Nurse Cortex

Nurse Nancy Cortex

Nurse Nancy Cortex is the female counterpart of Dr. Neo Cortex.


Nurse Nancy Cortex was born when her male counterpart goes to the NEXO Knights world. As a child, Nancy tries to make Lance fall in love with her but fails. By the age of 4, some Decepticons tattooed an N on her forehead that stands for "Newbie".


Nurse Cortex


  • Nurse Cortex is Jestro's brother.


  • Idiot! This bandicoot will be Jestro's general and she will lead my bro's monsters to take over the kingdom. This time, we shall reign triumphant!
  • We are closer then before now. Hurry, Maggietron! Into the Vortex!
  • Failure again!
  • Get her!!!
  • Prepare the techno-bandicoot.
  • Now, Gloriosa and I will transform and no one will stop us, Collide! [laughs crazily]
  • [to N. Genna] You fool! Do you think my brother and I are unaware of the situation? If we don't have friends compete for the first friendship games in this kingdom, then we need to find.... An enemy.
  • You just don't know when to stop to join the Stone Generals. Do you, Prime-prince?
  • Lunakuta. It was that Prime-prince and friends.
  • I know. We had a few unfortunate.... Set backs.
  • Collide, Collide, Collide. Why must you and Crash always muck in my and my male counterpart's mud? Oh look! I have a mask helping me too. We will find out which one is more powerful soon enough.