Oh, What a Very Merry Christmas Day is the only song from Mickey's Christmas Carol.


Oh, what a merry Christmas Day! Hear the joyous music play! Bells are ringing Choirs singing Oh, what a merry Christmas Day!

Sharing a season of good cheer With the ones we hold so dear Friendly faces Warm embraces Oh, what a merry Christmas Day!

Snowflake covered country lanes Jack Frost painted window panes Twinkling stars on Christmas trees Oh, what happy memories.

Gathered 'round the fireplace Families filled with love and grace 'Round the peaceful embers glow Blessed yuletide spirits grow Grow and grow Grow and grow

Joy to the children far and near What a wond'rous time of year Isn't it just grand to say Merry Merry Christmas Merry Merry Christmas Oh, what a merry Christmas Day!


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