Here's how Nyx meets Jasmine in The Beginning of the Chronicles.

Narrator: Later, Twilight took Nyx to Canterlot Castle and Nyx wanders around it's garden.

Nyx: Never expected the Princesses to have a wonderful garden. [then she sees a fountain] Wow.

[Then a woman comes up behind her]

Woman: Hey.

Nyx: Whoa! [falls in the water]

Woman: Oh, are you alright?

Nyx: Oh, miss. I didn't mean to. I-I'm sorry.

Women: No, no. It's okay.

Twilight: Jasmine! I see you met Nyx, she's my half-cousin.

Jasmine: Nice to meet you.

Nyx: Hi.

Narrator: Princess Jasmine is one of the human royalty of Equestria, and the princess of Agrabah.

Nyx: Your royalty too?

Jasmine: Yes, and my friends are human and royalty. I'm the Princess of Agrahbah.

Nyx: Ah, that's cool. Who your other friends?

Jasmine: I'll be glad to show them. They're from other places too.

[Later Jasmine takes Nyx to her other friends]

Ariel: It's Jasmine!

Belle: Jasmine!

Anna: Welcome back, Jas!

Jasmine: Hi guys.

Elsa: Who's the black foal?

Jasmine: Nyx, she's Twilight's half-cousin.

Nyx: Hello.

Rapunzel: Why you're the cutest thing. [pets her head]

Nyx: [giggles]

Snow White: Where'd you come from?

Nyx: I can't remember, infact, I can't remember anything that happened before I joined Twilight at her place.

Twilight: I found her in the Everfree Forest, all alone in a dark and stormy night in a thorn bush.

Anna: Inside a thronbush? That's gotta hurt.

Nyx: I know.

Princess Celestia: Twilight, who's this?

Twilight: Oh, this is my half-cousin, Nyx.

Nyx: Hello, your highness.

Princess Celestia: Nice to meet you. I must say, I too have a little foal.

Nyx: You do?

Barret Barricade: Yes, you wanna see her?

Nyx: Sure.

Narrator: They come inside to a room, and to a crib with glass on top.

Nyx: Wow.

Narrator: There in the crib, was a white filly with pink hair sleeping.

Nyx: A royal baby.

Barret Barricade: Her name is "Sharon". Me and Tia always wanted a baby girl.

Nyx: Hey, how come she's not hearing anything?

Princess Celestia: It's a sound barrier glass. She can't hear can't hear the loudest noise in there. [puts her hoof on the glass] Sleep well, my little foal.

[Then Sharon slightly awakes and sees Nyx]

Nyx: Hi, there.

Sharon: [completely terrified by Nyx, begins wheeling up tears. Cries]

Nyx: Oh, no. I've scared her!

Princess Celestia: It's okay, she doesn't get around with other equines for the first time meeting her. [opens up the glass and wraps her wings around her] Shhh... it's okay, Sharon. Mom and Dad are here. There, there....

Sharon: [is still crying, but soon stops]

Barret Barricade: There's no need for you to be upset, sweetie. This is Nyx, Twilight Sparkle's half-cousin.

Nyx: [slightly waves her hove at Sharon]

[Then Sharon pulls her father's beard]

Barret Barricade: Ow!

Sharon: [giggles]

Princess Celestia: Now Sharon, you know we don't like you pulling daddy's beard. Because the tickle monster's gonna get you! [tickles her belly with one of her wing's feathers]

Sharon: [giggles]

Narrator: As Celestia is tickling Sharon, Nyx watches happily. And starts thinking about her own family.

Princess Celestia: Alright, Sharon. Little fillies like you must get their sleep.

Narrator: Then, Princess Celestia begins singing a lullaby.

Princess Celestia: Sleep my little one, the sun is setting. And the world is getting dark, and time for foals like you, to sleep.

[Sharon completely tired from her mother's singing nuzzles her mother wings and goes back to sleep]

Nyx: Sorry.

Barret Barricade: Never mind, she just didn't know you yet.

Princess Celestia: Yes. [peaks Sharon on the head] Sleep well, my little Sharon. [puts her back in the crib and closes the glass]

[Then a blue droid rolls up]

Nyx: Who's this?

Princess Celestia: That's "R2-D2". He's Sharon's care taker.

R2: [beeping]

Nyx: Nice to meet you.

R2: [pulls out some gum]

Nyx: Aw, very sweet of you. [She grabs a stick and pulls. The gum then proceeds to give her a severe electrical shock.] GA-GA-GA-GAH!!! Ouch!

R2: [laughing beeps]

Barret Barricade: And he's very mischievous. [glares at him]

R2: [makes an "Uh oh" sound]

[The R2 notices he's shivering. He holds his legs together, then his body shakes but uses his arms to grab it. And he notices his dome shaking. But holds it, but still shaking inside nervously]

Princess Celestia: R2, this is Twilight Sparkle's half-cousin "Nyx". She's a visitor. Say you're sorry, young man.

R2: [makes an "I'm sorry" sound]

Nyx: That's alright.

Twilight: How's the little foal?

Princess Celestia: Sharon is doing okay. She's just gone back to sleep.

Princess Luna: Maybe you should meet my foal.

Nyx: Your foal?

Princess Luna: Yes. Follow me.

[Nyx follows Luna to another crib with the same glass Sharon has.]

Princess Luna: This is "Yuna", my daughter.

Nyx: She almost looks just like you.

Princess Luna: Yes.

Nyx: She's kinda cute, though.

Hiro: Yes, she is.

[Hiro then comes into the room]

Narrator: Hiro was a Japanese engine. And he was also Princess Luna's husband.

Nyx: You must be Hiro.

Hiro: Yes, I am.

Nyx: Twilight told me about you.

Hiro: Really, how nice of her.

Princess Luna: You wanna say "hi" to Yuna.

Nyx: Sure.

[Princess Luna opens the glass and picks up Yuna and shows her to Nyx]

Nyx: Hello there little one.

Yuna: [pulls her headband and lets go]

Nyx: OW!!

Yuna: [laughing]

Nyx: Ooh.. She has one strong grip.

Princess Luna: I'm so sorry.

Nyx: But kind to think of it, it was a little funny. Hey Yuna. [makes a silly face]

Yuna: [laughs]

Nyx: [slightly giggles then laughs with her]

Twilight: Nyx, this is my brother, Shining Armor, and my foal-sitter. Now sister-in-law, Cadance.

Shining Armor: Hello.

Cadance: Please to meet you.

Nyx: Hi.

Cadance: I see you made friends with my baby cousin.

Nyx: She likes to have fun.

Cadance: And she's ticklish too. [starts tickling her]

Yuna: [laughing]

Princess Luna: Alright, I think Yuna needs to go back to sleep.

Nyx: Okay.

[Princess Luna puts the blanket over Yuna]

Princess Luna: Sleep, nightyfilly, sleep with the stars above your face, sleep with the moon bright in the sky, and the nebula's doing dancing in space, along with the comet's flying over head, sleep now, with good dreams.

Yuna: [softly snoring]

Cadance: Now, you should see our foal.

Nyx: There's another one?

Twilight: Yes, and I'm it's aunt.

Nyx: You are?!

Twilight: Yes. Come on.

[at the Crystal Empire]

Narrator: They took Nyx to a crib at the Crystal Empire. And looked and see a young pink filly.

Nyx: Twilight, she's beautiful.

Cadance: Her name is "Skyla".

Nyx: That's beautiful name.

Shining Armor: She's waking up.

[Skyla looks around and sees Nyx]

Nyx: Hi there.

Skyla: [crying (due to seeing Nyx the first time)]

Nyx: Not again!

Cadance: [gently lefts her up with her wings] It's okay Skyla, Mommy's here. This is just Nyx. Auntie Twilight's half-cousin.

Nyx: Hi, there. Couchy, couch, cough.

Skyla: [giggling]

Shining Armor: She likes you.

[then C-3PO walks)

C-3PO: Oh, hello young one. I am "C-3PO" human cyborg relations.

Nyx: Hello.

C-3PO: Oh, who are you, young lady?

Nyx: I'm Nyx.

C-3PO: I'm Princess Skyla's caretaker.

Twilight: This is my half-cousin, 3PO.

C-3PO: Your half cousin! Wonderful! It is nice to meet you, Nyx.

Nyx: You too, 3PO.

[Then Percy's whistle is heard outside]

Nyx: Was that Percy?

Twilight: Yes.

Nyx: What he is doing here?

Twilight: I'll show you.

[Twilight leads Nyx to a huge room in the castle where there's several men carrying bags of mail and loading them in vans. As Percy pulls in]

Twilight: Hello, Percy.

Percy: Hi Twilight. Hello Nyx.

Nyx: What are you doing here?

Percy: I'm the Canterlot Mail engine. I deliver special passels all over Equestria.

Pinkie: [appears from his cab] And I help him unload the bags.

Nyx: Cool!

Percy: You wanna help us?

Nyx: Sure! [she goes to help Pinkie unload the bags. Then she notices a GMC Pickup Truck] Hello? [she goes over it] Hey, guys. What's this truck doing here?

[Then it transforms into a robot]

Robot: Who are you calling truck, punk?

Nyx: Whoa!

Twilight: [runs over] Ironhide, it's okay! This is my half cousin Nyx!

Ironhide: Oh, really. Step aside.

Male voice: That's enough!

[Ironhide stops and there was a giant blue robot walking towards]

Twilight: Optimus.

Optimus: Ironhide, this foal doesn't mean no harm.

Nyx: Talking robots that turn into cars.

Bumblebee: Now look kid, don't freak out, I'm just a cammero. [transforms into it] See?

Nyx: [faints]

Twilight: Nyx!

Cross-Hairs: Nice goin', Bumblebee.

Dino: Hang on, I got it. [slaps her awake]

Nyx: OW!! Dude, that hurt!

Sideswipe: Well you fainted, so we slapped you awake.

Nyx: Yeah, and really hard!

Ratchet: Hmm, seems like this foal has suffered harm times.

Optimus: It's okay. I am Optimus Prime. And this is my weapon specialist: Ironhide, my medical officer: Ratchet, my lieutenant: Bumblebee, my commandos: Sideswipe, Dino, and Arcee, my old and second lieutenant: Jazz, the twins: Skids & Mudflap, the Wreakers, and these are my 3 new Autobot comrades: Cross-Hairs, Drift, and Hound.

Nyx: Incredible.

[Soon she is having fun riding on Ironhide]

Ironhide: Hey Nyx, sorry I almost attack you before.

Nyx: That's okay, Ironhide. After all I think you guys are awesome!

Ironhide: Damn right!

[Then a robot T-Rex comes in front of them]

Nyx: Whoa! You guys have dinosaurs too?!

Ironhide: [transforms as she speaks] Yep. They joined by our side. This one is Strafe, a two-headed Pterodactyl. Those are Slug, Snarl, and Slog, a Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Brachiosaurus. This here is Slash, a Velociraptor, that's Scorn, a Spinosaurus, and this is Grimlock, the leaded of the Dinobots.

Grimlock: [roars in "hello"]

Nyx: Hello.

Nyx: [in usion] Hey Twilight,

[Cut back to the Crystal Empire]

Nyx: How long have you known the Autobots?

Twilight: Well, me, Thomas, and some of our friends met them since January 2013.

Optimus: I remembered that we came here when the Decepticons we're looking for the Allspark. But thanks to the Crusaders help, along with Peter Sam, Sir Handel, Duncan, and a human ally, Sam Withicky, they killed Megatron. But then during the summer of that year, he, Twilight, and the mane 6 discovered an shard from the Allspark, and symbols were implanted in their brains. And Megatron were trying to kill them, I sacrificed myself to save them, but they brought me back with a legendary key, called "The Matrix of Leadership".

Twilight: And during the fall of that year, we founded that Optimus' advisor Sentinel was on the Moon with pillars that can bring back their world Cybertron, which was destroyed by the Autobot and Deception civil war.

Thomas: But Sentinel betrayed us, by killing Ironhide, but we stopped him, and saved Chicago, and Pirncess Celestis even brough him back. And they joined us on many adventures.

Princess Celestia: But then, they were haunted by the CIA. And a bounty hunter called "Lockdown" was hunting Optimus, and Megatron was reborn as "Galvatron", but we killed Lockdown, and Galvatron's army, with legendary warriors called "The Dinobots".

Nyx: So the Earth was afraid of the Autobots after the Battle of Chicago, huh?

Optimus Prime: I'm afraid so, Nyx.

Nyx: And now, everyone trusts you again, right?

Optimus Prime: That's right.

[Then something caughts her eye]

Nyx: What's that. [walks toward a shining special object]

Twilight: [walks up] This is the Matrix of Leadership.

Nyx: Huh?

Princess Luna: We keep it here under the Crsytal Empire castle. So no one can find it, not even a Decepticon.

Shining Armor: So you see, it's important that it must be kept as a secret.

Cadance: Can you not tell anyone about this?

Nyx: Yeah.

Thomas: So shall we head back to Canterlot, then?

Nyx: Absolutely.

[cuts to the surface]

Nyx: Bye you guys!

[Thomas cuffs away]

Drift: I like that little filly, she's calm and wise, like the Jedi.

Hound: Yeah, that looks like fun.

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