When a Chaos Emerald is revealed beneath the cellars of the Cathedral de Notre Dame, Queen Beryl and Lord Zedd instruct the Putties to break into the church and snatch the Emerald for Bowser's plans, unaware that Frollo has overhead them and is planning something else in mind...

When Sora, Rini, Aisling and Cosmo are alerted to the Cathedral by the Archdeacon's message for help, Goldar, Azula, Scorpina, and Rito kidnap them by using Putties disguised as robed priests, and take them away to the cellar beneath the Cathedral, wherein they find the Emerald already in the clutches of Judge Claude Frollo, who wishes to use the Emerald's power to destroy the heathenistic Legion of Doom and restore order to the universe in his own twisted manner. Of course, Quasimodo is there to help battle his former master, but the heroes will soon find out that by allowing Frollo to gain the Emerald first, they have inavertedly alerted King Bowser to his treachery, to which he responds by sending Sarousch and the Scarecrow to snatch it back themselves and use its power to send the gang into what may be their final nightmare...

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