This is how one fine morning goes in Sleepover with the Eevee Family.

One fine morning, Princess Yuna and her friends were playing tag as King Aaron and Queen Elsa were keeping watch on them.

Princess Yuna: Bet you can't catch me, Roger!

Roger: We'll see about that, Yuna!

Nyx: This is fun!

Stary: Over here, Skyla!

Princess Skyla: Right Behind you!

Snowdrop: Wait for me!

Elsa the Snow Queen: Don't get to far ahead!

King Aaron: We don't want you all getting lost!

Zeñorita Cebra: We'll be careful!

Golden Apple: Right behind you, Zeñorita.

Princess Yuna: Look!

Princess Twila: Flower field up ahead!

Round Up: Right down the hill!

Princess Skyla: Look Out!

Princess Yuna: (as everypony bumped into each other) Woah!

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: That was fun!

Princess Skyla: I'll say.

Snowdrop: (heard something) What was that?

Elsa the Snow Queen: Vinny, What's happening?

King Aaron: I don't know, Let's check it out.

Yuna and her friends split up.

Nyx: Who's there?

Princess Yuna: Hello?

Prince Edmond: Show yourself.

Nyx: Where are you?

Josephine: I don't see anything anywhere.

???: (covering Yuna's eyes) Guess who!?

Princess Yuna: (turns around) Sylveon!

Sylveon: Hello!

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