This is how OpThomas Prime and the Matrix of Leadership stolen goes in Thomas' Human Adventure.

[We begin in deep space. A Cybertronian ship flies through the millions of stars. It arrives on Cybertron and Thomas, now a Prime, and his friends come out. They walk towards the Cybertron Hall of Records]

Toby: I can't wait! Your first Prime sumit. You must be over the moon, Thomas.

Thomas: Wow! I am excited but to be honest, I'm a little nervous too.

Percy: You're nevicited, Thomas.

Thomas: I know.

Pinkie Pie: [jumps in front of Thomas] Do you wanna know what that word even means?

Thomas: Uh, well, sort of.

Flain: It means you want to jump up and down and yell "YAY ME!!" But you also want to curl up in a ball and hide at the same time.

Pinkie: I was just going to explain that, Flain. Anyways, we've all been there for you, Thomas.

Henry: Fluttershy and I would be there almost every day.

Percy: You've got no reason to fret, Thomas. Everything is going to be just...

[James comes rushing over]

James: Thomas! [suddenly realizes that he surprised his friend] Oh, so sorry, my friend. I really hate it when I do that. But I just realized that you don't have to Matrix of Leadership in your chest. [gasps] You haven't forgotten it back on Earth, have you?

Thomas: It's in Twilight's bag. [winks at Twilight] I'm just self-conscious about having it in there. And I haven't gotten accostumed to these yet either. [tries to use his new wings but fails and falls]

Twilight: Uh, you know, you're very hard.

James: Oh, you are a Prime now, Thomas. Embrace it. I mean, if I had something like that Matrix in my chest, I would never take it out. Oh, I would even sleep with it inside me.

Thomas: Anyways, let's get going. [stands and walks off]

[At the Cybertron Hall of Records, trumpets blow and Thomas, his friends, the Mixels and the Ponies enter the room. On his way down, Thomas bumps into a female E2 Tank Engine. They stare at each other for a moment and then the female E2 turns to the Autobots]

Jenna: Autobots, I hereby present to you, Sir OpThomas Prime.

Teslo: Good to see ya.

Jenna: Good to see you too.

[Thomas, his friends, the Mixels and the ponies approach the Autobots who step forward. Arcee hugs Thomas and Bumblebee shakes his hand]

Arcee: Hello Thomas.

Thomas: [nervous] Oh. [laughs nervously] Hi, Arcee!

Bumblebee: We haven't seen you since the ceremony.

Thomas: I know!

[Arcee lets Thomas go and Optimus steps forward]

Optimus: We have so much to discuss. But it can wait until tomorrow. I see that you are all pretty tired right now. So, it's best that you rest yourselves.

Zaptor: Okay, Optimus. Good night.

[Later, Twilight is putting her stuff in draws. Thomas puts the Matrix of Leadership in his chest and sighs]

Twilight: What's wrong?

Thomas: Sorry, Twilight. It's just... Ugh! Optimus was given the Matrix back in the Cybertronian War years. I'm just wondering, what if Optimus wants me to lead my own team of Autobots?

Twilight: That would be fantastic!

Thomas Yep. But just because I have this new form, these wings and this Matrix doesn't mean I'll be a good leader.

Twilight: Oh.

[Twilight curls up in bed. Thomas also gets in bed, but his wings keep popping up and he has to push back in]

Thomas: Darn it!

Twilight: Ugh! What now?

Thomas: Nothing, Twilight. I'm just trying to get comfortable!

Twilight: Oh.

[Just when Thomas thinks he has had a third time lucky, his wings pop back up again]

Thomas: (Groans) This is getting annoying!

(As the Opening Begins MLP Theme song remix Plays)

(Hasbro and Cartoon Network Present)

(Thomas' Human Adventure)

[Later on, a mysterious tank engine enters the Hall of Records and sneaks past the police bots. He sneaks into the room where Thomas and Twilight are sleeping and approaches the Matrix]

Mysterious Tank Engine: I'd better hurry and get it whilst he's not looking.

Thomas: (Sleeping)

[The tank engine puffs slowly towards the Matrix and carefully lifts it, only to knock the bedside lamp off. Luckily, he catches it before it hits the ground]

Mysterious Tank Engine: That was close.

[The Mysterious Tank Engine looks up to see if Thomas has woken up. But thankfully, the tank engine is still asleep]

Mysterious Tank Engine: Sleep well Thomas.

[The Mysterious Tank Engine takes the Matrix and puts a fake in it's place. He attempts to sneak off with it, only to trip over Twilight's tail]

Mysterious Tank Engine: Ow.

[Twilight wakes up, hearing him]

Twilight: What the?

[Thomas wakes up, yawning]

Thomas: [still half asleep] What? What's going on?

(As Thomas Gasps)

Twilight: Thomas! What is it? What's wrong?

Thomas: The Matrix! He's got the Matrix!

[He starts chasing the mysterious tank engine]

Thomas: Stop! Come back! Theif!

[The other engines and ponies stir awake]

Thomas: He's stolen the Matrix!

Percy: What was that?!

[The engine chase continues in the coridoor, where Thomas jumps into robot form, landing in front of the mysterious tank engine]

Thomas: Stop!

Mysterious Tank Engine: Hah! You really expect me to believe that? [jumps, turns into a robot and lands behind Thomas]

Thomas: What the?!

Percy: He's a transformer!

Mysterious Tank Engine: [reveals his silver paint job and number 0] Indeed! And you're going to have to a lot better than that to catch me!

Thomas: I'll show you!

[The engine chase continues until Thomas catches up to him. Thomas then tackles the mysterious tank engine and they tumble into a room where the mysterious tank engine drops the Matrix and it falls through a mirror (the one that leads to the EG Universe). Thomas, his friends and the ponies gasp]

Thomas: What did you do to Optimus' Matrix?!

Mysterious Tank Engine: Sorry it had to be this way... [runs over to the mirror] OpThomas Prime! [disappears through the mirror]

Thomas: What was that?

Percy: Who was that?

Twilight: Percy, I have no idea.

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