The way On the rooftop, meeting Genie and The Flat Top Tunnel goes in The Christmas Express.

Yuna and Snowdrop are taking a look around on their way back to their seats.

Princess Yuna: What's that song?

Snowdrop: It's coming from the rooftop.

Princess Yuna: Let's take a look.

On the rooftop of the train.

Princess Yuna: Hello?

Snowdrop: Do you see something?

Princess Yuna: It's Genie!

(Yuna and Snowdrop walks toward and sees a mysterious figure. And it was Genie, singing a little song. Till he sees Yuna and Snowdrop)

Genie: Yuna! Snowdrop! Great to see you kids again! Is there's something I can do for you two?

Snowdrop: Well, We were just on our way to Christmas Town.

Genie: Christmas Town? (laughs) Is that what you two are going?!

Princess Yuna: Yeah.

Genie: Well, Jack Skellington let me ride on this train for free. I'm like a king of this train, in fact I'll be like a king of Christmas Town!!!

Snowdrop: What about Santa Claus? Isn't he the king?

Genie: You mean this guy? (he puts on a Santa hat) (laughs like Santa) Listen, to be honest I think he's real.

Princess Yuna: You do?

Genie: You bet, We've been to college together.

Snowdrop: No way!

Princess Yuna: That's amazing!

Genie: It sure is.

Princess Yuna: i can hardly wait to visit Christmas Town.

Snowdrop: I always believed in it.

Genie: Seeing is your believing.

Princess Yuna: And knowing is when you believe.

Genie: You said it, Yuna! (drinks hot chocolate)

Snowdrop: I hope we get there soon.

Genie: Oh, one other thing... do you believe in ghosts?

Princess Yuna: What?

Genie: Just kidding. Let's go .

Snowdrop: Wait! Wait!

Princess Yuna: (she and Snowdrop trying to catch up with Genie)

Genie: (came back with a miner hat and a pair of skis) Yuna! Snowdrop! Hop on!

Princess Yuna: Okay!

Snowdrop: (she and Yuna hops on Genie's back)

Genie: We have to get the locomotive's tender before we reach to the Flat Top Tunnel.

Princess Yuna: Can you get us to the Passenger Cart?

Genie: No prob.

Then, the train goes up on the hill.

Princess Yuna: I never seen a view like that before.

Genie: (wears the Conductor custom) Just like the Polar Express.

Snowdrop: This would be fun.

Genie: Hang on!

Princess Yuna: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (she and Snowdrop lands in front of Genie and hangs on his ski poles)

(They ski down on car at another and almost to the locomotive)

Genie: Now, Get ready!

Snowdrop: Ready?

Princess Yuna: For what?

Genie: When I say "jump"!

The train goes through the Flat Top Tunnel.

Genie: You two JUMP!!! (disappears)

Yuna and Snowdrop: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (both jump and lands onto the coal in the tender and rolls down to the cab)

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