Here's how Lockdown's ship goes in Wrath of the Century.

[The ship lands]

Lockdown: Take that human away!

[the smaller robots do so while some others ones bring Thomas to the trophy room]

Lockdown: Remember this ship, Prime? You and your friends snuck in and saved Optimus, now it's your turn to see the inside of here.

Thomas: Optimus was right, you have disgraced this ship!

[We see Comet Breath in a cage]

Lockdown: Accient warriors I have gathered, it took me years to find each one of them. But I collected all of them. But you! [throws Thomas in a cage] You make a conclusion to my collection.

Thomas: I'll never be your slave. Neither your toy!

Lockdown: That's a shame. Cause your new home is gonna be the stars. Once you see the true Train-Prime.

[he then leaves]

Queen Chrysalis: Thomas is gone!

Dsicord: Yes! Now Twilight will be too heart broken to ever interfure with any of our plans ever again.

Shane: Why isn't it taking off yet?!

Glaceon: Now but be a good chance to get on the ship and save Thomas and Anna while we can.

Attinger: Savoy, mission acomplished. Lockdown has Thomas.

Savoy: Picking up package at recon point.

[The helicopter flies to Lockdown's ship.]

Lockdown: As much as I've enjoyed the hunt. I won't miss your wrectet planet. But our deal is done, one Train-Prime, for one Arendelle princess. [drops Anna who is out cold] I hope this Latham Cole loves her.

Savoy: Don't worry, he likes women.

Lockdown; Farewell, Earth.

[we now see our heroes coming up]

Brian: Come on!

Hound: It's a bad idea. [cosk his shoutgun] but I'm all about bad ideas!

Piston Spark: Let's ride!

[they hop on top of the ship]

Sunil Nevla: I can't believe we're back in this hideous ship!

Skyla: Hey, I've been here since that ghost Deceptitrain returned for that empire.

Spiker: Oh! Skyla don't.

[They head inside the ship]

Lockdown: Engage darkmatter drives, full power!

Hound: We're behind enemy lines now, Lockdown's ship has booby traps.

Cross-Hiars: Beware of his bone grinders, brain blinders, flesh peelers, chromosomal inverters, catatonic sludge, black hole trapdoors, and of course, radiation.

Drift: We must be quick. We have the element of surprise. Let's try to use violence as a last resort.

[but then some tentecles come out and touch Railan]

Railan; UGH!

Cross-hairs: Get it!

Railan: I'll kill you, kill you!

Cross-Hairs: Ugh, I hate those things.

Willy: [pludges it with his rifle] It's dead.

Muck: Oh well, we tried. Let's get out of here.

Twilight: What? I'm not leaving without Thomas!

Brian: And we're not leaving without Anna!

Cross-Hairs: I'm unclear. What's in it for me?

Cade: What's in it for you?

Hound: [points a gun]

Cross-Hairs: Easy let's use words

Hound: What's in it for you is I don't kill you. We're getting Thomas back, and the Ardendale Princess. Copy?

Cross-Hairs: Okay, okay, very persuasive, textbook machismo.

Muck: Gotta go!

[then Mucker slams Muck against the wall]

Mucker: And what do you think you're doing?

Muck: Leaving.

Mucker: No you're not. We need everyone working together in order to get Thomas and Anna off this ship. And that includes you, got it?

Muck: Yes sir.

Puffer: Oh come on, you can't tell us you're afraid of being on a Decepticon ship.

Muck: No, I'm just a little uncomfortable about being on a ship guarded every trap in the book!

Duck: Not to worry, we'll be right by your side and we'll tackle this task with ease.

Muck: Really?

Oliver: Really, really.

Muck: No.

Pepper Clark: I'm surprised you wanted to leave, for a moment, I thought Lofty would wanna leave.

Lofty: Me? (chuckles) Not me. I'm not afraid of Decepticons!

Spud: Watch out, Lofty! It's Lockdown!

Lofty: AAH!! HIDE!!! [races behind Ironhide]

Spud: [laughing]

Drift We Better hurry, because dark-matter drives are preparing to take off.

Cross-Hairs: Oh, wonderful.

Drift: I give us 10 minutes.

Human Twilight: Ten minutes? Wait you're saying this ship is flying out of here in 10 MINUTES?!!??!?!

Drift; Could be 9, worse case 7.

Scoop: 7 MINUTES?!

Shai-Shay: I really don't know about this. I'm not up for going around in this ship again.

Rodger: Shay! This is not the time to play the cowardly card. You play wanna play a card? Then let's play the "Being courageous card!"

Brian: We're wasting time. Pokemon you take that side, CMC take that one, we'll find Thomas and Anna, let's go!

Cross-Hairs: We're gonna stop this nightmare ship.

T.C.: Sherin, before we go. We have some ground rules for you.

Hugs: This is a very dangerous ship. Under no circumstances, are you permitted to leave our sight! You are to stay with me and T. as we search. You got that?

Sherin: Yeah, got it.

Dile: I shall be doing the same, I don't like the looks of this place.

Dolphy: Just stick with me, Dile.

Dile: Okay. But ships make me sick. Like boats.

Carl: Likewise.

Harold: Can't we just do something else?

Other: [protesting]

Stinky: Don't be a baby.

Gerald: Come on man, well just get Thomas and get out of here ASAP.

Arnold: Yeah, Harold. Will be fine.

Harold: Okay, I'll go

[Many of the team load their weapons to full capacity] 

[before the CMC and their friends go]

Mucker: Vanellope. [throws her another Uzi] Here.

Vanellope: [catches it] Thanks.

Thorin: I'll stick with them, as a guardian.

Joe Hopps: Come on, we'll search in that hallway over there.

Nick Wilde: Whatever you say, carrots.

Buttercream Sunday: Okkie-dokkie!

[they set off]

[Soon the Autobots release the anchors]

Lockdown: Who fired the anchors? Who's on my ship? We have a loose prisoner! [speaks alien]

[several Decepticon wolves race down the halls]

[we then come to Brian's group]

Brian: Anna? Anna?

Twilight: Thomas?

Shining Armor: Thomas?

Cadance: Anna?

[Then sparks shoot]

Spike: YAH!! WHERE ARE YOU, ANNA AND THOMAS?! I can't handle the pressure

Brian: Where's your bag?

Spike: [starts breathing into a paper bag very fast, but then swallows it]

Twilight: Spike! Breath.

Spike: [does so]

Gandalf: Now, just relax.

Spike: Yes sir. [they continue searching as Spike continues breathing into the bag]

[Back to Percy's group]

Percy: Got anything?

Dile: No.

Dolphy: It's too dark.

Percy: Let's keep trying.

Tod: Right! What the lieutenant said.

Starlight Sunset: And let's be quiet. We don't want Lockdown to see us.

James: Come on, Thomas. Where are you?

[music starts up indicating another song]

Percy: What's that just around the corner?

James: Something in the walls and ship
Edward:Slowly, slowly getting closer
Henry: Makes you want to puff and scream
Everyone: Decepticons everywhere, hiding in the ship. Just behind the walls, waiting to strike. Decepticons everywhere, doing as they please, They try to kill you!
Shai-Shay: Is your boiler getting colder?
Mighty Joe: As we slowly look around
Rodger: Must be brave, we must be bolder
Edd: It's no more than silly sounds
Everyone: Decepticons everywhere, hiding in the ship. Just behind the walls, waiting to strike. Decepticons everywhere, doing as they please, They try to kill you!
T.C. and Hugs: Look out! Look out! They're all about!
Sherin: Where?
Puffer: Look out! Look out! They're all about!
Kevin (train): Where?
Dile: Look out! Look out! They're all about!
Dolphy: Where?!
Sheen: Oh, that's not so scary!
Everyone: Decepticons everywhere, hiding in the ship. Just behind the walls, waiting to strike. Decepticons everywhere, doing as they please, They try to kill you! Decepticons everywhere, hiding in the ship. Just behind the walls, waiting to strike. Decepticons everywhere, doing as they please, They try to kill you!

[with Judy, Nick, R2, & Buttercream]

Nick Wilde: This isn't so bad, this should be easy.

Judy Hopps: Please don't jinx us, Nick. You never what can be lurking around...

[but before she can finish her sentence her ears perk up]

Judy Hopps: Something's coming, hide!

[Judy, Nick, and R2 hide in a small corridor but Buttercream is still in the hall]

Buttercream: You say something Auntie?

[but then some Stormtroopers appear!]

Stormtrooper: Hey!

[they fire their blasters at Buttercream]

Buttercream Sunday: Whoa! [she tries to deflect the shots with her saber but is overwhelmed and they then stun her!]

Stormtrooper: Let's take this bunny back to the boss.

[they then put cuffs on her hands as one of them compensates her saber and they leave]

Nick Wilde: I think they're gone.

Judy Hopps; Okay, Buttercream. It's safe. [no reply] Buttercream? Where's Buttercream?!

Nick Wilde: I didn't see her come in here.

Judy Hopps: Oh no, those stinker must've got her!

Nick Wilde: So what now, Carrots?

Judy Hopps: We're gonna save her! And I have an idea.

Nick Wilde: What is it?

[we then see some Stormtroopers patrolling the halls]

Stormtrooper #1: Where are they?

Nick Wilde: Hey fellas!

Stormtrooper #2: Huh?

[but when they turn the corner we hear a blaster fire and then Judy and Nick walk out wearing the suits]

Nick Wilde: This thing is toasty! How do Stormtroopers wear these things?!

Judy Hopps: Never mind that, let's just find my niece!

[they race down the hallway]

[With the CMC]

Scootaloo: I'm getting board from all this walking.

Uniqua: How about we play a song?

Button Mash: Sounds like a good idea.

Wheelie: One song number comin' up. [takes a record player out of nowhere and starts it, but it actually plays a kid's song of the A-B-C's.]

Woman: Letters of the alphabet, A-B-C...

Wheelie: Huh? Oops, wrong song. [flips the record around. It plays the correct music] That's better, let's go.

[Music starts playing]

All: Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it!

Austin: Ugh!

Uniqua: We’re tramping through the ship, on and on we push!

Button Mash: Into the thick of it!

Sunil Nevla: But we can’t see where we’re going!

Yuna: We’ve made a stellar start to find Thomas and Anna.

Russel Ferguson: But all we’ll find is nothing,

Pablo: If we can’t see where we’re going...

All: Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it!

Skyla: But we can’t see where we’re going...

Pepper Clark: Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it!

Russel, Sunil and Cody: But we can’t see where we’re going...

Austin: Ugh!

Minka Mark: The ship’s kind of tricky, the path is never straight!

Button Mash: And sometimes there’s no path at all, which makes it hard to navigate!

Austin: Ugh!

Nyx: Although the ship’s big, we’re moving through it quick.

Penny Ling: But that won’t do us any good if we’re going around in circles!

All: Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it!

Pablo: We’re going around in circles....

Austin: Ugh!

Sunil Nevla: (notices the same metal plating) Wait, didn't we pass that section before?

Uniqua: Uh oh!

Nyx: This spot looks so familiar, we’ve been here once before.

Zenorita: You’re right, except it wasn’t once...

Snowdrop: It was three times...

Vinnie Terrio: Or four!

All: Stuck in the thick of it! Stuck in the thick of it! Stuck in the thick of it! We’ve gone around in circles!

[With the Pokemon]

Umbreaon: Thomas? Anna?

[Then they hear nearby voices]

Vapereon: What's that?

[They turn and got a fright, 3 walls were staring at them]

Jolteon: What the?

Latias: Who?? What... are are you?

Lucario: Is this a joke?

[Then the walls begin to speak]

Espeon: EEP!! The walls, they're talking!

Wall 1: We scare.

Well 2: Shock 'em, break 'em.

Well 3: Where the talking rocks on our masters ship. Boo!

Eevee: Okay, this is kinda weird!

Wall 1: Hold 'em, boll 'em. Little mice.

Wall 2: They'll be coming back from those Metaljaws.

Wall 3: And our master.

Leafeon: I don't like the looks of this!

[Then maybe the walls are right, how could they go back out there]

[then they meet Brian's group]

Flareon: Brian!

Brian: Guys! You found Thomas and Anna?

Sylveon: No.

[Then they heard footsteps, and our heroes turn and see what they are seeing. The Aliens!]

Brian: Oh, my God! It's the Aliens!

Rarity: The Aliens, the Aliens, the Aliens?!

[Twilight coves her mouth]

Twilight: Sh!

[The Alien hears her "Sh!"]

Brian: Hide.

[The others do so]

[The Alien walks up closer and closer]

Espeon: [whispering] They're even uglier this time.

[The Alien stops and looks around]

Spike: Wait. What's that?

[It shows it has a TBC tag on it's leg]

Brian: [whispering] Oh, no. They must be recreating the Aliens!

[Then the Alien looks and sees our heroes]

Alien: ROAR!!!!!!

Brian: [fires his M16. That attracts more Aliens]

Brian: Quick, we gotta go!

[They all start running with the Aliens on there tail. Then they see a light in the corner]

Glaceon: I see a light!

[They make a turn which turns out there outside. But the Aliens didn't noticed it]

Shining Armor: They're leaving. I think they're leaving.

[With the CMC's group again]

Button Mash: Which way?

Tyrone: I don't know.

Sweetie Belle: We still have to figure out though.

Apple Bloom: This is tougher than we expected.

Yuna: Yeah.

Babs Seed: What is it?!

Snowdrop: I don't know.

[then they hear something]

Wheelie: What's that?

Brians: Something's coming.

Scootaloo: Like what?

Wheelie: I don't know, but Vanellope better have them pea shooters ready for anything.

Vanellope: Right!

[they stand and wait (guns in hand) as the sound gets louder and louder]

[Then it revealed to be, a buggy-eyed Decepticon!]

Vanellope: Go! [fires]

Button Mash: [Fires]

Sweetie Belle: [fires]

Apple Bloom: [fires]

Babs Seed: [fires]

Scootaloo: [fires]

[The Buggy-eyed Decepticon, then starts to fire his own]

Thorin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! [starts slashing it]

Pepper Clark: Thorin needs help!

Zeñorita: [open her knapsack and take out a few items and starts to create something]

Thorin: What are you doing?

Zeñorita: You'll find out.

Vanellope: Well, shake a leg! We can't hold off ol' buggy eye for long!

[their line of fire continues, as Zeñorita then finishes with her project, some small bombs.]

Zeñorita: Light it up, Yuna!

Yuna: [lights up her horn and lights the fuse one the first bomb]

Zeñorita: [throws the bomb]

[the bomb lands just a few inches from the buggy-eye Decepticon an explodes]

Zeñorita: [throws another]

Skyla: [lights her horn, ignites another and throws it]

[Soon they're all throwing more of Zeñorita's bombs, and soon enough one lodges itself into the Decepticon's abdomen and explodes!]

Vanellope: Whoa!

Button Mash: Amazing.

Scootaloo: Well, he's dead.

{we return to the Stormtroopers escorting Buttercream]

Stormtrooper: Keep moving.

Buttercream Sunday: [looking at her saber] Just to let you guys know, when I escape, I won't hurt you.

Stormtrooper: Yeah, that's great, kid. I feel real safe.

Buttercream Sunday: You shouldn't. [then she uses the Force to activate her Lightsaber!]

Stormtrooper: AHH!! [tries to grab it as he spins around]

[the other Stormtroopers then fire their blasters as one of the blast breaks the cuffs on Buttercream's paws and she then grabs her saber and deflects their shots before making the shots hit the Stormtroopers and she destroys their blasters. As she then Force throws them into a locker]

Buttercream Sunday; See, I told you. [closes the locker]

[but then 2 more Stormtroopers appear as Buttercream then switches her saber to blaster mode and fires at them, stunning them]

R2-D2: [comes around the corner]

Buttercream Sunday: R2?

R2-D2: [beeps and whistles]

Buttercream Sunday: Wha? Oh! Oh no! [she then takes off their helmets and they reveal to be Judy and Nick] (gasps) Auntie Judy! [smacks her] Nick! [smacks him]

Judy Hopps: What happened?

Buttercream Sunday: Did you see them? We were so out-numbered. There was a firefight, a big firefight! Actually, you guys fought great!

Judy Hopps: Thanks.

Nick Wilde: All I saw was you.

[then R2 shows Judy and Nick a holographic video of Buttercream shooting them]

Nick Wilde: You shot us! I can't believe you shot us!

Buttercream Sunday: [stutters] You were dressed like Stormtroopers!

Judy Hopps: You shot us! [chuckles] Nice one.

Buttercream Sunday: I had it set to "stun"!

Judy Hopps: You should've used "Kill".

Nick Wilde: What?!

Judy Hopps: Just in case it wasn't us.

Nick Wilde: [groans] This armor doesn't protect those Stormtroopers from anything!

Judy Hopps: Nevermind that, let's just find Thomas and Anna before more Stormtrooopers appear!

[We return to the Trainbots]

Piston Spark: Eyes open.

Trax: I almost got it!

Hound: Big boy coming though! Move, move, move!

Spiker: Whoa!

Sparkshot: This has got to be the supermax. Watch the corners.

Drift: There's a lot of cages.

Hound: Oh, yeah. Creepy critters in here.

Cross-Hairs: I don't wanna know what's in the big cage.

Trax: Likewise.

Hound: What's this?

Sparkshot: Hound, don't do it.

Hound: Aw, you don't look very dangerous in there. Oh, that's festering ugliness. [spits] I'm hit, I'm done, it's melting! It burns! Ugh, I think it's acid! Ah, nuts. It's just shizzle.

Cross-Hairs: I hope that's not contagious.

Piston Spark: Yeah.

Hound: I got to hurt you know. You're just to disturbing to live. [takes out his shotgun] Take that, stupid! [shoots] Oh, you're dead.

Thomas: Hound!

Hound: He's alive!

Trax: We're coming boss!

Sparkshot: OpThomas, sound off!

Thomas: In here, quick!

Hound: Hang on, we're coming for ya!

Optimus: The arms of this Knight ship are detach! We can break free! It's a separate ship! Hurry.

Railan: Where's the cockpit? Right or Left?

Thomas: Right!

Railan: I'm on it, boss.

[Drift comes in and starts cutting Thomas free]

Thomas: Hurry. We have no time.

Drift: Sensei.

Railan: Let's rock! [hops in the cockpit] I always wanted to fly one of these things. I'm there, boss!

Spiker: Can you fly a ship?

Railan: I believe I can.

[we then see Buttercream Sunday being escorted by the Stormtroopers

[Back outside]

Brian: [hops on a wire] It's not bad. It's okay, it's metal.

Spike: I don't like the looks of it, though.

Shining Armor: We have to.

Twilight: [hops on the cable] Whoa. Gotta be careful.

Alice: I'm not doing this.

Joe Lamb: You have to!

[Then everyone else comes out]

Brian: Percy! You and the others found Anna?

Percy: No, but we just received word from Optimus. They found Thomas.

Brian: Good. Then if we can make it to that building. We can meet them at the bottom.

[Everyone starts walking on the cables]

Raj: This is scary.

Joe Lamb: Alice, you doing alright?

Alice: No.

Twilight: You're doing just fine, we're almost there! Don't worry!

Alice: How can I not worry?!

Joe Lamb: Because we're walking.

Brian: Come on, Alice.

Alice: No, I'm not going any further!

Joe Lamb: You need to move now!

Alice: I'm not moving! I'm going back to the ship.

[2 jets fly by]

Brian: Whoa, jeez!

Shining Armor: Come on, Alice! We have to move!

Alice: Don't you get started on this!

[then some of the wolves come out]

Spike: The wol...

Twilight: [covers his mouth] Ex-nay, on the olves-way.

[They come on the wire]

Alice: Oh, my God! What is that?

Brian: Okay, Alice. Some of us, are gonna point our guns in your direction. It's gonna feel like it's in your direction, but It's not.

Peter: Hurry up!

Alice: Are you trying to kill me?!

Brian: We had to bust our butts to get up here on this spaceship!

Human Fluttershy: Shoot it!

Brian: So, get down now!

[Some of our heroes take out their guns]

Alice: Ah! [ducks]

[They started shooting the wolves]

Gandalf: YOU SHALL NOT, PASS!!! [slams his staff down and wolves fall]

[but then some of the remaining wolves start biting the cables]

Quagmire: They're biting the cables!

[they try to shoot them all off, but the cables break]

Cleveland: No, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

[they start to fall, but then Bumblebee swings out and catches them]

Cade: You're the best, Bee. You are the best!

Bumblebee: You damn right! And don't ever forget it.

Cross-Hairs: [on a ship] Bumblebee, Bumblebee, friendly! Enemy ships are coming in hot. Get on, get on!

[They hop on and the ships that are firing give chase]

C-3PO: They got three ships on them!

Cross-Hairs: I'm giving it the juice! [thrust] Come on, Bee! Take them out!

Bumblebee: [fires a wire on a ship and pulls it and hits a ship]

Nellie: Good move, Bee!

Cross-Hairs: This one's for you, morons! [fires rockets that destroy and bridge and hit 2 Decepticon ships]

[The chase continues]

Lucario: But we should try and help out in some way! [uses aura sphere]

Umbreon: [uses shadow ball]

Peter: Do something!

Quagmire: Well, don't look at me!

Cross-Hairs: I'm sick of this crap! You fly. [puts Bee in the cockpit] I'll shoot!

Joe Swanson: Hey! Show us how to fire these guns!

Cross-hairs: Listen up, crash course, tracer guns. Punch forward to fire, slide back to reload!

Peter: What?

Cross-Hairs: Punch, hold slide, repeat, punch, hold slide, repeat! Good luck.

Quagmire: Where you going?

Cross-Hairs: To lay some hate! [he jumps and fires]

Peter: Say it!

Quagmire: Right!

Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe: Punch, hold, slide, repeat! Punch, hold, slide, repeat!

Peter: Go!

[They fire at the ships]

Quagmire: I got one!

Cleveland: Bo-yah!

[They went in a tunnel while they give chase, Bumblebee goes up then they crashed]

Brian: Everyone okay?

Everyone: Yeah.

Jolteon: Hey, isn't Latios coming kinda fast?

[Latios is falling really fast and slams on a window which some kids stare at him. And he slightly waves before sliding and falling on the ground on his back]

Jolteon: Well that went well.

Latias: Latios, are you okay?

Latios: [dazed] Yes. I'm okay.

Guy: Okay, sir? You better have insurance.

Brian: Insurance? Dude, this is an alien spaceship! You don't give insurance on a freaking spaceship. Good luck with that buddy! Is this your car, huh? [drinks Bud Lite] Glaceon, hand me my lightsaber.

Glaceon: [gives it to him] Here you go.

Guy: [races away]

Brian: Yeah, you better run [bleep]!

[Then people run as we see Lockdown's ship]

[Back at Lockdown's ship]

Lockdown: Prepare for interstellar launch.

[back with the Trainbot and Autobots]

Railan: We're almost ready to separate. We're almost there.

Thomas: Hurry, he's launching!

Railan: All over it, chief.

Thomas: Lockdown will be in deep space before he realizes we're gone.

Railan: I'm a sucky pilot, but lets give it a whirl. [the ship comes loose] Heck, yeah!

[The the ship takes off, Lockdown's ship goes in hyperspace]

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