This is how Nightmare Nova attempts to get the Unicron Star plans goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Rogue One.

[At the ship with the Rebels]

Crash Bandicoot: I hope these are good.

[They then prepare to take off]

[Suddenly, Nightmare Nova's Star Destroyer, the Dark Magic, appears out of hyperspace, destroying a few X-Wings]

[On the Dark Magic, Nightmare Nova is watching the battle]

Admiral: Lady Nova, the Rebels are trying to escape.

Nightmare Nova: Prepare a boarding party.

Admiral: Yes, my Lady.

[Many rebels begin heading to a shuttle below deck]

[In space, Nightmare Nova's shuttle, the Vengeance, approaches the rebel battleship]

[The troopers hear something and aim at the darkness. They hear breathing and Nightmare Nova ignites her red crossguard keyblade]

Reble trooper: Dear gosh!

Rebel trooper #2: Open fire!

[The troopers open fire at Nova, but she deflects the shots]

Trooper: Keep firing!

[Nova uses her magic to lift one trooper to the ceiling and slashes him, killing him]

Reble Trooper #3: We should retreat!

[Nightmare Nova strips four troopers of their weapons and kills them one by one with her keyblade and kills the last one with force choke]

Rebel trooper #3: Here, take the plans.

[The trooper gives the Unicron Star plans to Crash as Nightmare Nova shoves her keyblade through his chest and kills him and uses her magic to force the door open]

Crash Bandicoot: To the ship! [runs away with the plans to the shuttle]

[Three troopers fire at Nightmare Nova, who kills them with her keyblade as Crash gets inside the shuttle]

Crash Bandicoot: Detach the locking clamps and launch!

[A trooper detaches the clamps and the shuttle starts flying away]

[Nightmare Nova and a few Nightmare Empire troops arrive and see the shuttle leaving as Nightmare Nova extinguishes her keyblade and looks at the fleeing shuttle]

[The Red Ship appears and fires at them, buying the shuttle time to escape before escaping as well]

[We then see inside the shuttle as the Rebel brings the plans into the Comm room]

Rebel trooper: Your Highness, a group of Rebel spies transmitted this to us. What is it?

[The person turns, revealing to be Matau]

Matau T. Monkey: Hope.

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