This is where Yuna, Nightstar, Hiccup, and Toothless battle the Orange Fire Dragon in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

Yuna: That thing has wings!

Hiccup: Okay, let's see if it can use them!

Yuna: Right!

[the 2 Night Furies then begin firing plasma shots at the dragon]

Orange fire Dragon: RAAAAAH!!!!!

[then the huge dragons takes off]

Yuna: Well, it can fly.

[they fly onward as the beast chases them]

[the crowd watches and cheers them on]

Yuna: I've got an idea! Head for the clouds!

Hiccup: I know what you're thinking, Yuna! Come on, Toothless!

[they then fly up into the clouds]

Yuna: Come on, girl!

[The Orange Fire Dragon then blasts fire at the 2 but they avoid it and they soon reach the clouds as the beast searches all around for them but then a plasma shot hits its left wing]

Yuna: Good shot, girl!

[then Toothless fires a plasma blast at the beast's right wing]

Orange Fire Dragon: [roaring]

[the 2 Night Furies then both start firing a several Plasma Blasts at the beast's wings in different places]

[down below the crowd watches in awe as the plasma blasts' reflect through the coulds]

Equines: Oh, ah!

Orange Fire Dragon: ROAR!!! [fires a long stream of fire all around]

Yuna: Watch out!

[then the patch on Nightstar's wing catches fire]

Yuna: Okay, time's up! Let's see if this works.

[they charge the beast again]



[Toothless and Nightstar roar]

[The 2 then fly by the beast's head and then straight down]

[the beast follows behind]

Yuna: Stay with me girl, we're almost there!

Nightstar: [growls]

[the beast then narrows its vison on them]

Yuna: Wait for my word!

Hiccup: Right!

[the beast heats its gasses ready to fry them]

Yuna: NOW!!!

[Toothless and Nightstar spin around and fire a plasma blast directly into the Orange Fire Dragon's mouth, prematurely igniting the gas and setting its insides on fire.]

[and then they start heading straight for the ground! The beast sees this and opens its wings but all the holes in its wings tear into even bigger holes, rendering its wings useless. The Night Furies slip out of the way but the beast continues flying down and then crashes into the ground and explodes!]

Crowd: WHOA!!!!

[Toothless And Nightstar then fly upward to try and avoid the inferno, but then Nightstar's patch comes off!]

Yuna: Oh no! No!

[she and Nightstar strike the beast's tail in which Yuna's knocked off unconscious from the collision]

Nightstar: [growls in concern]

Hiccup: Yuna!

[Yuna then falls towards the flames and then Nightstar dives into the inferno]

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