Norman and Chloe is a new story.


Norman accidentally knocks over Professor M's pot of white paint whilst making a delivery to the Wholefish Cafe, and Ben Tennyson [who saw what had happened] quickly makes up a story about a girl named Chloe so that Norman won't get into trouble. But it isn't long till telling stories leads to more trouble than it's worth...



[Outside the Wholefish Cafe]

Professor M: [Gasps] What on earth?! What's happened to my paint?!

Ben Tennyson: Don't panic, Norman. You hide, and I'll think of something.

[Norman disappears behind the RustBucket]

Professor M: Ben, a pot of paint has been tipped all over the floor of the cafe. Did you see anyone leaving when it happened?

Ben Tennyson: [thinking] Ummm... Uh, yes, I did, Professor. I did see someone running out of the cafe when I heard the noise in there. It was... uhhh... Chloe!

Professor M: Who?

Ben Tennyson: Chloe! A girl who's visiting from Newtown. I saw her run out down the street when the paint pot was knocked over.

Professor M: Hmmmm... This sounds serious. I need to tell Fireman Sam about this. [he leaves]

[At the fire station]

Professor M: Ben told me he saw Chloe running out of the cafe just when my paint was knocked over.

Fireman Sam: It seems suspicious. All the same, someone like Chloe could cause all sorts of trouble in Pontypandy.

Elvis Cridlington: What are we gonna do, Fireman Sam?

Fireman Sam: First, we need to ask Ben Tennyson about this 'Chloe' of his, and what she looks like.

[At Joe's garage]

Joe Sparkes: Oh dear, oh dear. [turns to Norman] I'm ever so sorry, Norman, but I don't have any white paint left. Professor M took the last pot yesterday.

Norman: I know. [stammering] Uh, I mean, I mean... did he?

[Joe Sparkes fishes a pot of blue paint out from the cupboard]

Joe Sparkes: How about blue? We haven't been using this very much anyway.

Norman: Oh well, I guess blue's as good as white.


Ben Tennyson: Uhhh, she's a girl. She wears the same clothes as Sarah, only in purple. she has orange hair in pigtails,


Ben Tennyson: Uh, her father... has... blonde hair, he's bald on the top of his head, and he wears a fire chief uniform.

Penny Morris: [confused] He wears a fire chief uniform?!

[Ben meets Elvis at the Fire Station]

Elvis Cridlington: [seeing Chief Fire Officer Boyce] Aha! There's a man wearing a fire chief uniform. He must be Chloe's father, Ben. Go ahead and capture him!

Ben Tennyson: [upon seeing Boyce] Umm, I really would like to help you, Elvis, but, uhhhh... I just remembered, I... need to give the RustBucket a final polish and i really must get it done today. Good luck! [becomes XLR8 and dashes off]

Elvis Cridlington: Huh. And I always thought Ben Tennyson was a plucky fellow.

Max Tennyson: Umm, I don't think I've even seen anyone like that in Pontypandy. Who says there's such a person?

Elvis Cridlington: Well, Ben Tennyson told me.

Fireman Sam: Hmmm, did he now?

Professor M: Ben!

Ben Tennyson: Yes, Professor?

Professor M: Ben, something very odd has happened. I found this pot of blue paint on the table in the cafe, just where my white paint had been. This means that whoever knocked it over must've came up and put the new paint there in it's place. Did you see Chloe enter the cafe again?

Ben Tennyson: Um,... yes, I suppose I did.

[outside Joe's garage]

Hannah Sparkes: A girl named Chloe? I

Station Officer Steele: Norman Price, have you seen Chloe today?

Norman Price; Uhhh, no, Station Officer Steele; I can't say I have.

Penny Morris: You don't seem very sure about it.

Norman Price: Oh, uh, I am. I'm sure I don't know what I'm talking about. I-I-I mean, um....

Professor M: [offscreen] Station Officer Steele!

[Professor M enters, closely followed by Ben Tennyson.]

Station Officer Steele: Yes, Prof? [turns away from Norman, who sneaks away]

Professor M: Chloe has secretly left me a pot of blue paint! Ben said he saw her.

Penny Morris: Is this true, Ben?

Ben Tennyson: Ummm, I, uhhh...

Station Officer Steele: Oh dear me! Nobody seems to be sure about anything! [turns to Joe Sparkes] Joe, Did you give blue paint to a girl called Chloe?

Joe Sparkes: No, Station Officer Steele; I only gave blue paint to Norman.

Station Officer Steele: Aha! Norman Price, I- [stammers] What? Wha-Wh... Where is he?!

[Trevor Evans enters the scene]

Trevor Evans: Station Officer Steele, Something terrible has happened!

Professor M: Has Chloe secretly left you some paint, Trevor?

Trevor Evans: No! My new lantern has vanished!

[Everyone gasps]

Joe Sparkes: Oh dear, oh dear oh dear!

Mandy Flood: That is serious!

Station Officer Steele: I think i have deduced what's going on, Trevor.

Trevor Evans: What?

Station Officer Steele: I think Norman Price is in league with a girl named Chloe, so HE must have taken your lantern!

Ben Tennyson: No! No, He hasn't!

Mandy Flood: How do you know that, Ben?

Ben Tennyson: Ummm, I... I just knew. That's all.

Penny Morris: I don't know about that, Steele. I mean, he did once take a fire station dummy without asking permission....

[Mrs Chen suddenly enters]

Mrs Chen: aH, Trevor, there you are! You left the lantern outside my house!

Ben Tennyson: There, Steele. You can't blame Norman for that now, can you?

Station Officer Steele: This lantern certainly sheds a new light on the matter. [chuckles] Yeah... I... I'm really quite confused.

Ben Tennyson: [sighs] I need to talk to Grandpa! [races off]

[Ben runs over to the Rustbucket, where Gwen, Fireman Sam, and Max Tennyson are.]

Max Tennyson: [stern] Ah, there you are, Ben. I've been looking for you.

Ben Tennyson: And I've been looking for you, Grandpa!

Gwen Tennyson: Chief Fire Officer Boyce got attacked by Elvis earlier, for thinking he was the father of a girl called Chloe who knocked over Professor M's paint.

Max Tennyson: I don't suppose you had anything to do with this?

Ben Tennyson: [chuckling nervously] Umm, well, Grandpa, the thing is...

Gwen Tennyson: Ben, what's going on? Where is Chloe?

Ben Tennyson: [sighs] No... guys... I...

[Fireman Sam notices Ben is unhappy]

Fireman Sam: Is something wrong, Ben? Is it about Chloe?

Ben Tennyson: [sighs sadly] No, Fireman Sam. There isn't a Chloe, and... there never really was. I... [gulps] I made her up.

Max Tennyson: What?!

Gwen Tennyson: What do you mean, Ben?

Ben Tennyson: I made up a story about her so that Norman wouldn't get told off by Professor M for knocking his paint over, but it only got him into trouble, and now he's disappeared!

Fireman Sam: Oh dear.

Ben Tennyson: What are we gonna do, Fireman Sam?

Fireman Sam: First, we must find Norman, and then you must tell me the truth.

Norman Price: I'm gonna leave Pontypandy, Fireman Sam. It's for everyone's good; before everyone shouts at me and I get locked up.

Max Tennyson: Nobody's going to lock you up, Norman. Ben told us all about making up the story about Chloe.

Fireman Sam: You already got Professor M some more paint, and if you both tell him the truth, I'm sure he won't shout at you.

Norman Price: Really?

Ben Tennyson: Yeah! Grandpa didn't shout at me, even though I accidentally told Elvis that Chloe's father looked like Chief Fire Officer Boyce.

[outside the Wholefish Cafe]

Norman: ...and that's exactly what happened, Professor. I knocked over your paint. I was very silly to do that.

Ben Tennyson: Just like Chloe!

Max Tennyson: But there wasn't a Chloe, remember?

Ben Tennyson: Yeah. I made that up so that Professor M wouldn't shout at Norman.

Professor M: [laughs] I'd never shout at him! Besides, Norman, I knew that it was an accident all along. I'm not happy that you knocked my paint over, but I am very glad you owned up and told me the truth. And besides, I just wanted to thank you for getting me some more paint.

Bronwyn: Well, I think it's all worked out for the best.

Charlie: How, Bronwyn?

Bronwyn: Well, it means now Professor M will have to paint our bedroom ceiling blue after all! [laughs]

James: It's such a shame there wasn't a Chloe after all, Uncle Sam.

Sarah: Yeah. She sounded like a really nice person.

Ben Tennyson: I'm really sorry my story got so quite out of control, Fireman Sam.

Ben Tennyson: Oh no!

Norman Price: Oh crumbs!

Station Officer Steele: It's about Chloe.

Fireman Sam: There isn't a Chloe, Station Officer Steele. Norman and Ben made up the story about her so that Professor M wouldn't be cross with Norman for accidentally knocking his paint over.

Station Officer Steele: Well, That Is a relief. I never really believed Chloe ever existed.

Max Tennyson: Yes you did, Station Officer Steele. And I did too.