This is how the opening scene and Christmas Eve goes in The Christmas Express.

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Princess Yuna: (narrating) It was Christmas Eve that night in Equestria, And my Mother, Princess Luna and Aunt, Princess Celestia were telling me and my adopted sister, Snowdrop a Christmas Story.

Princess Luna: Then the darkness lifted and he could see his way home.

Princess Celestia: So Rudolph returned to his friends and family and Santa Claus.

Princess Luna: And they all lived happily ever after. (kissed Yuna and Snowdrop) Goodnight, My loved ones.

Princess Celestia: (kissed Yuna and Snowdrop) Happy Dreams, My Nieces.

Snowdrop: Goodnight, Yuna. (goes to sleep)

Princess Yuna: Goodnight, Snowdrop. (goes to sleep)

In Isamu's room.

Prince Isamu: (gaggling)

Princess Luna: Time for beddy bye, Isamu.

Hiro: It's be Christmas tomorrow.

Prince Isamu: (sleeps)

Princess Luna: (kisses Isamu) Goodnight, Sweetie.

In Indy and Anna's room.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (gaggling)

Princess Celestia: Time for bed, Indy and Anna.

Duck: Into your crib.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (sleeps)

Princess Celestia: (kissed Indy and Anna) Sweet Dreams, My Babies.

Duck: I sure am looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.

In Yuna and Snowdrop's room.

Princess Yuna: (sleeping)

Snowdrop: Yuna?

Princess Yuna: Yes?

Snowdrop: Ever wonder what it would be like on Christmas?

Princess Yuna: Well, When we're asleep, Santa would come and bring presents and when we wake up, We'll see them.

(Then, They heard a sound)

Snowdrop: Do you hear something?

Princess Yuna: I sure did.

Snowdrop: What was it?

Princess Yuna: Let's look outside.

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