The way Nyx admits the fear of heights goes in The Wings Around the World Rally.

Nyx: (panting and exhaling after Yuna lands on the runway)

(Skipper then appears in front of Yuna.)

Skipper Riley: What just happened up there?

Princess Yuna: I'm... Uh... Uh, I don't know. So...

Skipper Riley: Do I look like I was built yesterday?

Princess Yuna: No, no! Wha... It's hard to explain.

Skipper Riley: I got time.

Nyx: Uh, uh... O-Okay, well, um, you know, I feel like we were having some problems with the axial compressor so...

Skipper Riley: The Jolly Wrenches have a motto, Volo Pro Veritas. It means "I fly for truth." (to Nyx) Clearly, you don't. Sparky, push me back to the hangar.

(Sparky does so.)

Princess Yuna: What are you afraid of, Nyx?

Princess Skyla: Yeah, Nyx? Please tell us.

Arachna: Nyx, are you hiding something from us?

Nyx: (stammers) I'm afraid of heights!

Princess Yuna: WHAT?!

Dusty Crophopper: WHAT?!

Princess Skyla: WHAT?!

Snowdrop: WHAT?!

Emerald: WHAT?!

Tigatron: WHAT?!

(Skipper's brakes screech as he stops, and Sparky turns him around.)

Dusty Crophopper: But Nyx, you're an alicorn! 

Nyx: I'm a filly, Dusty. I've never flown over a thousand feet.

Brownie: Are you kidding?

Skipper Riley: Brownie's right. Scared of heights and you want to race around the world?

Sparky: Uh, Skip, uh, during the attack of Tujunga Harbor, why, even the P-38s had trouble at high altitudes.

Skipper Riley: Well, they didn't have to fly over the Himalayas, did they?

Dusty Crophopper: Well, uh, uh... I'll be still low to the ground, just high up.

Sparky: Oh! And after the war, those 38s went on to win races.

Chug: Really? Is that true?

Sparky: Yeah, true! Like in the Cleveland race of '46.

Chug: For real?

Sparky: Oh! W-Wait, it gets better. In '49, the P-38 Sky Ranger averaged 337 miles per hour.

Chug: Wait, 337?

Sparky: Well, actually 337.4, but they round it down in the record books.

Chug: Why would you do that?

Sparky: Some people just have no respect for decimal points.

Chug: Yeah, I know. Tell me about it.

Sparky: I mean, why couldn't they round it up?

Chug: Seriously, he...

Skipper Riley: All right, all right!

Flain: (to Nyx) Would you feel less afraid if we were with you?

Nyx: Maybe.

Tigortron: Then we'll just have to fly close to you in our planes.

Emerald: That might be a problem.

Uray: What are you talking about?

Steamy: What's wrong with you guys?

Princess Twila: Well, we..


Skipper Riley: You don't?

Shiver: But, What about all your adventures?

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: That was with me and my sister's and/or cousin's magic! We've never actually tried to fly a plane before.

Skipper Riley: You serious? You're trying to help a plane win a race and you don't even know how to fly one?

Shining Armor: Yes.

Thunder Spectrum: Well, I did fly a hover-train once. But I wasn't really good with the landing.

Hugs: Thunder, we're talking about planes, not hover-trains!

Steam Mech: Well, don't sweat it! We can teach you!

Twilight Sparkle: We didn't know that you guys could fly a plane.

Willy: We've been doing it for years. It'll be easy to teach you guys!

Skipper Riley: (to Nyx) So, you're a flat-hatter. We'll work on that. But for now let's see if we can turn low and sloppy into low and fast.

Nyx: Roger that!

Shuff: I just have one question. What's a flat-hatter?

Krader: Please don't ask, Shuff.

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