Here is how Emerald starts her great day in Emerald Helps Out.

One day, Emerald was getting ready for her big day.

Rarity: So, Emerald. Important busy day?

Emerald: Yes, Mom. I was just getting ready to help Catrina in the Ponyville Daycare Center.

Rarity: We certainly hope it goes well for you, Emerald.

Sweetie Belle: Babysitting in a Daycare is a very big responsibility even as it is for me with the twins when they were babies colts.

Game Player and Game Facer: Mom!

Emerald: Well, I'm off.

Spike: Have a great day, Emerald.

Emerald: Bye, Daddy. Bye, Mom. Bye, Aunt Sweetie. Bye, Game Player. Bye, Game Facer.

Rarity: Ta-Ta, Darling.

Sweetie Belle: Good luck.

Game Player: See ya, Cuz.

Game Facer: Later, Emerald.

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