Here's how onboarding the shuttle, Sylveon arrives on Cloud City, and Brian duels the Sparkles in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

Peter: Sylveon, let us come with you.

Sylveon: There's no danger. The Sepratist have no presence on Bespin.

Lois: But Sylveon, just let us come with you. We're worried about Brian.

[Sylveon looks at the Griffin Family and her kids.]

Sylveon: [sighs] Alright. But whatever happens, don't look back.

Eevee: Don't worry. We're more concerned about Brian, than looking back.

[They all get on the ship. But Twilight, Shining Armor, and Cadance snuck on board]

Sylveon: Alright. The coordinates are locked in on Bespin. Let's fly.

[The Sparkles hide in the cargo hold, as the shuttle takes off. And it cuts back to Cloud City]

[Brian was alone in the carbon freezing chamber. He was thinking about the tower, and how it came crumbling down]

Brian: I wish that I haven't made Thomas pull all of those frieght cars. But what does it matter now? He's in charge of the dumb Gala.

[Then he gets attention of a beeping sound, and a monitor shows a shuttle heading towards the city]

[the shuttle then lands on the landing deck outside, and Sylveon then rushes out to the carbon freezing chamber]

[then Brian races over to Sylveon and they hug]

Brian: I saw your shuttle, what's wrong?

Sylveon: I was worried about, Twilight, Armor, And Cadance told me bad things.

Brian: What things?

Sylveon: That you... turned to the Dark Side, and killed Royal Guards and Younglings. And then Twilight showed a recording on Judy's pen, about how you insulted our friends.

Brian: Those 3 are trying to turn you against me.

Sylveon: They care about us.

Brian: Us?

Sylveon: Yes, they wanna help you. Brian, all I want is your love.

Brian: Love isn't gonna protect, Sylveon. Only my new powers can save you.

Sylveon: At what cost? You're a good guy, don't do this.

Brian: I wonn't lose you. I have become more powerful than any Jedi Knight has ever dreamed of. And I'm doing it for you, to protect you.

Sylveon: Please come with me. Live in our house and raise our family. Leave everything while you still can.

Brian: Don't you see? We don't have to run away anymore. I've brought peace to the Republic. I'm more powerful than Nightmare Moon and Sombra themselves, I can overthrow them! And together, we can rule the galalxy, and make them the way what we want them to be.

Sylveon: [walks back in shock] I don't believe what I'm hearing. Twilight, Shining Armor, and Cadance were right. You have changed.

Brian: I don't wanna hear about those 3 equines. The Jedi turned against me, don't you do the same thing.

Sylveon: [voice breaking] I don't know you anymore. Brian, you're breaking my heart. You're going down a path I can't follow.

Brian: Because of the Sparkles?

Sylveon: [tearfully] No! Because of what you done, and what you're doing! And what you plan to do!

[we see the Sparkles by the doorway]

Sylveon: [tearfully] Stop! Please, stop this now and come back to me! I love you!

Brian: You're a LAIR!!

[then the Sparkles walk into the room]

Sylveon: No!

Brian: YOU'RE WITH THEM! YOU BROUGHT THEM HERE TO KILL ME!!! [starts Force Chocking Sylveon]

Sylveon: [chocking] No, Brian!

Cadance: Let her go, Brian!

Sylveon: [chocking] Brian! Please! [starts turning blue]

Twilight: LET... HER... GO... YOU... YOU MONSTER!!! (it echoes)

[Brian stops and Sylveon falls to the ground unconcious]

Shining Armor: [as Kylo Ren] TRAITOR!!!

Brian: [looks down at Sylveon and then to the Sparkles] No, you're the traitors! You 3 turned her against me!

Cadance: No, Brian. You did that yourself!

Brian: [takes off his hood] You won't take her away from me!

Shining Armor: We had no intention to do that.

Twilight: Your anger, jealousy, and lust for power already took care of that! You allowed those Nightmare Lords twist your mind, until now... Now you became the very thing you swore to destroy.

Brian: Don't push it, Twilight. I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the Dark Side like you guys do. Can't you see?! I've brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new empire!

Shining Armor: Your new empire?

Brian: Don't make me kill you!

Cadance: Brian, our olegence is to the Republic, and the Resistence, to Democracy!

Brian: If you won't join me, then you're my enemies!

Shining Armor: Only a Sith deals in absolutes. We will do what we have to.

[they unclip their Lightsabers]

Brian: You will try.

[the Sparkles ignite their Lightsabers as Brian then unclips his own and ignites it, then Force leaps back, and the four start furiosuly clashing sabers as "Obi-Wan vs Anakin" starts playing. As they walk around the room clashing sabers]

[Meanwhile, outside, the main shuttle with the rest of the gang lands on the landing deck outside]

Vinny: This way!

[The others follow Vinny]

[The duel continues inside the carbon freezing chamber]

[Back outside Vinny makes a message to the city]

Vinny: Attention. This is Jedi Master Vinny Griffin. Attention. A Changeling army is on it's way, and a war is coming with it, so I advised everyone to evacuate ASAP. [puts the speaker away] Let's move.

[Then Brian grabs Twilight by the throat and chocks her, till Shining Brian bucks him and he hits some glass causing it to crack. And Brian wipes the blood off his cheek]

Shining Armor: It hurts, doesn't it?

Brian: I invited you guys on my adventure to Laputa, now I'm gonna kick you're little flank. [tackles him, and he punches him in the face several times. Till he kicks him and ignites his lightsaber, but Brian ignites his just in time]

[Brian rolls over, then when Twilight is about to strike him. He retracts steel claws, and tries to decapitate her, but ducks it and bucks Brian in the face, then in the stomach where he flies to a wall. He tries to slice Twilight, but she misses. And Brian punches her and he tries to stab her neck but Cadance uses the Force, but he elbows her and Twilight cuts the steel claws]

Brian: [snarls] [ignites his saber again and charges]

[all four come into a blade lock]

[back outside, everyone is alomost evacuated, as Edd keeps lookout]

Edd: [faintly see the ships] Oh my. [to the team] THE CHANGLING SHIPS!!! THEY'RE COMING!! ETA'S 12 mintues! WE NEED TO GET READY!!

Eevee: Uncle Vinny!

Vinny: Eevee?

[then Eevee races up to Vinny]

Vinny: Kids! Where's Sylveon?

Umbreon: What, Mom's not here?

Vinny: I thought she was with you.

Glaceon: She left us to find Brian.

Vinny: Well, do you know where she went?

Flareon: I think she went to the Carbonite Freezing Chamber.

[Then bang!]

Eddy: Changlings AHOY!!

[we see the Changlings have landed and several troops are destroying everything]

Eddy: Man your stations!

[everyone then gets in positions]

Ed: Let's destroy these evil bug horses!

Judy Hopps: Don't shoot till you see the greens of their buggy eyes!

Peter: You wanna fight? Okay, we'll fight, bug horses! [takes out Petey]

Vinny: You keep them occupied! I'll go find Brian. (races off)

[It cuts back to Brian and the Sparkles' duel]

[the four continue clashing sabers and then they all start spinning their sabers and come back into a bladelock. And then they start pushing against each other with the Force. But they send each other flying back, as Brian Force leaps at the 3 but they avoid him, and Brian hits the glass and everything is being sucked out]

[Then Brian gets sucked out, but luckily he grabbed on a pole and pulled himself back up]

[It cuts back to Vinny]

Vinny: Brian!

[then he reaches the carbonite freezing chamer where he finds Sylveon still unconious on the floor]

Vinny: Oh, my God, Sylveon! [he turns her over to him] Sylveon! Come on! [lightly smacks her cheek] Come on, [violently shakes her] WAKE UP, TINKERBELL!!

[soon Sylveon comes though as she slightly awakens]

Sylveon: [moans] [slaps him]

Vinny: OW!! What'd I do?!

Sylveon: You slapped me!

Vinny: Only because I was trying to wake you up!

Sylveon: Oh! Well, thank you.

Vinny: Now, where's Brian?

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