Here's how the rooftop in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

[the trains continue on their way as we hear the whistles blow, then we see the others in the lounge car]

Skyla: I can't believe I was paranoid all this time.

Penny Ling: Oh it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Sunil Nevla: Yeah, even I get paranoid sometimes.

Skyla: I now feel aweful. And what's worse, I caused us to get thrown overboard.

Zoe Trent: It's easy to understand, but blaming yourself isn't gonna help.

[then Blackie comes in]

Blackie: Hey guys.

Zeñorita: Hola, Blackie.

[as the sheep takes a seat, he notices that Skyla has something on her mind.]

Blackie: Skyla, what's wrong?

Skyla: Well, I assume you heard me scream last night.

Blackie: No. What happend?

Skyla: Well, last night. As we were getting ready to hit the hay, I saw what looked like a dead man hanging on the side of the Silver Streak. It looked like someone named, Professor Gold Rush.

Blackie: "Professor Gold Rush"?

Skyla: He was shot in the head. So we went to investigate on the Silver Streak.

Nyx: And while we were, we ran into Sunset Shimmer.

Blackie: You mean the firey haired girl that's always trying to get Twilight?

Pepper Clark: That's the one.

Blackie: What was she doing?

Skyla: She was searching for something inside one of the coach suites, but before we could get a good look, Snips and Snails threw us off the train.

Zeñorita: Hence why we didn't join you for breakfast later.

Blackie: Oh, I see. But you didn't see the Professor?

Skyla: Oh we saw him, this afternoon.

Blackie: Where?

Nyx: In the Dazzlings compartment.

Skyla: You see, the guy I saw last night was only a bad dream.

Blackie: What did the professor look like?

Skyla: Like the picutre on his book the Dazzlings showed us.

Blackie: Did he saw anything to you?

Snowdrop: No, he just said he was tired and was gonna go get a drink and lie down. But he also nmentioned that he was gonna show the Dazzlings some gold he found.

Blackie: That's it! Skyla I can believe you saw him.

Nyx: What is?

Blackie: See, you didn't have a dream last night. The professor's dead, the guy you saw was a fake.

Zoe Trent: How can you be sure?

Blackie: Because I spoke the real professor the other day, he didn't want anything to do with the Dazzlings or Sunset Shimmer.

Vinnie Terrio: What are you talking about, why not?

Blackie: Because he knows they are after the gold he found.

Minka Mark: Why is this gold so important?

Blackie: Because it's not regular gold. It's a new kind of gold, and it's worth 10 times the amount regular gold is.

Zoe Trent: My goodness!

Blackie: Nyx, teleport us onto the Silver Streak.

Nyx: Why?

Blackie: Just teleport us and I'll explain later!

Nyx: Okay. [lights up her horn and they teleport onto the Silver Streak]

Blackie: Okay, follow me.

Nyx: Alright.

[then soon come into the baggage car]

Blackie: The Dazzlings must've brought the professor here last night.

Russel Ferguson: Why here?

Balckie: Because the baggage car's the easiest access to the roof. He must've escaped climbed onto the roof and ran down it before being shot.

[the have the front of the baggage car and the back of the rear diesel engine Blackie starts to climb up]

Skyla: We aren't going up there, are we?

Blackie: Yeah, but you can just stay at the back of the coach and keep lookout. The train might reach a tunnel.

Sunil Nevla: Oh, of all the ideas he might've thought of, I'm sure this one does not rank very high!

Vinnie Terrio: Sunil, stop worrying! I can climb walls so the top of a train isn't a big deal. Stinky feet's my middle name!

Sunil Nevla: I thought his middle name was "Alfonso."

Zoe Trent: [in sing-songy voice] Vinnie, less talking, more walking!

Vinnie Terrio: Sheez, everything is rush, rush, rush.

[Blackie and Vinnie get up on the roof as the Music score Silver Streak "I'll Try" starts playing]

[they walk down the roof of the train and then come up to the third coach from the baggage car and Vinnie finds something on it]

Vinnie: Hey, look!

Blackie: [leans down and grabs it] 

Vinnie Terrio: What is it?

Blackie: A peice of the professor's coat.

[they walk back to the front of the baggage car]

Skyla: What'd you find?

Blackie: A piece of the professor's coat, it was stuck on a rivot.

Nyx: Then you were right, Skyla. You did see him!

[after they get back in]

Blackie: I bet the body was already picked up.

Nyx: Let's get back in the Daylight Special. [they teleport back on the Daylight Special]

[They head back for the coach suite]

Snowdrop: You were right, Skyla.

Zoe Trent: Sorry we didn't believe you, Skyla.

Skyla: It's fine.

Blackie: Now we have proof to show the others.

Nyx: But where could that gold be?

Blackie: I'm not sure. But we must find out before those freaks try to steal it.

Zeñorita: Indeed, but where to begin.

[then the trains go through a tunnel as we then see muzzles flashes and hear gunshots]

[then the trains leave the tunnel]

Skyla: What was that?

Blackie: [sees bullet holes in one of the couches] Looks like someone just tried to kill us.

Nyx: What?!

Blackie: You guys warn the others about who's on the train.

Snowdrop: What are you gonna do?

Blackie: Get my firearms. Hurry! [he races out of the coach suite and heads for his]

Russel Ferguson: Come on!

[they race down the coach in the opposite direction, but as they near the Dazzlings' compartment, Sonata opens the door]

Sonata Dusk: Hey, you're not.. [to Snips and Snails(equine)] Hey! They aren't dead!

Sunil Nevla: Bye!

[they take off the other way]

Aria Blaze: Get them, you idiots!

[the 2 give chase]

[the group reach the baggage car and they lock the door as well as throw down suitcase, to try and block their path]

Penny Ling: We're trapped!

Pepper Clark: Not quite.

[the 2 begin banging on the door]

Snowdrop: You got a plan?

[outside the baggage car door, the 2 take a fire ax and break the door knob]

Pepper Clark: Follow me!

[They follow the skunk]

[Snips and Snails break in and search around for them and then they climb onto the roof.]

[but they are on the side ladder of the coach]

Pepper Clark: Okay Ze, you know what to do.

Zeñorita: Si.

[The 2 get closer to them as Zeñorita gets back on the roof, [gun in grip]

Zeñorita: Hold it! Don't move or I'll shoot you!

Snails: Okay, I surrender!

Snips: [takes a step forward]

Zeñorita: Uh, you moved! [fires]

Snips: Ah!

[the 2 fall off the train]

Minka Mark: Great shot!

Zeñorita: I didn't think I'd make that good of a shot.

Minka Mark: You kidding? You had it right there!

[the other gets back up on the roof]

Nyx: Well, now that they're out of the way let's get back in the train.

Vinnie Terrio: [turns around] Whoa!

[a low hanging signal arm is right behind them!]

[they hit the signal arm and swing off the train and onto the ground as the trains speed away]

Zoe Trent: NO! [runs down the line after the trains for a short ditance] COME BACK!! COME BACK!!! [growls] NOT AGAIN!! [throws her beret on the ground]

Pepper Clark: Doh, great.

Penny Ling: OH COME ON!!

Nyx: Oh man! After all that, we end up falling off the train again!

Skyla: Now we're gonna have to do all over again!

Russel Ferguson: Not only that, it'll take orever to catch up to the trains now!

Zeñorita: We'll just have to get a lift to the trains' next stops by someone in the next town. 

Snowdrop: Follow that zebra!

Zoe Trent: [whimpers] I just wanted to get some relaxation on this trip, is that too much to ask for?

[they all start journeying down the line again]

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