creature in his Dream)

Ace: Them too!

(He went off to find his Friends and he found Duck)

Ace: Where's lexi? I though she was with you?

Duck: The door has opened.

Ace: What?

Duck: The Door has opened, Ace. That means we can see so many World's.

Ace: What are you saying?! We have to find Lexi!

Duck: Lexi is coming with us! Once we step through, we might not about to turn back. We may never see our family's again. There's no turning back. But this is our only chance we can't let fear stop us. I'm not afraid of the darkness.

(Duck reach his hand to Ace)

Ace: Duck?

(And then a Darkness is right underneath Duck, Ace is gonna save him, but the Darkness is underneath him too, so he's gonna reach his hand to Duck. But it's too late the Darkness got him. Until a Light has shown up to Ace, and he saw he's Duck dissappeared and he has a new Sword)

Mysterious Voice: Warrior. Warrior.

(Ace went off to find Lexi, so he went to the Secret Place and found her)

Ace: Lexi?!

Lexi: Ace...

(She reach her hand and then the Door behind has opened with Darkness, Ace is reach her, but she disappeared and then blast of wind just blow Ace away. After that he landed on the Ground and he saw Acmetropolis collapsing)

Ace: Yikes!

(He saw a Giant Black Ball above him and then he saw a Giant Black Creature in his Dream)

Ace: This is not my day.

(He is gonna fight that Giant Black Creature and he defeat that Giant Creature until then he has been Lifted to the Giant Black Ball and Ace is holding on to his Dear life, and he lose his grip)

Ace: (Scream)

(He got sucked into the Giant Black Ball)

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