is an Earth pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She appears in the "MLP: FIM" episodes "The Best Night Ever" and "Sweet and Elite". She is also a skilled classical music cellist. She is also part of an orchestral classical music ensemble called the Fillyharmonic playing her choice instrument, the cello, along with her friends, Beauty Brass (who plays the sousaphone), Frederick Horseshoepin (who plays the piano) and Parish Nadermane (who plays the harp). Frederick is also the leader of the ensemble, and is also Octavia's love interest. They first all appeared together in "The Best Night Ever", providing all of the music for this current Grand Galloping Gala, and all ended up messed up courstey of Pinkie Pie when forcing them all to play the Pony Pokey. Octavia also appeared in "Sweet and Elite" playing at the garden party with Parish, and without Frederick and Beauty Brass, and instead, along with them, two violinists, Symphony and Concerto.


  • Octavia is also best friends with Mavis.
  • Although playing at the garden party with Parish and without Frederick and Beauty Brass with Symphony and Concerto taking their places, it might be hinted that Frederick was somewhat ill and Beauty Brass was visiting relatives in Fillydelphia. Also, Symphony and Concerto were also hinted to be other good friends of Octavia.
  • Although we never hear Octavia speak in both episodes, and if she gets a speaking role in a future episode in the fourth season or a different season, she might have some sort of transatlantic accent like Rarity's or just a normal plain British accent. Also her bandmates didn't speak in both episodes as well, but if they did speak in future episodes, Frederick would have a Polish accent like Frederic Chopin's, and Beauty Brass could be voiced by Paige O'Hara (who voiced Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast) and Parish could sound like a Marx brother.
  • Fan-made videos of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic features Octavia and DJ Pon-3 (also known as Vinyl Scratch) as roommates.
  • Octavia guest stars in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle visit The Barnyard: The Original Party Animals