Nothing in the World (Quite Like a Friend) is a song sung by Genie when he returns to Agrabah and then Aladdin and Jasmine in The Return of Jafar.


Genie's version


I parachuted down into the Taj Mahal

I roller-bladed all along the great Great Wall!'I even made the famous Leaning Tower fall,'But who was with me through it all?'Nobody!'The Moscow Circus hired me to fly trapeze'On Mount Olympus won a race with Hercules'It's easy when you're chased by killer bees'Who said "Gesundheit" when I sneezed'


So now I'm home'Home again with you'You chase the clouds away'Whenever I am blue'And the pyramids I highly recommend'There is nothing in the world quite like a friend

Slept like a babe in Bombay on a bed of nails'Moroccans loved my daring dance of seven veils'Why, single-handedly I even saved the whales'No one was there to hear my tales! (crying)'In Acapulco joined a Mariachi band'I rode the ragin' rapids down the Rio Grande'Flew in an air balloon, but when I tried to land'Nobody laughed, or lent a hand

Without you, the Amazon is just a trickle'Without you, the Sahara's not so hot'Without you, Niagara Falls is just a leaky faucet'And the QEII is just some yacht

Now that I'm home,'Home again, it's clear,'All I ever wanted'Seems to be right here'I've traveled East and West'And now, I'm back again'And there's nothing in the world quite like a friend


There's nothing in the world


Nothing in the whole wide world


There is nothing in the world quite like a friend

Genie: Nothin' in the whole wide world

Discord's version


Discord will sing his version when he became part of Roary the Racing Car and Theodore Tugboat's Adventures Team.

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