This where Nyx resurrects Thomas and where the Ultratron and T-1000 are defeated in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[up in the afterlife]

Nyx: Where am I? Is anyone here?!

Train-Prime #1: We've been watching you for a long, long time.

[then some of the Train-Primes come up to Nyx]

Nyx: The other Train-Primes.

Train-Prime #2: You risked your life to save OpThomas. Our last descendent.

Train-Prime #3: With courage and sacrafice. Markings of a true leader, your mother would be proud.

Train-Prime #4: Our crystal is not found, it's earned.

Train-Prime #5: Return now to OpThomas, merge the crystal with his spark and he will once again, live.

[Back in present]

Nyx: [wakes up] UH!!

Twilight: Nyx! [embraces her] I love you.

Nyx: I love you too, mom.

[the crystal restores to it's true form]

Rabbit: Look! The crystal! We have it! We can bring back Thomas!

Nyx: [picks it up]

[Nyx then climbs onto Thomas and reaches his chest]

Nyx: RAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! [jams the crystal in his chest]

Thomas: [wakes up and gets up] Nyx, you returned for me.

Yuna: He's alive!!

Steamfire: A living Train-Prime! I don't believe it! I've finally seen one at long last!

[Then the Ultratron appears]

Skyla: [shrieks] IT'S THE ULTRATRON!!!

Ultratron: My crystal! [takes the crystal and takes off]

Twilight: Hey! Give it back!

Nyx: GET UP!! DAD!!

Sparkshot: GET UP, OPTHOMAS!!!

Steamfire: Oh no.

Zip: He's heading for the harvestor!

Shiver: Our homes are doomed!

Tune: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[We see the Ultratron at the machine]

Ultratron: My brothers will not stop me for this.

Megatrain: Yes, my master.

Ultratron: [places the crystal in] Now, I claim the solar system!

Eeps: Enemy targets top of pyramid. Engage, engage, engage!

[all the tanks start firing at the Ultratron and Megatrain]

Ultratron: Fools!

[the Ultratron then picks up all the tanks and then drops them all]

Ishani: Not even the army can stop him!

Applejack: What are we gonna do y'all?

Rarity: Of all the worst things that could happen, this is..

Puffer: Please, just this once. Don't say it.

Blitzer: We must destroy that machine!

Morley: But Thomas is too weak!

Steamfire: All my Deceptitrain life, I haven't done anything worth living for until now. Thomas, take my parts. and you'll have all the strength you've never had. Forefill your destiny. [tears out his spark]

Sparkshot: Jolt! Electrify! Transmit those heavy cylinders!

[Soon Steamfire's parts attach onto Thomas]

Thomas: Let's roll! [takes off]

Nyx: Get them, dad!

Uray: Come on! They'll need our help!

[They follow Thomas]

Twilight: [slowly limps behind] Hey, wait up!

[but as she turns the corner, who should she meet but the T-1000]

T-1000: [approaches Twilight]

Twilight: [gasp!] [quickly pulls out a shell and then loads it into the the shotgun]

T-1000: [gets closer]

Twilight: [cocks gun, and then fires]

[the shot went straight through the T-1000's right eye]

T-1000: [fixes its eye]

Twilight: [tries to load another shell but has trouble]

T-1000: [impales her on the right shoulder with a finger sword]

Twilight: GAAH!!

T-1000: Call to Nyx.

Twilight: NO!

T-1000: I know this hurts. [twists the spear] Call Nyx. [brings up his other hand and morphs the pointer into a spear and slowly brings it in between Twi's eyes]

Twilight: [her pupils follow the spear]

T-1000: Call to Nyx, now.

Twilight: [stares at the spear, then looks at the T-1000] Never, you dumb liquid metal jerk!

Terminator: [drives the pole through the T-1000's body]

Twilight: [falls to the ground after she's released] AAH!! OW!!

Terminator: [tries to pull it out, but the T-1000 gets a grip.]

T-1000: [pulls out the pole and hits the Terminator several times with it. Throws him down a lower level, and then starts slamming the Terminator with a crane arm]

Terminator: [falls the ground and crawls forward. Once he reaches the edge, he sees the grenade launcher below (the stock is damaged). He then reaches for it]

T-1000: [stabs him, twists the pole around, then pulls it out]

Terminator: [reaches for the grenade launcher and is just a few centimeters away from it]

T-1000: [stabs the pole through the Terminator's body, destroying the machine's main power core]

Terminator: [his eyes then shuts off]

T-1000: [walks away]

[jets soon start flying for the machine]

Ultratron: Soon, there will be no more planets! [picks up the bricks]

[the jets slam into the bricks]

Thomas: [flies through the storm of bricks and clashes with the Ultratron and Megatrain] YAH!! [he then fires a blast at the machine and it explodes]

[the three tumble down]

Ultratron: Die like your brothers!

Thomas: They were your brothers too! [starts beating up the Ultratron]

Megatrain: [takes action]

[they fly into the temple]

Megatrain []fires many shots at Thomas]

Thomas: [grabs Megatrain's Fusion shotgun and makes him shoot himself!]

Megatrain: OH! GRA-BRAH!!

Thomas: [destroys the shotgun and then uses his heavy cylinders to send Megatrain flying through some of the ruins.]

Megatrain: Track-Archins!

Ultratron: [attacks]

Thomas: [fires many shots at the Ultratron and slices his hand off with his energy sword]

Zip: Get him!

[the Planet Trains then all fire at the Ultratron]

Uray: Try and destroy our homes, huh?! NO ONE TRIES TO DESTROY OUR HOMES!!! [fires at the Ultratron]

Dazzlen: NO ONE!! [fires his sulfuric acid launcher]

Ultratron: [grabs Thomas' left heavy cylinder and uses it to strike Thomas in the face]

Thomas: [grabs his staff] You picked the wrong planets! [stabs the Ultratron] Give me your face! [rips off the Ultratron's face plate]

Ultratron: What did you do?!

Thomas: [jams his hand through the Ultratron's chest and crushes his spark, killing the treacherous Train-Prime] I rise, you fall.

Megatrain: No. No.

[With Twilight]

Twilight: [grabs the shotgun and starts loading it]

Nyx: The Ultratron is defeated!

Twilight: [cocks shotgun]

[we return to the Terminator, who is still seemingly disabled, then his eye starts to flicker and then his computer then reboots and he pulls the pole out. He throws the pole aside and then grabs the grenade launcher]

Ed: The evil mutant is dead!

Zoe Trent: Say, where's Twilight?

Cadance: Twilight?

Twilight: [voice only] Nyx. I'm hurt! Nyx! Help!

Nyx: [her ear twitches when she hears Twi's voice] I can hear her!

Twilight: [voice only] Sweetie.

Nyx: [follows the voice]

Twilight: [is slowly limping forward] Nyx.

Skyla: There she is!

Nyx: Mom.

Twilight: Nyx. Help me.

[Then the real Twilight appears (shotgun in hand0]

Nyx: What?

Skyla: 2 Auntie Twilights?!

Twilight: Get out of the way, girls.

Nyx: Which one is which?!

Skyla: [notices something] Uh, Nyx?

Nyx: What?

Skyla: [points down] Look.

Nyx: [looks down]

[the camera zooms down and shows that the 1st Twilight's hooves have morphed with the grate floor below, indicating it's the T-1000]

Nyx: FIRE!!!

[the foals jump clear as Twi fires]

T-1000: [turns to its normal self]

Twilight: [slowly approaches the T-1000 and fires at him.]

[each blast sends the T-1000 closer and closer to the edge of the ledge, leading to a river of lava below]

Gordon Quinn: Great gopher, it's the T-1000!

Twilight: [continues blasting the T-1000 closer to the edge, but before she can send him over the side, the shotgun runs out of ammo] Huh? [pumps the handle a few times and finds no shells] Oh no! It's empty!

T-1000: [the blasts heal and waves his finger in a "Tsk tsk" form]

Nyx: Mom!

Skyla: Auntie Twilight!

T-1000: [walks to them]

Rainbow: Look there!

[the Terminator then rides up on a conveyer belt]

Twilight: Get down!

Terminator: [fires]

[the grenade lodges in the T-1000's abdomen and then explodes!]

[after the blast, everyone looks sees the T-1000 is now completely deformed]

T-1000: [loses his balance and falls into he river of lava below] AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

[everyone rushes to edge and watches as the T-1000 yells in agony and morphs into different things]

Cindy: Just die already!

T-1000: [gives one last metallic scream of mindless terror as it literally turns itself inside out, vomiting forth its own face from within before dissolving into nothing]

Yuna: Finally!

Peter: Thank, God.

Nyx: [runs up to the Terminator] Come on, get up. [takes good look at how damaged he is] Oh my.

Terminator: I need a vaction. [comes over the edge]

Twilight: Is it dead?

Terminator: Terminated.

Skyla: Good ridence!

Thomas: [walks up as he detaches Steamfire's parts]

Track-Archins: Not to call you a coward master. But sometimes, cowards do survive.

Discsalis: Yeah.

Queen Chrysalis: Let's get out of here.

Megatrain: This isn't over.

[they all leave]

[back with our heroes]

Sharky: Muck, you still have the arm and CPU?

Mucker: Yeah. [pulls them out] Right here.

Terminator: Throw them in.

Mucker: [throws the arm in first, and then the chip]

Princess Celestia: It's over.

Terminator: No. There is one more chip. [points to his head] And it must be destroyed also. [hands Twilight a remote to a crane near them] Here. I cannot self-terminate. You must lower me into the lava.

Twilight: Are you sure you wanna do this?

Terminator: Yes.

Twilight: [takes the remote]

Skyla: What, you're gonna go? Now?

Nyx: No. No.

Terminator: I'm sorry, Nyx. I'm sorry.

Nyx: No! No! It'll be okay, stay with us! Don't do this!

Terminator: I have to go away.

Nyx: No, please don't go. Don't do it!

Terminator: I must go away, Nyx.

Nyx: No, please! Wait, don't do it!

Terminator: [brings the cranes' arm closer] I'm sorry.

Nyx: No, don't go!

Terminator: It has to end here.

Nyx: I order you not go. I order you not to go!

Yuna: I'm sorry, Nyx. But we still have the other Terminator too.

Nyx: I don't care, Yuna! I don't want him to leave like my old mother!

[Nyx starts crying]

Terminator: I know now why you cry. [wipes Nyx's tears] But it's something I can never do.

[Music score: The Terminator 2: Judgement Day - "It's over, Goodbye" starts playing]

[Nyx then embraces the Terminator as he returns it]

Shining Armor: Wait. [brings up his hoof]

Terminator: [brings his arm up and shakes his hoof]

[he does the same with Cadance, Twilight, Shining Armor, Celestia, and Luna]

Terminator: [gets on the hook] Good bye. [swings the crane arm above the lava]

Twilight: [starts shedding tears too] Good bye, great warrior. [press the lower button]

[The Terminator then starts lowering down as everyone, (grieving) watches him. He gets closer and closer to the lava, until his foot soon touches it as he keeps lowering down then his cloths catch on fire then goes to the lava gives one more thumps up as he sinks completely]

[his computers flickers and then shuts down completely]

Twilight: [drops the remote]

Nyx; Good bye. [starts crying and buries her face into Twi's chest]

Twilight: [strocks her mane] I'm sorry, Nyx. Shhhhh.

Skyla: [sniffs] For a killing machine, he's not bad. [sniffs]

Bill: Look on the bright side.

Ben: Yeah, we didn't run into the Cloggersaurus.

Thomas: Cloggersaurus? What Cloggersaurus?

Wheelie: Morley said that was a hybrid dinosaur in the Tomb of the Primes.

Morley: [whimpers]

Duncan: Morley? What's wrong?

Morley: [he starts tearing] I made it all up.

Twilight: Huh?

Morley: Everything I said about that dumb dinosaur, was a lie. I just wanted to make the adventure more exciting, but all I did was scare everyone, mostly Skyla, to death! I'm such a big idiot!

Eddy: You mean, there was never a Cloggersaurus?!

Morley: Yes. So I guess that means you're not mad at me, right?

Shining Armor: [chuckles] Oh course we are.

[as he speaks, everyone looks at him with angry faces]

Eddy: GET HIM!


[Please stand by]

Morley: Oh, God that outta hurt! That's the last time I make up something like that!

Blitzer: You need me to shunt you back to the condo, Morley?

Morley: Yes.

Edd: Morley, I have to admit, I'm impressed.

Morley: REALLY?!

Edd: Yeah, The story, the song, everything! [takes out a note pad] How were you able to make up something so interesting like that?

Morley: Honestly, I have no idea.

Tronie: Hey, can I be your partners too?

Morley: Of course.

Blitzer: There's always room for another narrow gauge engine with robot arms. But we'll have to repaint your color and give you a Trainbots logo first.

Jimmy: And I can fix your eye.

Tronie: Thanks. I'm sorry for my behavior early.

Blitzer: It's fine.

[everyone is now onboard the Wonderhower out at sea as "Epilogue (from Disney's Dinosaur)" plays]

Thomas: Thanks for coming back for me, Nyx.

Nyx: You're welcome, dad.

Thomas: I'm sorry about the Terminator.

Nyx: Don't worry, I'm fine. Besides the other Terminator is still out there. But it was different having your own to protect you.

Thomas: I can understand, but everything is at peace now and now we can resume our vaction.

Nyx: Yes.

Optimus: [narrates] Today, my friend Thomas had the toughest battle yet. At first, it seemed like he wouldn't win, but with help from his adoptive daughter, Nyx and a Terminator. He broke through, at the same time, Nyx was being hunted by a T-1000. But her future brother sent a Terminator to protect her, and he succeeded. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to share how Thomas defeated the real, true, leader of the Deceptitrains, The Ultratron.

[The film ends with "Wherever You Are" by Vonda Shepard & Barry Coffing in the end credits]

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