Here's how the ending scene goes in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[Soon the Nightmares ship arrives on Mygeeto, and it lands inside a castle. And they exit it.

King Sombra: Well, that went well.

Nightmare Moon: Indeed. The war has begun. And everything is going as planed.

[Then it sidesipes to Canterlot]

Blythe: Do you think the Clone Equines might turn on us?

Cadance: It's hard to tell. You just might never know.

Princess Celestia: Brian. Where's Chris?

Brian: He's on his way to Naboo. He says he's doing something.

Princess Luna: The shroud of the Darkside has fallen again. The Clone Equine Wars, has begun.

[It soon sideswipes to the Clone Equine army boarding republic cruisers ready to take on whatever the war throws at them. Then it shows Chris and Sunset Shimmer have a wedding at the lakehouse on Nabbo. With Little Bear, his friends, BB-8, K-2SO, the Griffings, Sunrise, and the girls as witnesses and the film ends with the "Attack of the Clones" end credits theme, followed by "My Heart Will Go On (Movie Version)" by Celine Dion]