Here is how Yuna and her friends found Human Twilight Sparkle's cell phone in Genesis Park III.

On the boat, They've begin traveling through the river.

Princess Yuna: I hope Max makes it.

Human Twilight Sparkle: Don't worry. He's very brave. He can handle himself.

Snowdrop: I hope so.

Armor Bride: Look!

The boat passes the Brachiosauruses, the T-Rexes, Gallimius, Woolly Mammoths and Edaphosaurus.

Princess Skyla: Wow! They're so beautiful.

9: They sure are, Skyla.

Later that night, the group heard a jingle noise in the distance.

Human Trixie: Do you hear something?

Then, they heard the Jurassic Park Jingle.

Human Twilight Sparkle: It's my cell phone!

Human Twilight's cell phone in under a pile of dung.

Human Rarity: Ew! (covered her mouth while holding her breath)

Disgust: Yuck! I'm going to be sick!

Princess Yuna: It's a good thing I brought gas masks. (as she, Snowdrop, Skyla, the Royal Crusaders, Nyx and Zeñorita Cebra put on the gas masks) Come on!

Yuna, Snowdrop, Skyla, the Royal Crusaders, Nyx and Zeñorita Cebra dig through.

Princess Skyla: I think I got something!

The cell phone has been found.

Princess Twila: Let's call Mommy.

Princess Yuna: Spinosaurus at twelve o'clock!

Just then, a Spinosaurus showed up.

Human Rarity: Please don't eat me!

Spinosaurus: (smells the foals and felt it disgusting)

The Spinosaurus walked away.

Princess Yuna: (finished washing the cell) There, It's clean. Now to call for help. (dialing the numbers)

Meanwhile, At Monsters Inc.

Roz: (answered the phone) Yeah, Who is it?

Princess Yuna: Hello? Roz? It's Princess Yuna! I need your help!

Roz: What sort of help, Princess Yuna? It better be important.

Princess Yuna: My friends and I are stuck on the Island of Pangea! I want you to go and get help from the CDA right away!

Roz: No problem, Princess. You and your little friends stay right where you are. I'll be watching you kids. Always watching.

The phone call is done.

With Yuna and the others.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Help's on it's way. (gives the phone back to Human Twilight) Here.

Human Twilight Sparkle: Thanks.

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