This is how Omega Supreme vs. Trypticon goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Trypticon Rising.

[Omega Supreme flies in vehicle mode with Sharko and Sci-Ryan to the battle site where the Autobots, their pony friends, and Trypticon are]

Sci-Ryan: Look! There they are!

Sharko: What's that target?

Omega Supreme: Target identification: Trypticon, the guardian of Kaon, the capital city of the Decepticons.

Sci-Ryan: Omega, transform!

[Omega Supreme transforms to robot mode]

Trypticon: What the heck is that!?

Omega Supreme: Identity: Omega Supreme.

Crash Bandicoot: He's here, Twilight.

Sci-Ryan: [voice] Hey, guys!

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Omega! How did Sci-Ryan got in you?

Omega Supreme:

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