Oddball is the main character of 102 Dalmatians. She is a dalmatian puppy who was born with no spots. She is the daughter of Dipstick and Dottie.

Oddball makes various appearences in Cherry's Adventures and first appears in Jessica and the 102 Dalmatians and becomes Jessica's puppy by the end. Oddball lives in a house with Jessica while Jessica goes to college while Oddball has her own misadventures until Jessica comes back from classes.

Jessica and Oddball occasionally visit home so Jessica can see her friends and family back home and Oddball gets to be with her Uncle Patch and 'Aunt Colette'. Oddball is close friends with The Buddies and is also the girlfriend of Budderball and best friend of Rosebud. Oddball also has Salem as her honorary uncle and is given a human form in Cherry and Atticus's Secret Life and dubs herself as Odette in order to fit in. 

In the future, Oddball is the family dog of Jessica and her husband, Christopher, and becomes the companion of their daughter