This is how One Shall Stand goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Transformers: War for Cybertron.



Ryan F-Freeman: I love being a Prime, Twilight. You're still a princess and my friend.

Bumblebee: Look! There it is!

Crash Bandicoot: A meteor?!


Optimus Prime: Silverbolt, this is Optimus. We've pinpointed the crash site and are moving in for a visual. I want you on stand by in case there's any trouble.

Silverbolt: [over comm] Roger that, Optimus. We're jetting your way, but it will take us some time to reach you.

Ironhide: You think that hunk of junk can survive a crash from orbit?

Silverbolt: [over comm] Trypticon is as tough as they come. If he is still alive, your weapons won't damage his armor. You'll have better luck targeting his weapon systems.

Optimus Prime: Thanks for the tip, Silverbolt. We'll be careful.

[Ryan and the gang follow the Autobots]

Ironhide: This must be the place.

Bumblebee: Really? What was your first clue-the total devastation?

Optimus Prime: I don't see any signs of Trypticon. And in his size, he'd be hard to miss.

Evil Ryan: Yeah.

Twilight Sparkle: Be careful, Prince Ryan.

[Trypticon's tail appears out of the ground]

Ironhide: What? Is that A TAIL?

Optimus Prime: Silverbolt we've located Trypticon uploading coordinates now.

Trypticon: You thought you could destroy ME? You thought you could destroy TRYPTICON? Haaa! Pathetic!

Bumblebee: He's just laughing at us.

Trypticon: Abandon hope vermin. Your death approaches.

[Trypticon brings out his shoulder cannons and starts firing on the group]

[Optimus Prime brings out his Ion Blaster and X12 Scrapmaker, Bumblebee brings out his Energon Battle Pistol and Scatter Blaster, and Ironhide brings out his Scatter Blaster and X12 Scrapmaker]

Matau T. Monkey: That one's tough. It can't be unbeatable.

Ironhide: You heard Silverbolt! His armor's too tough!

Optimus Prime: He can't be invincible. We're overlooking something.

Ironhide: Look! I think his shoulder cannons are overheating! If we could cause them to overload, it might destroy them!

Optimus Prime: Ironhide's right. We've got to figure out how to overload those cannons.

Trypticon: [to Twilight Sparkle] And you, my little one, you have no idea what Lord Megatron has in mind for you.

Ryan F-Freeman: And you know something, Trypticon? I got some shocking news for you too. I'm the one who is worthy of a Prime!

Crash Bandicoot: [presses a button and uses his magic to make the battery cell blow up on Trypticon's shoulder cannon] Happy UN-Birthday, sucker!

Trypticon: I will grind you all to DUST!

[Trypticon fires his remaining shoulder cannon at the group]

Ryan F-Freeman: Optimus. We need to blow that one up!

Trypticon: And guess what, Jet Vac. I got some news fir you. I'm the one who took your lunch.


Trypticon: Huh?

[Ryan presses a button and aims his blaster at the battery cell]

Ryan F-Freeman: [looks at the camera] Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting Trpticon. [laughs. shoots the battery cell blow up on Trypticon's shoulder cannon]

Trypticon: You'll pay for that vermin!

Ironhide: I think we just made him angry.

Evil Anna: And Jet Vac is angry.

[Trypticon grabs Twilight]

Ryan F-Freeman: [grabs Twilight] Oh no you don't! [uses his magic to make Trypticon let go of Twilight and tries to carry her to safety, but Trypticon uses his tail to swat Ryan away and grabs Twilight and clutches his fist tight around her]

Trypticon: Ryan! Twilight is MINE!!!!

[Ryan swings his Keyblade]

Trypticon: One more move, Ryan "Prime", and she becomes lunch.

Crash Bandicoot: Let her go, Typticon!

Trypticon: Or what, Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot: Or I'll call the Aerialbots and cyclone your teeth into next week.

[Trypticon laughs]

Trypticon: You a bandicoot? Rescuing Twilight? I'll just let you try.

Ryan F-Freeman: Silverbolt! NOW!!!

Silverbolt: [over COMM] The cavary has arrived! Air Raid, heal Prime and the others! Jetfire and I will cover you!

[Jetfire and Silverbolt fire at Trypticon's back, making him roar in pain]

Air Raid: Deploying healing charges! Just be near them when they detonate!

Optimus Prime: Air Raid, look out!

[Trypticon smacks Air Raid away with his tail]

Optimus Prime: Silverbolt! JETFIRE!

[Trypticon turns around and fires at Jetfire and Silverbolt

Trypticon: Now to have lunch.

[Trypticon begins feeding off of Twilight's jealously]

Emmet: What? Hey! You want me!

Trypticon: I'm busy regaining my strength by feeding off of Twilight's jealously on Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: My pony friend's the snack. Kaos is the meal.

Trypticon: [laughs] You all don't know what I'm talking about, do you? I'm feeding off of Twilight's jealously on Ryan becoming a Prime instead of her.

Brain (Skylanders): That is very cool when Ryan is the new Prime. And Ryan is full of surprises. [uses his Mind Magic to make Trypticon's left chest panel open] Presto-Braino and so forth.

Ryan F-Freeman: Trypticon? Why is Twilight jealous of me? Is it I who became a Prime?

Twilight Sparkle: Grrr!!! I'm not jealous, Ryan!

Trypticon: You cannot lie when I'm here. I know the truth of why you're jealous, Twilight.

Evil Ryan: Twilight is not jealous of Ryan, Trypticon. She's just happy for my friend.

Trypticon: Twilight IS jealous. If she isn't then how come I feel my strength returning?

Sci-Ryan: I think she's stopped being jealous and calm down.

Trypticon: I said how come I feel my strength RETURNING!

Sci-Ryan: You only absorbed on negative energy.

Trypticon: And Twilight has enough negative energy I need.

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight? You think I am a Prime? Optimus and I got in common.

[Twilight's eyes turn red]

Twilight Sparkle: I'm tired of hearing you as a Prime! You had all the power! Now it's my turn! I'm nothing I can already feel!

Trypticon: Yes. Yes. Embrace your anger and become a student under Lord Megatron.

Crash Bandicoot: Nah. Ryan's a Prime already, Twilight. Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it.

Trypticon: Unleash your jealousy and become a Decepticon and Megatron will help you become a Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight! I'm sorry! You and I ARE Primes! Our strength comes from our unity. which means... You can't be strong without us.

[Twilight starts to calm down]

Crash Bandicoot: Even when you saw Ryan become a Prime, Twilight. You can help us and join the Autobots. Your friends need you. Ryan need you. We got to get the job done! Uhh.... A duty!

Twilight Sparkle: The worlds? My friends.

Trypticon: NO!! Ryan is a Prime, Twilight! Not you! Give in to your jealousy and Megatron will help you become a Prime!

Matau T. Monkey: He's better then you, Twilight! You should be happy that your friend is making you happy! Give him your positive energy and see what happens!

Ryan F-Freeman: He's right, Twilight! Don't listen to the giant, robo, dino thing! You're a hero like me and my friends. You need to believe and feel what's in your heart. For what my partner, Kicker Jones told me and Matau that we have to believe we can. Believe what you feel. All for one and one for all. Believe in yourself and us and the Autobots! It's what's makes you strong! Don't let Trypticon get inside your head! Stay true and join us and be happy for me being a Prime!

Twilight Sparkle: No, Ryan! I'm getting sick and tired of you being a Prime! I will never betray you! I'm not a Decepticon! I AM AN AUTOBOT!!!!


Ryan and the gang: Yea, Twilight, yea!

Trypticon: I'm going to make you regret your decision, Twilight.

Emmet: Twilight? Are you ok? You like Ryan as a Prime?

Twilight Sparkle: You will be gone, Trypticon!

Trypticon: How would you like to know Optimus Prime and Megatron are like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle.

Ryan F-Freeman: You also tried to turn Twilight against me, Trypticon. Mistake number 1.

Evil Ryan: And try to make her the enemy. Mistake number 2.

Trypticon: I'm a Decepticon. It's what we do.

Evil Anna: Now it's our turn. Silverbolt! Now! Again!

Ryan F-Freeman: Trypticon! Let Twilight go, or you're junkyard metal!

Trypticon: You can't threaten me, fake Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: Grr! I'm a Prime and a prince.[in Royal Canterlot voice] AND I ORDER YOU TO LET GO OF TWILIGHT AT ONCE!!!!!

Trypticon: I take orders only from Lord Megatron!

Sci-Ryan: Have it your own way!

[Ryan uses his magic to blast Trypticon in the eyes]

Trypticon: My optics!

[Trypticon lets go of Twilight to recover his eyes]

Trypticon: My precious optics!

Evil Ryan: Come to us, Twilight.

Trypticon: First my conversion cog, now my optics!

Ryan F-Freeman: A little payback for Zeta Prime and Omega Supreme.

Trypticon: You are going to PAY for this, Prime-prince!

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you, Ryan. I'm happy that you're a Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks, Twilight. You're glad that I'm a Prime who keeps you and your friends safe.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. You really are a Prime and a prince, Ryan. [to Trypticon] What makes you think I'm jealous of Ryan becoming a Prime instead of me?


[Sci-Ryan and Flain EG grab a Cubit and transform into Black Sci-Ryan Max]

Optimus Prime: Autobots, Trypticon is about to attack. Be ready for anything.

Trypticon: You cannot escape from me. Now, die!

[Black Sci-Ryan Max fires magic at Trypticon and flies so fast, Trypticon can't grab him]

Trypticon: Getting tired... [his chest panels open]

Bumblebee: What's happening to his sides? They're changing!

Ironhide: He's still got the same problem--too much heat build up. Aim for those dissipation coils on his ribs!

Optimus Prime: We're following Ironhide's lead on this! Target those coils!

Rigby (EG): Fire at his red coils!

[Ryan fires a lazer from his Keyblade at Trypticon's coils]

Ironhide: He's not as tough as he lets on!

Bumblebee: Yeah--that looked REALLY painful!

Trypticon: AAAAAHHHHH! I'll CRUSH you! I'll crush you ALL!

Optimus Prime: Keep it up, Autobots! We're hurting him!

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I'm a real Prime!

Black Sci-Ryan Max: So is Rianna and Twilight! [uses his magic to fire at Trypticon's eyes]

Trypticon: AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Right in the optics again!

Thomas: Twilight is my girlfriend!

Trypticon: T.M.I.!

Ryan F-Freeman: You should have known, Trypticon, that I'd risk my safety to save Twilight. Just like Quasimodo's mom died trying to save him.

Trypticon: What?

Ryan F-Freeman: Now. My friend and I will do to you what Frollo should have done 20 years ago! Jetfire!!


and look up to see Trypticon jump down after them.]

Trypticon: You are fools! I cannot be defeated! WITNESS MY TRUE POWER!

Bumblebee: We barley even slowed him down.

[Trypticon raises his tail]

Ironhide: Watch out for that tail!

Trypticon: Die!

Bumblebee: My weapons aren't hurting him at all.

Optimus Prime: Keep your optics sharp, Autobots! He has to have some kind of weakness.

Ironhide: Those power cores on his back look vulnerable!

Bumblebee: Yes. Something to shoot.

Optimus Prime: Autobots! Focus all fire on Trypticon's dorsal power cores!

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight and my friends! Concentrate all fire power on Trypticon's power cores!

[Bomb (Angry Birds) destroys Trypticon's first power core]

Ironhide: It's working! Pour it on!

Trypticon: NOTHING can stop me. NOTHING!

[Black Sci-Ryan Max destroys Trypticon's second power core]

Trypticon: You are wasting my time! Lie down and DIE!

[Ryan and Twilight destroys Trypticon's last power core.]

Trypticon: Rooooooaaaaar!

[Trypticon grabs onto a wall]

Trypticon: You will suffer for this, Autobots!

[Trypticon brings his hand down on the group to try and bring them down with him but he falls down]

Optimus Prime: Thank worked.

[Trypticon comes back up]

Bumblebee: Look out!

Trypticon: You haven't defeated me, Autobots.

Optimus Prime: You've lost, Trypticon.

Ryan F-Freeman: Your time is up, Trypticon!

[Optimus Prime and Ryan jump and slam their Energon Axe and Keyblade onto the ground, which creates a blast that sends Trypticon pummeling down to an energon lake]

Optimus Prime and Ryan F-Freeman: Autobots, ROLL OUT!


Ratchet: You did it, Prime!

Optimus Prime: WE did it, Ratchet. All of us. Many brothers were lost today… but thanks to our combined efforts, many more will live to find a home elsewhere.

Bumblebee: Optimus, Megatron and Ryvine are still out there.

Optimus Prime: And as long as we remain here, we shall resist them. But in time our turn will come to leave Cybertron as well. I have commissioned a new galactic transport for us... an Ark, in which we shall make our journey through the stars. No matter where we go, Cybertron will be with us.

Ryan F-Freeman: You think we can go home now?

Twilight Sparkle: Ryan? I think you did well. Thanks for believing in me.

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