Here is One day at the Crystal Empire goes in Happy Birthday, Skyla!.

One fine morning.

Princess Cadance: Good Morning, Skyla!

Princess Skyla: (wakes up) Good Morning, Mommy.

Princess Cadance: Today is your birthday!

9: 3 and 4 had a surprise for you, Skyla.

3: (nods and he/she and 4 bought chocolate cupcakes with pink icing)

Princess Skyla: I wish I had a special tiara like you.

Princess Cadance: (look at her tiara look like Skyla describe) I'm sure you'll have the best birthday ever.

Princess Skyla: Really, Mommy?

Princess Cadance: Uh Huh. Now go downstairs and get ready.

Princess Skyla: (coming downstairs) Good Morning, Daddy!

Shining Armor: Morning, Sweetie.

Princess Cadance: Are you excited about your birthday?

Princess Skyla: I sure am. I wonder if Yuna and the others had something special for me.

9: (to the others) Alright, Guys. Make that contact. (winks)

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