This is how night of the living thirst goes in 28 Train-Pranks Later.


Gordon: Alright. Who's ready to sell some Energon and cookies today?

Applejack: Yep.

Toby: Definately.

Rarity: Right you are.

James: Ready and waiting.

Cutie Mark Crusaders: We are.

Toby: Look here, Gordon. I know you promised Rainbow and Scootaloo you'd help out, but I don't want none of your pranks ruinin' these fillies' night.

Gordon: I promise to behave.

Rainbow Dash: That's the Gordon I know.

Sweetie Belle: We wanna hit every home on the island.

Gordon: You heard her.


Evil Ryan: Hello?

Harry: [growls loudly]

Cutie Mark Crusaders: [scream]

Fluttershy: Calm down, Harry. I can see Gordon's decided to behave himself for once.

Gordon: That bear is Harry?

Fluttershy: Yes. I named him that.

Gordon: Cool. Ryan got a crocodile for a son named Brian.

[Harry nods and does the "I've got my eye on you" look on Gordon]

Gordon: Ok.

[Soon enough, nearly every box is delivered]

Gordon: [laughs]

Toby: I think you three should be real proud. Y'all did a mighty impressive job for your first go-'round.

James: You took the words right out of my mouth, Toby. Isn't that right, Gordon?

Gordon: [hushed] Any minuet now.

Toby: Uh... "any minuet now" what?

Gordon: Huh? Oh, uh, nothing! Have you guys noticed how quiet it's gotten? I mean, it's still early, right?

James: Of course it's quiet. Engines and ponies can't talk while they're drinking that fabulous Energon, heh.

Gordon: You think?

James: Of course. They're probably all in an Energon coma right now.

Gordon: Huh... Maybe you're right. I'll go check.

[Gordon puffs off and looks around]

Gordon:  What is going on...? Okay. Definite Energon-drinking happening. But... where is everybody? They must have seen their Energon mouths by now... They should all be running out into the streets! Unless everybody went to bed early... [hears a noise] Percy?


Gordon: The whole island got the Energon, and now everybody is shut up in their houses! You don't think there's something wrong with the joke Energon, do you?



Gordon:  Pinkie Pie! Phew! Have you seen Percy? I was thinking I might have something to do with him not feeling great.

Pinkie Pie: [swallowing, terrorcon-like growl]

Gordon: Uh... Pinkie... Pie...? Are you okay?

Pinkie Pie: [droning] Energon...! Energon! [produces an Energon sucking terrorcon tounge]

Gordon: [whimper] Uh, I can see you're busy! I'll come back!


Gordon: Uhh! [looks up and spots Percy, who has also got a terrorcon tounge] Argh!

Percy: [droning] Energon...!

Gordon: [screams]

Mrs. Cake: [droning] More... Energon...!

Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake: [burbling]

Pinkie Pie: [droning] Energon...!

Percy, Mrs. Cake and Pinkie Pie:  [droning] Energon... Ennnnneeeeerrrrgggggoooonnnnn...

Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake: [burbling]

Percy, Mrs. Cake and Pinkie Pie: [droning] Moooooore Ennnnerrggooon...

[door opens]

Percy: [droning] More Energon...

Gordon: [whimpering, gasps]

Crash Bandicoot and Rainbow Dash: [moaning]

Gordon: Crash? What happened?

Crash Bandicoot: [talks like a zombie and a Cyberman] I have been upgraded. You will give us Energon or you will be deleted.

[Gordon panics and puffs away. He goes to find help and finds Thomas and Twilight carving Energon]

Gordon: Thomas! Twilight! Oh, thank goodness! Crash is talking like a Cyberman! You've got to help stop this!

Thomas: Eneergoon!

Gordon: RYAN!!!!!

[Gordon runs to Ryan and Matau but they are craving Energon]

Gordon: Uh, guys?

Ryan F-Freeman: [droning] Energon.... [slurps]

[Matau turns around and his arc reactor glows like Dark Energon]

Matau T. Monkey: [droning] Give us Energon or be exterminated... Energon.... [slurps]

[Gordon races off in fear and finds Sci-Ryan acting the same as Ryan and Matau]

Gordon: Sci-Ryan? You two?!

[Sci-Ryan and Matau approach]

[LeFou (2017) is appranetly infected too]

[luckily, Death (Overwatch) appears and gets Gordon away]

Gordon: Thanks, man.

Death (Overwatch):(glares at him, apparently aware of his prank)

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