Here's how the ending scene goes in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[Soon the Nightmares ship arrives on Mygeeto, and it lands inside a castle. And they exit it. And King Sombra goes to a room]

Teenage lady: Welcome home, master.

King Sombra: The war has begun. The Force is already with us, and I think it's time for you to rise up against the Jedi.

Teenage lady: That will be much ablog.

[As she speaks it zooms to her eyes and she opens them up fully green with a purple smokey trail. Then it sidesipes to Canterlot]

Blythe: Do you think the Clone Equines might turn on us?

Cadance: It's hard to tell. You just might never know.

Princess Celestia: Brian. Where's Chris?

Brian: He's on his way to Naboo. He says he's doing something.

Princess Luna: The shroud of the Darkside has fallen again. The Clone Equine Wars, has begun.

[It soon sideswipes to the Clone Equine army boarding republic cruisers ready to take on whatever the war throws at them. Then it shows Chris and Sunset Shimmer have a wedding at the lakehouse on Nabbo. With Little Bear, his friends, BB-8, K-2SO, the Griffings, Sunrise, and the girls as witnesses and the film ends with the "Attack of the Clones" end credits theme, followed by "Atlas" by Coldplay]

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