Heres how Lockdown's ship goes in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction and also finding Bradey to.

[The ship comes in]

Lockdown: Take that human to the trash.

[Down below people are running and screaming]

Attinger: My team in on the way, this is a CIA operation. This is my asset. Tell the military to stand down. Hang on, I have a White House.

Chief: [on phone] Agent, hello! Oh, my goodness. Boy, is it a flurry of excitement over here at the White House. Everybody is super, super mad, at me. So, I went over my notes from our last meeting. And I'm not sure when you said anything about "A giant alien warship over Michigan Avenue".

Attinger: Tell the President, this is not an attack.

[On Lockdown's ship]

Lockdown: Remember this ship, Prime? Built for all you knights, you great crusaders, to explore the universe? Well, I commandeered it. It's my personal prison now.

[AT the trash, Tessa, gets out of the car but when two buggy eyed robots see her, she hits them and escapes]

Tessa: Optimus?

[With Optimus and Lockdown]

Lockdown: Welcome back to the Knights' Temenos, Prime.

Optimus: You have disgraced it.

[We see Grimlock]

Lockdown: Join your fellow rebels, fugitive scum. It's for the rarest of specimens of worst, of the worst. It's taken centuries. But I've collected all the Knights but you. [puts Optimus in a cage] The creators just want to sweep there chessboard clean.

Optimus: I'm slave to no one.

Lockdown: All this species mixing with species. It upsets the cosmic balance. The creators, they don't like it. They build you what your were told.

[With our heroes]

Shane: Why Isn't it taking off yet?

Cade: Come on, Bee, it's descending you. You got to get on it!

Attinger: Savoy, mission accomplished. Lockdown has Prime, the deal is going down now.

Savoy: Picking up the Seed at the recon point.

[The helicopter flies to Lockdown's ship, and arrives as Tessa watches]

Lockdown: Much as I've enjoy the hunt. I won't miss your wretched planet. Our deal is done. One Prime, for one Seed.

[They put the Seed in the bag]

Lockdown: Handel it with care. I trust your species is ready.

Savoy: Don't worry about our species.

Lockdown: Farewell, Earth. [walks away]

[Back with our heroes]

Cade: Come on, come on!

[The ship takes off]

Cade: Bee, come on!

Hound: It's a bad idea. But I'm all about bad ideas. Let's go!

Cross-Hairs: Well, let's rock.

[They hop on, while the Planet Shuttle flies onto one the docking bays]

Shane: This is crazy.

Cade: Look, you wanna cut and run, you better do it now. I'm gonna die trying.

Shane: Hey, I'm not here to help you get your daughter. You're here to help me find my girlfriend.

Lockdown: Engage dark-matter drives. Full power.

[The ship gets in a clear position, while our heroes are inside]

Hound: We're behind enemy lines now. Lockdown's ship has booby traps. Eyes open.

Cross-Hairs: Beware of his bone grinders, brain blinders, flesh peelers, chromosomal inverters, catatonic sludge, black hole trapdoors, and of course, radiation.

Drift: We must be quick. We have the element of surprise. Let's try to use violence as a last resort. [tentacles come out while Drift kills it]

Cross-hairs: Get it!

Drift: I'll kill you, kill you!

Cross-Hairs: Ugh, I hate those things.

Cade: Freaky.

Drift: It's not alive anymore.

Cross-Hairs: Well, we looked. There not here. Let's go.

Cade: What? Hey I'm not going anywhere without Tessa.

Cross-Hairs: I'm unclear. What's in it for me?

Cade: What's in it for you?

Hound: [points a gun]

Cross-Hairs: Easy let's use words

Hound: What's in it for you is I don't kill you. We're getting the boss back, and girl. Copy?

Cross-Hairs: Okay, okay, very persuasive, textbook machismo. Well then, we need to sabotage something.

Drift: Better hurry, because dark-matter drives are preparing to take off.

Cross-Hairs: Oh, wonderful.

Drift: I give us 10 minutes.

Shane: Is that what that sound is? The engines filling up? Are you telling me that thing's gonna be, this is gonna be flying out of here in 10 minutes?

Drift: Uh-huh.

Shane: 10 minutes?!

Drift: Could be nine, worst case, seven.

Hound: Humans, search cell blocks.

Cade: We're wasting time, lets go.

Hound: We'll find the center core.

Drift: Let's move.

Cross-Hairs: We're going to stop this nightmare ship.

[The camera zooms to Cade and Shane]

Cade: We're never gonna find her in this huge ship, like a needle in the hay stack.

Shane: TESSA!! [echoes]

Cade: Great great. Oh, that was real smooth. No, that was really smooth, letting everybody know we're in here. Now they're gonna be looking for us.

[The camera zooms to the Autobots]

Drift: Better hurry, Crosshairs, before we go into space.

Crosshairs: Ah. Here's a little jujube right here. [pulls out a plug] Hello, mama!

[outside the anchors latch onto a building]

Lockdown: Who fired the anchors? Who's on my ship? We have a loose prisoner! [speaks alien]

[With Shane and Cade]

Cade: Hurry up. We got like six minutes.

Shane: We'll find her. [then sees something] Hold up.

[We see Lockdown's Decepticons]

Cade: Back up. Come on, these things are gonna find us. Come on these things are gonna find us. Hurry, hide.

Tessa: [sees the dogs, she runs and hides]

[then Cade and Shane come into one room, with swords stick out from the middle of it]

Cade: [pushes a sword, which opens up something]

Shane: Whoa.

[three spots open up and reveling weaponry]

Cade: Weapons! Come here. Help me. Hurry, hurry. [Shane comes over] Help me up.

Shane: There some weird sounds out there.

Cade: [pikc sup a sword and drops it to Shane]

[Then an alien toungh grabs Tessa's leg]

[With Shane and Cade]

Shane: What is that?

Cade: I don't know. Ready? Run.

[Guns fired, as they took cover]

Cade: We're not going down without a fight.

[2 buggy eyed robots are approaching]

Cade: They turn that corner, and we're gonna take them. You're ready or you gonna bale out on me?

Shane: No, I got your back.

Cade: Are you ready?!

Shane: Absolutely.

[Decepticons approached]

Cade: Don't bale out on me. Are you ready?!

Shane: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whoa, okay! I surrender, I surrender [drops his gun which fires and kills one Decepticon] I'm sorry, I'm so, so, sorry.

Cade: What you do, how did you do that?!

Shane: I have no idea!

Cade: You no-good, [beep] little rat! [sword deploys a gun] Look at that. You see that? [fires]

Shane: Whoa!

CADE: You stay here, lucky charms. [comes out and shoots Decepticons] Oh man. I am so gonna patent this stuff.

Tessa: [picks up a knife and cuts the alien tongue, and then pulls it off her leg] Ew!

Cade: Tess!

Tessa: Dad! Help me!

Cade: Hey!

Shane: Tess?

Cade: Tess! [shoots Decepticons] Come on, move, move! Tessa!

[They come around and Tessa hugs Shane]

Tessa: Shane, I love you! You saved me! You saved me! 

Shane: I know, I know.

Tessa: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, you saved me.

Cade: [jealous] Oh yeah, he saved you. Yeah, yeah. I think you and Mr. Surrender have a lot to catch up about, sweetie. He saved me, too. You should have seen him in there. I mean our hero. Let's go, Now.

[With the Autobots and our heroes]

Hound: Eyes open.

Drift: I almost got it!

Hound: Big boy coming though! Move, move, move!

Cross-Hairs: Whoa!

Hound: This has got to be the supermax. Watch the corners.

Drift: There's a lot of cages.

Hound: Oh yeah, creepy critters in here.

Cross-Hairs: I don't wanna know what's in the big cage.

Hound: What's this?

Cross-Hairs: Hound, don't do it.

Hound: Aw, you don't look very dangerous in there. Oh, that's festering ugliness. [spits] I'm hit, I'm done, it's melting! It burns! Ugh, I think it's acid! Ah, nuts. It's just shizzle.

Crosshairs: I hope that's not contagious.

Hound: I got to hurt you know. You're just to disturbing to live. [takes out his shotgun] Take that, stupid! [shoots] Oh, you're dead.

Optimus: Hound!

Hound: He's alive!

Crosshairs: We're coming boss!

Hound: Optimus, sound off!

Optimus: In here, quick!

Hound: Hang on, we're coming for ya!

Optimus: The arms of this Knight ship are detach! We can break free! It's a seperate ship! Hurry.

Hound: Where's the cockpit? Right or Left?

Optimus: Right!

Hound: I'm on it, boss.

[Drifit comes in and start cutting Optimus free]

Optimus: Hurry. We have no time.

Drift: Sensei.

Hound: Let's rock! [hops in the cockpit] I always wanted to fly one of these things. I'm there, boss!

[back with Cade, Shane, and Tessa]

Shane: Hey, Yeager technologies, you gonna invent us a way out of this one?

[They come outside and look at the anchor cables coming from the ship]

Tessa: Oh, my God. I'm not doing this. I'm not doing that.

Cade: Yes, we are. [hops onto a set of cables] No, it's good. It's stable. Come on.

Tessa: No way.

Cade: Sweetie, you wanna know why I'm here? I'm here to protect you.

Tessa: You've done great at that.

Cade: I want you to trust me right now,  we're getting down. Lets go.

[Teesa and Shane hop onto the cables]

[the 3 start to slowly tight-rope walk on the cables]

Cade: Don't look down, okay? Step, see, it's easy. Come on.

[the cables are now getting thinner]

Shane: Careful, theses cabels are starting to get thinner here!

Cade: Step, stpe, there.

Tessa: Oh, my God!

Cade: See, don't look down! All right? Don't look down! We're gonna be at the building at no time.

Shane: You okay Tess?

Cade: Keep stepping.

[2 choppers fly underneath]

Tessa: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Dad!

Cade: All right, sweetie. You need to keep moving here, okay? Come on.

Tessa: I can't. I'm freaking out.

Cade: You need to move now!

Tessa: I'm not moving! I'm gong back to the ship!

[a jet flies above]

Cade: Whoa, shoot! You can't go back to the ship, honey!

Tessa: Watch me!

Cade: You are not 18 years old yet. And you're gonna do what I say! Now let's go!

[Then the Decepticon wolves come out]

Cade: We need to go this way, okay. Not that way. Talk to her, Romeo, now!

Shane: Come on for for God's sake!

Tessa: Do not start with me.

[the Decepticon wolves then start to climb down the cables]

Tessa: Oh, my God, what is that?

Cade: Alright, Tessa. Don't look back.

Tessa: Well, don't say that to me. Now I want to turn around.

Cade: it's nothing major, sweetie.

Tessa: Well that means it's totally major!

Cade: I'm gonna have to point this gun in your direction. It's gonna feel like it's in your direction, but I'm not.

Shane: You better hurry.

Tessa: Are you trying to kill me?

Cade: I had to buss my butt to get up here on this spaceship!

Shane: Shoot it!

Cade: Get down now! [cocks gun]

Tessa: Ah! [ducks]

Cade: [shoots the wolves]

[The wolves then bite the cables, then Bumblebee comes out]

[The cables break]

Tessa: Oh, my God!

Cade: I'm coming! Hold on!

[The cables break as Bee jump [while Holley flies in] and grab them]

Cade: You're the best, Bee. You are the best!

Bumblebee: You damn right! And don't ever forget it.

Cade: You see that?! Look at me! We're off the ship, right?!

[Then we see Cross-Hairs on a ship and then the Planet Shuttle flies out]

Cross-Hairs: Bumblebee, Bumblebee, friendly! Enemy ships are coming in hot. Get on, get on!

[They hop on and the ships that are firing give chase.

Cade: They got three ships on them! 

Cross-Hairs: I'm giving it the juice! [thrust] Come on, Bee, take them out!

Bumblebee: [fires a wire on a ship and pulls it and hits a ship]

Cade: Good move, Bee!

Cross-Hairs: This one's for you, morons! [fires rockets that destroy and bridge and hit 2 Decepticon ships]

Shane: If there's gonna do something, you better do it!

Cade: Come on!

Cross-Hairs: I'm sick of this crap! You fly. [puts Bee in the cockipit] I shoot!

Cade: Hey! You better let me fire this huge gun and make this ship go faster!

Shane: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Cross-Hairs: Listen up, crash course, tracer guns. Punch forward to fire, slide back to reload!

Cade: What?

Cross-Hairs: Punch, hold slide, repeat, punch, hold slide, repeat! 

Cade: Wait! What are you talking about?

Shane: I don't know what he means.

Cross-Hairs: Good luck.

Cade: Where you going?

Cross-Hairs: To lay some hate! [he jumps and fires]

Cade: Say it.

Shane: Okay.

Cade and Shane: Punch, hold slide, repeat, punch, hold slide, repeat!

Cade: Go. [they fired]

Shan: Yeah, I got one! Whoo!

Cade: These alien guns are awesome!

[They went in a tunnel while they give chase, Bumblebee goes up then they crashed]

Man: Okay, sir? You better have insurance.

Cade: Insurance? It's a freaking space ship, you don't give insurance on a freaking space ship. Good luck with that buddy! Is this your car, huh? [drinks Bud Lite] Sweetie, hand me my alien gun.

Tessa: [does so]

[The man runs]

Cade: Come here. Trust your dad.

Tessa: Okay.

[Then people run as we see Lockdown's ship]

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