This is the scene for when OpThomas Prime rises in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

[the Matrix and Gems then create copies of themselves in which the copies combine into one creating a Matrix for Train-Primes and then it floats into Thomas' chest]

Thomas: Now we must Stop Megatrain!

[then Thomas, Percy, James, Gordon, and Henry are engulfed in a bright sphere and then combine into a giant Trainbot]

Twilight and her Friends: Wow that's amazing!

Scootaloo: Once!

Skyla: Wow!


OpThomas Prime Supreme: Let's roll! [takes off]

Sargeant Calhoun: Ca'mon! Let's follow and provide backup.

[everyone else runs for the mountain]

Megatrain: Now, my army can be reborn! [inserts his claw and start up the machine]

Edward: It's starting!

Brian: Hurry!

Megatrain: Now I will have the world in my grasp!! 

OpThomas Prime Supreme: MEGATRAIN!

Megatrain: What the?

[OpThomas Prime tackles Megatrain and then he blows up the machine]

Megatrian: DIE LIKE TIREK!!!

OpThomas Prime Supreme: You were the one who killed him!

Brian: GET HIM!!! [fire his gun]

[the rest of heroes begin providing backup fire as "I Rise, you Fall" plays]

Megatrain: [grunting in anger]

OpThomas Prime Supreme: You've picked the wrong planet! [stabs Megatrain with his Energy sword]

Megatrain: [growls]

OpThomas Prime Supreme: Give me your spark! [jams his cannon into Megatrain's chest and fires.]

Megatrain: NOOOOOO!!!!! [falls to the ground and dies]

OpThomas Prime Supreme: I rise, you fall.

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