Here's how Nightstar is being controlled by Poultrion in Ernie the Dragon Hunter

[Nighstar lands and Yuna hops off]

Yuna: You can’t do this.

Ernie: Oh, who are you? The Princess of all dragons? [chuckles] I know who you are. Your Princess Yuna, daughter of Princess Luna and aunt Princess Celestia.

Yuna: That’s right.

Ernie: [chuckles] So you think you're gonna stop me?

Yuna: No, let me show you that dragons are….

Ernie: NO!!! Don’t show me anything. Because I have my own dragon. POULTRION RISE!!!!!!!!!!!

[Water guises up and Poultrion comes out!]

Poultrion: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Everyone gasps]

Vinny: No way!

Brian: A bewilderbeest!

Poultrion: ROAR!!!!!

Yuna: [to herself] Mama was right, there is a bewilderbeest. [out loud] How did you get one?

Ernie: [scoffs] It's simple, my family and friends were taken and eaten by these creatures. So, I took it as a hatchling. I tortured and manipulated it. Till finally it came to my trust. But, better not. I think our little game ends here. Poultrion, show her what control does.

[Nightstar is then shaking over Poultrion’s power]

Yuna: What’s wrong?

Ernie: Don't you get it? It's an alpha dragon, nothing can resit it! Not even your precious night fury!

[Then, Nightstar is now under control of Poultrion]

Princess Luna: [sees what’s happening] Yuna!

Princess Celestia: [gasps]

Ernie: Kill her.

Yuna: What did he just said to you?

[Nightstar is coming closer to Yuna]

Yuna: Hey, come on! Stop! Snap out of it!

[Emperor Lunarlight is running towards them]

Yuna: Nightstar! No!

Nightstar: [builds up fire]

Emperor Lunarlight: Yuna!

Ernie: [evil snickers]

Poultrion: [growls]

Yuna: NO!!!!!

Emperor Lunarlight: YUNA!!!!

Yuna: [gasps] NO!!

[Emperor Lunarlight pushes her out of the way and he’s blasted!]

King Solar Flare, Celestia, and Luna: [gasps]

Ernie: [shocked] Heh.

[“Stoick saves Hiccup” starts playing]

Yuna: No! [uses her magic to clear the ruble] Lunarlight!

King Solar Flare: Father!

Princess Luna: Grandpa, no.

Princess Celestia: [checks for heart beat but hears nothing] He's... [sheds a tear] He’s gone.

Poultrion: [growls]

Nightstar: [is snapped out of control]

[Everyone comes up to see Lunarlight]

Nightstar: [tries to comfort King Solar Flare]

Yuna: No! Get away! Go on, get out of here! Go away!

Skyla: Yuna, it won't help! She's only...

Yuna: She killed him!

[Nightstar runs off]

Poultrion: [roars and all of the dragons are now under controlled by it]

Ernie: [laughs] [then takes out a Dark-Dragon Ball]

Sideshow Bob: What’s that thing?

Ernie: A Dark-Dragon Ball. It allows me to capture dragons. [throws it at Nightstar] And I always wanted a Night Fury. [throws her back out] 'round up the men, and meet me at Berk! [hops on Nightstar]

Yuna: Nightstar!

Princess Luna: [grabs her] It's too late.

Poultrion: [gets back in the water as Ernie and his crew depart to Berk]

[It later fades to a funeral for Emperor Lunarlight]

Princess Luna: [sees Yuna isn't there] Snowdrop, where’s Yuna?

Snowdrop: She's in our room.

[We see Yuna crying in her bed]

Princess Luna: Hey, there sweetie.

Yuna: Hey Mama. This is all my fault, and Nightstar is gone because of me. I didn’t mean to yell at her I was just mad at her. [cries]

Princess Luna: [puts her wing on her daughter] Shhhh… there, there.

Yuna: We got to get her back and the other dragons! I just don’t know how! [press her head on Luna’s side and muffled cries]

Princess Luna: You see Yuna, when me and Tia were kids we always fight.

Yuna: [calms down] You do?

Princess Luna: Yes. When something goes wrong, I usually blame it on Tia but usually it's my fault. And I told my father the truth. And what Nightstar did wasn’t her fault, it was Ernie’s.

Yuna: That was true.

Princess Luna: Yes, and we're gonna get her back. My sweet, dragon rider.

Brian: Exactly. Because we're going after him with everything we’ve got.

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