Officer Drake
Officer Drake
is a police engine and one of the engines made by Stuingtion.


Officer Drake a very loyal police officer and won't stop at anything to solve any crime, protect the innocence, help his friends, and bring criminals to justice. Officer Drake is a mix of a steam locomotive and the Robocop. He has a layer of steel and titanium over his boiler which is very industructable. He also carries a small arsonel of weaponry both lethal and non-lethal. When he wants to take out anyone, he draws his trusty Auto 9 pistol, but when he wants to disable someone he draws his Colt Python. But for the big guns, he has a sawn-off Ithaca 37 shotgun. But when he's just disabling without bullets or and projectile, he can use his Taser X12 shotgun or his taser gun. Then to get someone close range, he gives the victim a dose of pepper spray. But when he wants to immoblise the being his takes out his nightstick and gives them a good beating. He has a lightbar on the roof of his cab and 2 front headlamps then blink blue and red. As well as 2 sirens. His whistle even sounds like a police whistle! Then to collect evidence, he has a picture camera hidden in his left headlamp and a video camera in his right. He also often wears a pair of Silver shades, that can help him lock on target, see things through walls, and scan for crimes. But he's trained for so long he can still lock on target even without his shades.


Officer Drake is very loyal to victims involved on crimes or who are wrongly accused. And he won't stop at anything to solve the crime and clear the victim's name. He also has a lot of determination, in which he'll do what ever it takes to do his duties. He hates when someone is wrongly accused, or when someone is completely unreasonable. He also hates jerks who like to murder police or inoccent souls. He is always confident that many crimes can be solved and the perpatraitor will get theirs in the end.

Main Weaponry

  • Auto 9 pistol
  • Colt Python
  • Ithaca 37 sawn-off shotgun
  • Taser X12 shotgun
  • Tazer gun
  • Nightstick
  • Pepper Spray Sprayer



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