This is how Nightmare Moon turns Ryan into a swan goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess.

Thomas: Phew! That was close. He almost got us.

Ryan F-Freeman: Too close. Rothbart is angry at Odette for her refusing to marry him.

Evil Ryan: We see Odette grow up into a woman for this? [coughs] I have no idea what type of plan Rothbart is doing.

[Nightmare stands behind a tree]

Nightmare Moon: But, I know.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope my cybernetics is on me, Odette. We'll help you find Prince Derek.

[She nods. Behind the tree, Nightmare starts to read the swan transformation spell]

Lord Business: Mind if I read this with you, Nightmare Moon? Ryan's in for a big surprise.[chuckles]

[She nods]

Lord Business and Nightmare Moon: A creature's heart shall collide with one. By night a human, by day a swan.

[Ryan prepares to use his Keyblade to free Odette but he feels funny]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh my head.

Sci-Ryan: What's wrong, Ryan? Peaches?

Ryan F-Freeman: No. I feel a bit funny. [groans]

[Ryan feels magic coming out of him screaming in pain. Sci-Ryan watch in shock as Ryan's shadow become swan-like and then he honks]

Sci-Ryan: RYAN!!! [picks up Ryan, now as a swan] Are you ok? What happened to you?

Ryan F-Freeman: [groans] I'm fine, Sci-Ryan. How did Evil me got big?

[Sci-Ryan shrugs]

Rigby (EG): [picks up Ryan's pendant and Keyblade] Ryan. You might want to have a look at yourself. I don't think the Doctor knows what you are.

[Sci-Ryan puts Ryan down. Ryan then walks up to Odette and looks at his refection in the water]

Ryan F-Freeman: OMG! [to Odette] I'm a... and you're a...

Sci-Ryan: Matau knows that means "Oh my gosh!".

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan? What happened to you?[looks at Ryan, screams and hides behind Cody]

Cody Fairbrother: Did Matau scream like a little girl?

[The others nod]

Matau T. Monkey:[covering his eyes] What... does the rest of my master look like?

Thomas: Him. Only not him.

Emmet: I think Ryan has a beak.

[Matau uncovers his eyes and looks at Ryan]

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan? Is that really you?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think so. Can you tell me what happened to me?

Sci-Ryan: Well, Ryan. I heard voices of Nightmare Moon and Lord Business then you felt funny then I saw your transformation and I heard honking from you.

Cody Fairbrother: Ryan honked?! [panic and about to scream]

[Sunset covers Cody's mouth]

Ryan F-Freeman: Are you going to scream, Cody?

[Cody shakes his head for "No."]

Timothy: Is Ryan a.... a....

Thomas: Swan? Yes.

Rigby (EG): Ryan's pendant must've fallen off when he transformed.

[Sci-Ryan nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh wow! I've been abra-cadabraed into a swan like Odette!

[Rigby (EG) gasps]

[Behind the tree]

Lord Business: Well that worked. Why you hated Ryan, Nightmare Moon?

Nightmare Moon: Because he foiled my plan to free my male counterpart, Darkhorse Knight.

Lord Business: Ok. I think this spell doesn't last a day. When the moon is up, they turn into human.[puts a note on Rigby (EG)'s TARDIS] Let's leave the heroes to what they're doing. All right?

[She nods and they leave]

Rigby (EG): Odette? Is Ryan ok?

[Odette nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope my arms are here and this spell isn't permanent.

[Ryan looks at the reflection of the lake and saw wings]

Crash Bandicoot: What time is it?

[Evil Ryan check his Dalek watch and the time is for the moon to come up while it says "Exterminate!"]

[Ryan and Odette watch the moon]

Evil Ryan: I'll carry you to Swan Lake, Odette.[picks up Odette and walks to the lake]

Rigby (EG): Don't drop her! Be careful. Oh. Leaning! Leaning! Here. Place her on the water.

[Evil Ryan does and steps back]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope this works.[follows Odette]

[Ryan and Odette turns into humans]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey. This felt funny.

[Matau gasps]

Rigby (EG): Sister![hugs Odette]

Thomas and the others: [together] Sister?!

Ryan F-Freeman: How is this possible?

Rigby (EG): Well, Ryan. I was born after Odette. That makes my father, King William so happy.

[Ryan looks at his reflection]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey! My cybernetics are gone!

[Sari gasps and runs to Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Wait. I got these clothes. My cybernetics are covered by them.

Mordecai (EG): Rigby. We never know you and Odette are related.

Rigby (EG): Well, Mordecai. I was born after Odette. I guess Ryan's story telling won't believe us now.

Ryan F-Freeman: How do I look, Cody?

Cody Fairbrother: Wow. You look like... a male version of Odette!

Evil Ryan: Hmmm. Let's see.[looks at Ryan and Odette] I guess you and Ryan have in common, Odette.

Odette: Yes, Evil Ryan. My brother is happy to see me.

Rigby (EG): Yup. I'll find out what Rothbart is planning and what he did to you, I vow, I'll make him pay.

Ryan F-Freeman: So. When the moon is up, Odette and I turn human?

Rigby (EG): Yup. That's what happened in my sister's movie.

Evil Ryan: [picks up Jean-Bob] So, this is one of Odette's friends?

Jean-Bob: You do travel with great friends, doctor.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Wait. Did that frog talk?!

Matau T. Monkey: Yes, Master Ryan. [grabs a note] Someone left a note.

Ryan F-Freeman: From who?

Matau T. Monkey: Have a read and find out why.

[Crash grabs a note and starts to read]

Crash Bandicoot: Dear, Ryan F-Freeman. We have turned you into a swan to stop you interfering with Rothbart's plan. Good luck with trying to break the spell. Love, Lord Business.[mocks Kaos' laugh]

Evil Ryan: I knew it. [Coughs] But Ryan is a techno-oganic like me. Does that mean that by day he turn into a techno-swan?

Sci-Ryan: So. Let me get this right, Odette. A LEGO bad guy from the LEGO Movie and Nightmare Moon turns Ryan into a swan? That's what I saw that happened to Ryan.

Odette: I think so, Sci-Ryan. You seem to be a nice chap.

Sci-Ryan: [blushes] Oh. Thanks. Ryan has.. one girl he'll make a vow to her.

Odette: Who?

Sci-Ryan: Meg Griffin. She's Ryan's girlfriend, Odette.

Emmet: He's right, Odette. Lord Business is with Nightmare Moon.

Cody Fairbrother: Maybe if I kiss her.[prepares to kiss Odette]

Crash Bandicoot: Whoa! Hold it right there, Mr. Love Guy. She's not your girlfriend.

Sci-Ryan: Odette is in love with Derek since they were kids.

Ryan F-Freeman: True, Sci-Ryan. But, does anypony realize that Odette and I are going to be friends? I'd come with Sci-Ryan to Queen Uberta's castle, but as soon as the moon leave [points to the lake] that lake, Odette and I transform back into swans. No matter where I am.

Sci-Ryan: I'll stay with you and Odette, Ryan.

Emmet: Lucy and I'll do the same, Odette.

Cody Fairbrother: Sunset. Stay with Ryan and Odette while I go to Queen Uberta's castle. [to himself] When the human Rigby and I find out what Rothbart is planning, Nightmare Moon will be sorry that she'd ever stepped a hoof in this world. It's not like she'd be much safer back in Equestria.

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah. In Equestria.

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs] Funny, Cody. You sound like Sunset.

Rigby (EG): Here you go.[puts Ryan pendant around Ryan's neck]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank you. This outfit I'm wearing do brings out Odette's dress in a style.

Jean-Bob: Speed and I'll be with you and Odette, techno-organic.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks, Jean-Bob. I'm Ryan by the way. Nice to meet you.

Sci-Ryan: Cody? Why are you and Crash still doing here? GO GO GO!

[Crash and Cody runs to find Queen Uberta's castle]

Sci-Ryan: Wow. At least this is fine with you, Odette. Rothbart kidnapped me along with you.

Evil Ryan: He did? [coughs] I didn't know that.

Sci-Ryan: It wasn't a story, Evil Ryan. I got claw marks on my arm.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know you and Odette are friends. Plus, I'm happy you're with us.

Red (Angry Birds): [nods and sings] It wasn't a story, I almost drowned~

Wyldstyle: You almost drowned?! Wow!

Evil Ryan: You got claw marks on your arm, Sci-Ryan?[coughs] Poor chap.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah.[sheds a tear] I think Rothbart did that when he kidnaps me and Odette.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. You poor Crystal Prep student. [shows Sci-Ryan his amulet] I recovered this thing.

Sci-Ryan: My amulet! [grabs his amulet and puts it on] Thanks, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're welcome.

Rigby (EG): Which arm did you got scratch marks, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: Right. Maybe you know of a song for this?

[Ryan nods and puts his hands on Sci-Ryan's arm]

Sci-Ryan: Ahh. That is a bit hurt. I think you and Odette turn human every night. I made a vow to Odette to keep her safe.

Evil Ryan: At least Rothbart didn't put a spell on you, Sci-Ryan. [coughs] Get ready to be healed.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Here we go. [clears throat] Dear Magic of friendship~

Let your magic glow~

May you bond us together~

Wherever we may go~

[Ryan's hands glow blue as he keeps singing]

Heal that has been hurt~

Help us to get things back to where they belong~

Bring back what once was gone~

What once was gone~

[Sci-Ryan's arm heals]

Sci-Ryan: WOW! My arm is better now. How did you do that?

Evil Ryan: Guess he absorbed Rapunzel's abilities, Sci-Ryan.

Rigby (EG): Yeah. I'm a little bit angry for what Rothbart did to my sister.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. My rocket boots are nice. Ryan can fly when he's a swan by day.

Ryan F-Freeman: So, why didn't you use them to escape Rothbart?

Sci-Ryan: Because, Ryan. This film has a plotline and I want to save them for helping Odette lure Derek here.

Odette: My friend Sci-Ryan is right, Ryan. He's my friend.

Matau T. Monkey: Cool. [pauses and gasps in shock] What did Odette say?

Sci-Ryan: I'm a friend to Odette, Matau.

Ryan F-Freeman: That's cool. Sari did know that this spell gave me a heart.

Matau T. Monkey: I wonder how you transform into a human like Odette, Master Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: The moon. I guess my brother is getting all smitten kitten for Odette.

Sci-Ryan: Sunset is here, you know.

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry. Boy. Morro won't just leave me as a swan by day like Odette.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. At least I trust him. It's just that I'm better then him.

Bolts: I think so, Sci-Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Bolts. I guess I'm in a bit of a fix.

Bolts: What?! What happened? And how did you get that outfit? Looks like I'm confused.

Sci-Ryan: I don't know, Bolts. I saw Ryan and Odette turn into swans and N refused to come away from Rothbart because he's hypnotized.

Ryan F-Freeman: Poor N. I guess you do have a friendship with Odette.

Sari Sumdac: Yeah.

Rigby (EG): Sci-Ryan. I didn't know you have a friendship with my sister.

[Sci-Ryan nods and Ryan takes a sigh]

Sci-Ryan: What's the matter, Ryan?

Rigby (EG): You sound a bit upset.

Rigby: I don't know but I know that Ryan is ok, Rigby and you got Princess Odette as your sister.

Evil Ryan: I hope Meg and two of my friends are ok in Queen Uberta's castle.[coughs] I'll help you and Odette find Meg and Derek, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're going to help us? Thanks, Evil me.[hugs Evil Ryan] That really means a lot to me and Meg.

Odette: Same thing for me and Derek.

Ryan F-Freeman: But how am I suppose to fly as a swan? I miss my jetpack.

Red (Angry Birds): I can't teach you, Ryan. But..[points to Odette] she can.

Ryan F-Freeman: Really? You think you can teach me?

Odette: Yes. All you've got to is spread your wings while running and then start to flap and finally jump.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. But when the moon is here, I can't fly.

Odette: That's because you turn into a human.

Sci-Ryan: She's right.

[Sci-Ryan watch the moon as it rises from the lake]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ready, Odette?

Odette: Yes.

[Ryan and Odette leap onto the lake and turn into swans]

Sci-Ryan: Great Scott!

[Sunset gasps and goes to Ryan]

[Elsewhere, Ryvine vocalizes and Rothbart listens]

Ryvine Sparkle: You like my singing, Rothbart?

Rothbart: It's nice, Ryvine. This "Alphablock" is fine with me.

[N nods]

Ryvine Sparkle: You remember how Sci-Ryan saw you put a spell on Odette?

Rothbart: Yeah. I did.

[Ryvine uses his magic and start a flashback of the scene called "Rothbart turns Odette into a swan"]

Ryvine Sparkle: Well, well. Look who's with her?

[Sci-Ryan gets up and looks at Rothbart and Alphablock N]

Rothbart: Hello, Sci-Ryan. Do you like my minion?

Sci-Ryan: N!!! What did you do to him?

Rothbart: I hypnotized him.

Sci-Ryan: I hope you can't get Odette's father's kingdom. If I steal it then I'll fight the whole time to keep it.

[N saw that Odette is with Sci-Ryan and grabs Sci-Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: Hey! N! What are you doing!? You have to run from Rothbart!

N: No.

Sci-Ryan: What do you mean "No"? Stay away from Rothbart!

N: No.

Sci-Ryan: Can't you say anything else but "No"?

[N just stand there]

Sci-Ryan: Odette? Where are you?

Odette: [honks]

Sci-Ryan: [gasps] Odette. What happened to you?

[N lets go of Sci-Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: Odette? Can you speak? Tell me. I hope this isn't permanent.

Odette: Yes, Sci-Ryan.

Ryvine Sparkle: Now don't let my friend's spell make you sad, Odette. That don't even last for a whole day. But, as soon as the moon comes up.

[Ryvine points at the moon then Odette turn into a human]

Sci-Ryan: [in awe] Wow.

Rothbart: And that's how it works, every night. You have to be on the lake, of course, and when the moonlight touches your wings... Now look, Odette, this sort of thing dosen't give me and my friend any pleasure. Well, maybe a teensy bit. But what I really want... Is your father's kingdom.

Sci-Ryan: Take it already! You got enough power, you filthy clown.

Odette: You tell him, Sci-Ryan.

Rothbart: Nah, tried that already. Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it.

Ryvine Sparkle: My friend is a sorcerer, Crystal Prep student.

Sci-Ryan: Sorcerer. Clown. Close enough. With the painted faces and tattoos and funny little honker things that just..

Rothbart: Why did you call me a clown? I can't take Odette's father's kingdom.

[Ryvine then uses his magic to change his, Rothbart's, Odette's, Bridget's and Sci-Ryan's outfits into outfits made suitable for weddings. An illusion that also shows a wedding with invited guests bowing to Rothbart and Odette. Ryvine places a crown on Rothbart's head]

Sci-Ryan: Cool.

Rothbart: But if I marry the only heir to the throne... We'll rule your friend's father's kingdom, legally, King and Queen. You know?

Sci-Ryan and Odette: Never!

[All at once, the illusion falls apart as everything draws back to the way it was before. Odette makes a run for it, but not before Rothbart leaves a dark warning to the frightened princess]

Rothbart: Where are you going? As soon as moonlight leaves the lake, you turn back into a swan. No matter where you are.

[Sci-Ryan gasps and Odette starts to cry knowing that she'll be doomed to stand on the lake forever cursed to be only a princess on a moonlit night and a swan by day]

Sci-Ryan: So. My friend will be a swan by day?

Ryvine Sparkle: Yeah. Like Rothbart said.

[Sci-Ryan comes to comfort Odette and the flashback ends]

Nightmare Moon: Rothbart. I got some news to tell you.

Rothbart: Is that you, Princess Luna?

Nightmare Moon: Luna? I am Nightmare Moon.

Lord Business: Hello, Rothbart. This is Lord Business. And my friend and I used one of your spells and turn the Prime-prince into a swan.

Rothbart: What's his name?

Lord Business: He's a friend to Emmet and Odette. A techno-organic named Ryan F-Freeman.

Rothbart: Ryan... That's a new name.

Ryvine Sparkle: My nemesis. He is trying to interfere with your plan, Rothbart.

Rothbart: Yeah. That LEGO guy told me that as soon as moonlight leaves the lake, Ryan turn into a swan.

Dr. Neo Cortex: How did you become friends with my son Ryvine anyway, Rothbart?

Rothbart: A lot of years ago, Cortex.

Dr. Neo Cortex: Cool. Ryvine. What outfit you're wearing. That cape is black and slimming.

Ryvine Sparkle: I got this outfit so I can be like Rothbart, Dr. Cortex.

Rothbart: He's right. When I marry Odette, everything her father owns, everything her father loves, will be mine.

[Ryvine nods and laughs. Back at Swan Lake]

Ryan F-Freeman: How do I feel, Odette?

Sci-Ryan: Ryan might have started out as a ugly duckling and somehow became a swan.

Evil Ryan: So, Ryan. When the moon leave the lake, you and Odette turn into...

Ryan F-Freeman: Swans?

Evil Ryan: Yeah. Before you can fly, I'll tell you about the mechanics of a bird's wing.[points to Odette's wing] Now, those large feathers are called the "primaries" and...

Ryan F-Freeman: How do you know about bird's wings?

Evil Ryan: Merlin taught me about studies of birds in flight. But, I think it's a art.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Odette. I hope I can fly.

Sci-Ryan: I just noticed a stripe on top of your swan head, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: What stripe?

Sci-Ryan: The one on your head.

Emmet: Well, Odette. You and Ryan likes to fly.

Odette: I think you're right, Emmet.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I have to remember what Odette said.

Rigby (EG): [in Crunch Bandicoot's voice] Time to earn your wings, kid.

Ryan F-Freeman: I got wings, Rigby.

Matau T. Monkey: He's right, Rigby. Because my master has wings and he's a... a...

Sci-Ryan: I would hardly call Ryan a swan. I'd send Nightmare Moon to the moon easily.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope so, Sci-Ryan.

Evil Ryan: Yeah. [picks up Ryan] Did you feel pain after Nightmare Moon and Lord Business put a spell on you?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. That happen when I tried to free Odette.

[Evil Ryan puts Ryan down]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I'll try to fly with Odette.

Sci-Ryan: Even with my magic, I can't break this spell.

Ryan F-Freeman: Spell? What spell?

Sci-Ryan: The spell that turned you and Odette into swans.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Here we go. [starts running and spreads his wings] Mighty Eagle![starts flapping and jumps]

Evil Ryan: Perhaps I can fly in anthro form when I show my friendship with Ryan.

Odette: Ryan. You're flying!

Ryan F-Freeman: I am? I'm flying! Well, you can fly too, Odette.

Odette: Oh yes.

Sci-Ryan: So. This is how it is, Odette? You and Ryan feel like you and our Prime-prince friend meant to be swans?

Evil Ryan: Ok, Matau. Let's test Ryan's flying skills as a swan.

[Matau activates his jetpack and flies with Ryan]

Matau T. Monkey: You think you can stay with Odette, Master Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. That cloud is blocking the moon. We can have this flying a test drive.

[Ryan and Matau flies around the lake then Ryan lands on the water and Matau floats down and deactivates his jetpack]

Odette: Great landing, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank you, Odette. Not only I have a friend like you, I have a great teacher.

Evil Ryan: Now, don't let the swan spell make you and Odette sad, Ryan. It doesn't even last a whole day. As soon as the moon comes up.

Matau T. Monkey: Is he going to turn into a human, Evil Ryan?

Star Song: What is that swan with Odette?

Red (Angry Birds): That's Ryan, Star Song. An evil alicorn and a LEGO person turned him into a swan. [looks at the sky and the moon is almost uncovered by a cloud] Oh.

[Matau steps back a bit then Ryan and Odette turn into human]

Ryan F-Freeman: What do you think, Sunset?

[Red (Angry Birds) faints]

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan. You look good with this spell on you. What's with Red?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, he fainted. I think.

Sci-Ryan: I suppose. I like you of your beauty, kindness and loyalty along with other things. I suppose that outfit Ryan wears have a bow tie and these sleeves like your dress.

Odette: That's nice of you, Sci-Ryan. You did decided to stay to comfort me.

Sci-Ryan: Let's see if Ryan has a heart.[puts on a stethoscope] I hope this thing works.

12th Doctor: I suppose Ryan has a heart like a human, Sci-Ryan. There must be something to break the spell.

Sci-Ryan: Let's hope so, Doctor. [places a round bit on Ryan's chest]

[Sci-Ryan hears Ryan's heartbeat]

Sci-Ryan: I hear his heartbeat, Odette. But, it's not a human one.

Odette: What does Ryan have, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: A heart of a swan.

Ryan F-Freeman: A swan heart? That's a new one. At least Odette is a smitten kitten with the man she loves.

Red (Angry Birds): [whistles to Ryan] Uh. Sunset. [coughs]

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry, Sunset. I didn't know that Odette and I got swan hearts in us.

Sunset Shimmer: It's ok, Ryan. How come you and Odette got swan hearts.

Ryan F-Freeman: Because, it felt like Odette and I are meant to be swans.

Evil Ryan: At least Rothbart try did catch us after what we did. I think there's nothing wrong with the simple[puts on comedy glasses on] nose-speticals comedy combo.

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs] What does these sleeves look like, Odette?

Odette: Like mine, Ryan.

Evil Ryan: I hope Ryan is OK, Odette. That spell can be broken by a vow of everlasting love. Maybe two.

Ryan F-Freeman: Now you're starting to sound like Starscream, Evil me. [gasps] Vow of everlasting love?

Sci-Ryan: That's it! Evil Ryan! You did it!

Evil Ryan: What is it, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: The swan transformation spell on Ryan and Odette can be broken by a vow of everlasting love! How did you know that?

Evil Ryan: I saw the Swan Princess movie with my 2 friends. They are in Uberta's castle.

Red (Angry Birds): Cheer up, Ryan. Star Song can cheer you and this princess up. [to Star Song] Ok, Star Song. Sing to the princess and Prime-prince.

Star Song: You know I don't really mean to stare~

I wonder what is going on in there~

But, trust in me~

And soon, you'll be~

Feeling good, feeling good~

Working on a really awesome scale~

We're such a perfect team, no way we'll fail~

You wanna shout~

It's all about~

Feeling good~

Inside and out~

You got so much beauty inside you~

I guess you've never been told~

But, I can see from the start~

You got a heart of solid gold~

Solid Gooollllld~

Speed: Where's that song come from?

Emmet: Hey, Speed. I guess Star Song is great at singing.

Star Song: You gonna be~

Feeling good~

Feeling good~

Feeling good~

Good as can be~

Ryan and Odette: [clap their hands]

Matau T. Monkey: Great singing, Star Song! Bravo! Bravo!!

Jean-Bob: Very good.

Evil Ryan: Awesome song. [to Ryan] I guess that's how the spell works, every night. Like Odette, you have to be on the lake, of course, and when the moonlight touches your wings... Look, Ryan. I feel the same pain like you. Well, It's because I'm wearing my Rothbart outfit. The only man Odette can marry is Derek.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. I hope some allies will help us. Until I'm free from a spell, Sari will keep my pendant safe. [puts his pendant on Sari]

Twilight Sparkle: I think Odette has kindness in her heart, Ryan. I hope I can help you and Odette.

Ryan F-Freeman: I agree, even you are in this world. You will do well for me as a friend. And Odette as my teacher.

Sci-Ryan: Let me help you write a Get Well soon card for Connor. [pulls out a pen and a Get Well Soon card]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. I know what to wright. [starts writing] Dear, Connor Lacey. I know you got sick so I send you something. My friends and I hope you get well soon just as they help me and Odette break the spell. From, Prince Ryan F-Freeman Prime. P.S. Here is a photo of me and Odette to help you and hope your friends help Balto.

Sci-Ryan: Perfect. [pulls out his camera] Ready?

Ryan F-Freeman: [stands next to Odette] Yup.

Sci-Ryan: Smile. [takes a photo of Ryan and Odette]

Emmet: I hope it can get to this Lacey kid.

[Ryan puts the photo in the card and puts it in the letter. Sci-Ryan draws the letters C and L on the letter then Ryan opens a portal and throws it into the portal and it closes]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope it gets to Balto's world.