Here's how the opening scene goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[The film starts out with the 20th Century Fox logo, side with the Paramount logo, the DreamWorks (with Sharon as the fishing boy) and Hasbro logo with the "Avatar: The Last Airbender opening theme" playing in the background]

Sharon: (narrating) My name is Sharon. I am the daughter of the Princess of Equestria, known as Celestia. And the daughter of the prince. Barret Barricade, but he died when I was young. Though he visits me in spirit, I still miss him. Till now.

[we now come to Canterlot castle at night and the title fades into view and the camera pans over to a balcony where we see Sharon looking out in the star]

Sharon: There you are, you are one beautiful plantary nebula. [she turns her telescope to another part of the sky but it shows stars forming in the shape of Barret] [sighs] Oh Father, I wish you here. [a tears streams down]

[Princess Celestia is walking down the hall when she looks into Sharon's room and notices Sharon looking glum on the balcony]

Princess Celestia: What's wrong, Sharon?

Sharon: [sniffs] I just really miss father. [hugs her]

Princess Celestia: [wraps her wings around Sharon] I miss him too.

Sharon: [weeps] Yeah did he have to leave us? Why? [buries her face in Celestia's chest]

Princess Celestia: [rubs Sharon with her wings] Shhh... Shhh... It's alright.

Sharon: [with tears in her eyes] I wish Father could return.

Sunlight: I wanna see him.

Princess Celestia: You should be getting some sleep. It's late.

Sharon: Okay, mother.

Sunlight: Aww, can't I stay up a little longer?

Princess Celestia: You're younger than Sharon, Sunlight.

Sunlight: But Mom..

Princess Celestia: Don't "but" me young lady. Come on, off to bed.

Sunlight: Yes, mom. [heads to her bedrooom]

Princess Celestia: Good night, Sharon.

Sharon: You too.

[soon Sharon hops in her bed and falls alseep as Celestia kisses her on the cheek and leaves]

Sharon: (in her mind) I really wish Father was here with us now.

(later that night as Sharon was asleep, Barret then walks up to her bed]

Barret: Sharon. Sharon. Wake up.

Sharon: [wakes up] Father?

Barret: It's me, sweetheart.

Sharon: Father! [hugs him] Are you really here or is this just a dream?

Barret: Sadly, it's only a dream.

Sharon: Oh, Father, I wish you were still with us now. I... I don't really think I can become a princess without your guidance.

Barret: Don't say that, Sharon., You're strong Sharon, you always were.

[Sharon then steps out of her bed and stands next Barret]

Sharon: Father, I assume you know about Great Grandfa...

Barret: Yes, Lunarlight told me everything. He told me how that pyscho rooster came in and tried to kill Yuna with her own Dragon.

Sharon: I'm worried, Father. What if he comes back? I don't know if I can face him.

Barret: Don't say such nonsense, Sharon. You're strong Sharon. You can beat that crazy rooster if you tried really hard and believed in yourself.

[they hug again but then after a small bit Barret is now standing at the door]

Sharon: Father, don't leave.

Barret: Don't worry, sweet thing. You will be seeing more of me soon later on. [leaves her room]

Sharon: Father, don't go! [races out door and sees him walking down the hall] FATHER!!! [races after him and then turns the corner and burst out the doors but finds herself on an unfimilar place and the castle hallway has disappeared.]

[Sharon then steps forward and watches herself and the others doing something]

[but then, Suddenly gunfire is heard then appears Ernie with his lightsaber and Darksaber drawn]


[back in reality]

Sharon: [awakes] (gasps) Oh my, what a dream. Oh father, I hope we can bring you back.

[Then she goes out and a musical number plays]


Do I miss you?

Count the stars

Multiply by ten

Of course I do

More than now and then

I could paint a rainbow Shine the sky

Set the stars in space

Faster than explain How much I miss your face

Watch the moon

Someday soon

He will start to smile

When I say "I'll see you In a while But 'til then I miss you

Dry my tears

Hide my fears away

Until that happy day

To the rainbow's end

Is where I would go, my friend

I do miss you so

(she then looks up at the Moon as she begins to remember her childhood)

Sharon: [laughing]

Barret: Sharon, where are you?

Sharon: [giggles]

Barret: Sharon.

[Then when Sharon peaks out something pulls her out]

Princess Celestia: There you are!

Sharon: Mother!

Barret: Got you!

[the 3 then laugh, and tickle her]

Sharon: [laughing] Uncle, uncle!

Princess Celestia: [lifts up with her wings] You're getting tired.

Sharon: [yawing]

Barret: [chuckles]

[Sharon nuzzles on Celestia's wings and sleeps]

Princess Celestia: Beautiful Sharon. [kisses her]

[Back to the present, Sharon goes back to bed]

[Alpha then comes in through the window and hops Sharon's bed and falls asleep as well.]

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