Here's how Noby saves Sue's life in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Dr. Eggman: GET THEM!!!

Sonic: I don't think so! [destroys Eggman's robots]

Dr. Eggman: Why you little!

Tino: I don't think so!

[Tino unleashes the ultimate power and destroys all of Eggman's robots]

Dr. Eggman: NOOOOO!!!

Tino: How's that for a weak being?

Dr. Eggman: You!

[Tino uses his powers to kill Dr. Eggman]

Knuckles: Good move, Tino.

[somewhere close by]

Sue: There's got to be some place to hide. [hides in the small house]

[Darla pass by the small house]

Sue: Whew.

Oogie Boogie: GOT YA!!!

Sue: [screams]

Darla Dimple: Surprise! Now we've got you!

[with the others]

Tino: We've got to fight quickly!

Ludo: How about this!! [blast at Shaggy]

Shaggy: WHOA!! [dodges it] Man! That was close!

Star: I'll handle this! [use her wand to blast Ludo, killing him]

Grizzle: You've my have killed Ludo but can you deal with this! [his arms transforms into a minigun, and tries to shot Star] [evil laugh]

Sunset Shimmer: INCOMING!!

Grizzle: Come on! You guys can't hide in there forever!

Funshine: That's because we're not!

Grizzle: What!!

Funshine: [uses his belly badge on Grizzle, blinding him]

Grizzle: AAAAA!!!!!! I'm outta here! [runs inn defeat]

Funshine: That'll take care of you!

Share: Wow! That was awesome!

Carver: Yeah thanks for saving our butts.

The Grand Duke of Owls: But not from me! [grabs Tino]

Sunset Shimmer: TINO!!!

The Grand Duke of Owls: Now, I'll finish you off once and for all!

Sunset Shimmer: I don't think so! [grabs the Duke's foot and throws him into Dr. Drakken and Shego]

Dr. Drakken and Shego: Oh no!

[Dr. Drakken and Shego's ship is destroyed with The Grand Duke of Owls, Dr. Drakken, and Shego in it, killing them]

[Team Rocket, Janet, and Captain Hook showed up]

Tohka: We've got company!

Janet: That's right!

Cassidy: And we're going to take you down!

Tino: Oh yeah! Sunset Shimmer!

Sunset Shimmer: I know what you're thinking, I was thinking the same thing.

[Tino and Sunset Shimmer fused together into Tino Shimmer]

Tino Shimmer: Time to teach you guys a lesson!

Captain Hook: Wha!!

Tino: Rainbow Boom!!

Butch: I hate that kid!

Janet: Not again!!

[Team Rocket, Janet, and Captain Hook were hit by the Rainbow Boom, killing them]

Oopsy: YEAH!

Grumpy: Now that's what I'm talking about

Tails: Come on guys, we got to find Sue!

Tino: Let's go!

[back to Sue, Oogie, and Darla]

Oogie Boogie: There is no way out, Sue! You're finished!

Noby: SUE!!!!

Sue: Noby!

[Noby jumps and grabs Sue away from Boogie and Darla's wrath]

Sue: ([in her mind] Noby, I love you)

Darla Dimple: You stupid kid! You will pay for your interference!

Noby: Interference this! [takes out his gun and shoots Darla in the head and she goes down dead]

Oogie Boogie: Why I ought a...

Jack: Hello, Boogie.

Oogie Boogie: JACK!!

Noby: Just as I planned.

Jack: [punches Oogie] How's that for a stupid pumpkin king, huh?

Oogie Boogie: Why you...

Noby: [shoots Oogie]

Oogie Boogie: AAHHH!

[anchor shows up]

Oogie Boogie: Well, there's my ride. So long, Jack! [laughs]

Jack: How dare you treat my friends! So shame for me!

[Oogie's clothe came off]

Oogie Boogie: Oh! Look what you've done! [his bugs fall off] My bugs!!!!

[Noby squash the last bug]

Noby: That'll take care of Oogie and Darla.

Jack: You sure said it.

Tino: It's everyone okay?!

Sue: Yes.

Tino: Good. Now come on! Let's see where Godou fight against Athena!

Noby: Right!

[Tino, Noby, Sue, and Jack ran to search for where Godou is fighting Athena]