The Rangers attend a fair at Angel Grove Park, along with Trini's cousin Sylvia. One particular clown & His Assistant, named Pineapple And The Assistant Name Batterball, lures Sylvia away from Trini when she isn't looking. When Trini catches up with Sylvia, she witnesses Pineapple & Batterball turn Sylvia into a cardboard cutout. Pineapple disappears and Trini & Souffle informs the rest of the Rangers that the fair is a trap, and they have all the people evacuated before taking on the Putties. Trini & Souffle takes Sylvia to Billy's lab to try and return Sylvia to normal. When all the Putties are dealt with, the Rangers confront Pineapple & Batterball, who reveals himself as Pineoctopus & Batterball Is One Of The Time Shifters. The Rangers morph and prepare to fight, but Rouran, Gen En, Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and more Putties show up. Meanwhile, at Billy's lab, Trini Souffle and Alpha discover that the one thing Sylvia is missing is water. Alpha pours a bucket of water onto Sylvia, who is restored to normal just a few seconds later. Back at the park, Pineoctopus & Batterball-Con attempt to turn our heroes & the Rangers into cardboard the same way he did Sylvia, only to find that the Rangers' suit protect them from the gold dust & The Electric Rays so he swings his vines and shoots energy balls, which knock the Rangers down. Rita & Nyanma then makes the monsters grow with her wand. Trini & Souffle arrives and the Ranger summon the Dinozords & Kirinda to fight Pineoctopus & Batterball Con. Billy ties the monster up with the Triceratops' horns while Zack has the Mastodon Dinozord shoot its ice breath to freeze the monster. This doesn't destroy him, so they form the Megazord that then destroys Pineoctopus with its cranial laser. And Bring Him Batterball To The Good Side Back on the moon, Rita & Nyanma has yet another headaches. With victory assured, the fair reopens under human supervision. Trini & Souffle apologizes to Sylvia about what happened, but Sylvia admits that she should not have wandered off and tells Trini & Souffle that she is a good babysitter & Souffle A Great Friend.


Zack: Heads Up Everybody Here Comes The Zackman On Still

Zack Laughs

Pakaracchi: Hey Keep Still You Are Doing Great Being On The Top It's Part Of Youth

Billy: Yeah Remember Keep Your Center Gravity Of Proportion Okay

Zack: Check This Out

Zack Begins To Dance

Everyone Laughs

Zack: Yeah This Is Allright

Zack: Whoa

Kimberly: Whoa Careful

Zack Begins To Fall Over Jason & Bakumaru

Zack: Oh My Big Strong Heroes

Zack Kisses Bakumaru & Jason

Bakumaru: Come On Zack

Billy: Look's Like You Over Level Yourself Again Zack

Kimberly: Come On Let's Check Out The Rest Of The Fair Of You Guys Come On

The Clown's Face Reveals That's A Putty Patroller And Batterball

Batterball: That Bear And His Friends & Those Kids Dosen't Know About Our Empresses Plan

Pinapple: Don't Fraud My Fellow Assistant

Pinapple: Will Get Em

Pinapple: Wlll Get Em All

Batterball: You are Right Boss

(pinapple Evil Cackle)

Pineapple: Suddenly My Eggs Shouldn't Fly Why Would You Giving A Try

Billy: We Make An Atempnt Let's Go Nyorori

Nyorori: Okay I Will Make The Try Nyorori

Bulk & Skull Appears

Bulk: Ah You Look At That It's Our Favorite Group Of Pinheads

Skull Laughs

Bulk: Come On

Bulk: Did You Guys See The Letter Of The Front Gate No Geeks & Weirdos Allowed

Skull: Better Get Out Of Here Because Someone Is Ruined

The Eggs Crash On Bulk & Skull's Heads

Billy: One, Two, Three

Skull: Just Only Fall Me One

The Egg Crash On Skull's Head

Nyorori: Four We Know Was Four Nyorori

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita Evil Cackles

Rita: That's Right Walk Into Our Trap Tinheads

Rita Cackles Again


Rita: The Fake Carnival It's Working Pooh And His Friends And The Power Pipsqueaks Are Falling

Rita It's Now Our Turn To Face Them

Nyanma: Now What About The Clown & The Time Shifter Are Ready

Nyanma: We Wont No Mistakes

Finster: Oh Yes Our Queens We Trained Them Ourselves

Rouran: First He Will Use His Golden Powder To Bring Pooh And The Others & The Power Rangers One By One They Will Be Cardboard Cutouts And Baseballs Then They Will Transform Into The Horrendous Pineoctopus & Batterball-Con And Terrorize The City

Rita: Excelent And Will Have That Brat Sylvia To Catch The Rest Of Them

Nyanma: Guys Don't Blow It This Time

Finster: Oh Yes My Queens

Sylvia: You Are Fine Friend Mr Pineapple

Batterball: Oh We Just Wanna Show You A New Trick

Pineapple Sing His Tune

Trini: Sylvia We Suppose To Be Together Remember

Batterball: Jeez

Trini: Come On We're Going Back To The Fair

Pineapple: Not So Fast Babysitter & Friend

Pineapple: Sylvia Is Staying With Us

Trini: Now Back Off

Sylvia: No Trini They Are My Friends.

Batterball: NOW BOSS

Batterball & Pineapple Spray Her With The Gold Dust And Turn Sylvia Into A Cardboard Cutout

Batterball & Pinapple Laughs

Pineapple: Oh Oh

Batterball: I Guess It's A Little More Boarded Boss

Souffle: What Have You Done To Her You Monsters

Trini: SYLVIA!

Souffle: Oh No We Gotta Alert The Guys

Trini: GUYS!

Dave Felis: What's The Matter Girls

Souffle: The Fair It's One Of Rita & Nyanma's Traps

Trini: Look What Happens To Sylvia

Uri: It's Turned Into A Cardboard Cutout

Billy: The Quazitronic Molecular Generator It's On My Garage

Jason: Trini You And Souffle Take Sylvia To Billy's Place Right And Alpha & Get-A-Long Teleported Them Too We're Going To Warn Everybody

Trini: Right Let's Go Souffle

Jason On The Megaphone: Attention Everyone Get Out Rita Repulsa & Nyanma Are Attacking It's A Trap


The People Begins To Run

Zack: OH MAN! I Believe Those Guys Don't Wanna Juggle

The Putty Patrollers Appears

Monk: I Believe They Work For Rita & Nyanma

Bakumaru: We Can Take On Those Harmless Clowns

The Clown Disguise Disappears and the patrollers are here

Kimberly: Oh Yeah Some Clowns Huh

Uri: I Always Have Fear Of Clowns

Pineapple & Batterball Appears

Pineapple: Leave Them Or You Will Not Help Little Sylvia

Billy: All Right You Clowns What Have You Done To Sylvia

Nyorori: We Want To Know It Why Nyorori

Jason: Billy, Nyorori Come Back

And So They Begin To Fight The Patrollers

Cream: Hey Look It's Rita And Nyanma

Cream Pushes The Patroller

Drago: Always Remember The Hand Is More Quicker Than The Eye

Bakumaru Presses The Red Button

Bakumaru: Have Fun And I Hope You Didn't Eat Too Much Because You're Going To Have An Stomach Flu

And The Putties Are Trapped In The Ride

Jason: You Are Going Down Clowns

Pineapple: No More Clowning Around

(Pineapple & Batterball Cackles)

And Pineoctopus Appears

And Batterball's Head Reveal Nyanma's Head Stamp Thanks To Finster's Monstermatic

Meanwhile At Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: All Right That Pineoctopus And Batterball-Con Are Wonderfully Wicked

Jyuken: And What About If Fail They Gotta Need Help

Nyanma: Right Where's Goldar & Gen'En

Goldar: You Called Us Oh Wicked Ones

Rita: First To Know We Want You To Go On Earth

Gen'En: And Then


Bakumaru: Batterball The Clown Instead Of Batterball The Time Shifter

Tart: Better Look Out He Has The Power To Turn People Into Baseballs

Batterball: You Re Right Toots

Batterball: Now PLAY BALL!

Batterball: Batterball Shapeshift To Batterball-Con


Zack: Man It's One Big Pinapple & A Huge Baseball Catcher

Bakumaru: JASON!


Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

The Power Rangers Appears

Bakumaru & Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers.

Bakumaru: Hols Focused In Batterball's Neck

Hols: Neck Red, Red Red

Hols Transforms Into A Bull

They Begin To Fight The Putties

Meanwhile In Billy's Garage

Alpha:You Disconect The Electrodes

Get-A-Long: And Then Will Put The Water

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