Here's the first scene of the movie in Olympics Transformers Special.

(In the opening scene, Flain and the other Mixels rushed in to the autobot base)

Flain: We got here as fast as we could, Ratchet.

Ratchet: Good timing Flain.

Burnard: What's happening, Ratchet?

Ratchet: Don't know.

Rokit: Is's the Nixelstorm coming?!

Ratchet: Well, not really.

Niksput: How about Sharptooth?

Ratchet: Nope.

Vampos: Then what is happening?

Ratchet: Nothing.

Burnard: Gordon does seem to be having trouble with transforming.

Ratchet: He's trying to do his best.

[Gordon tries again but fails]

Gordon: Oh the Indignity.

Flain: What's wrong, Gordon?

Gordon: It's hard.

Vampos: What's hard?

Gordon: The Half-pony form.

Rainbow Dash: Oh, you mean this? [plays her guitar and transforms]

Vulk: Awesome!

Burnard: Can you transform into robot mode?

Rainbow Dash: Just half pony form.

Burnard: Okay.

[Vampos turns to Gordon]

Vampos: Don't worry Gordon, Let's head to the Castle Autobots, so we can't become half pony form.

Sunset Shimmer: They'll help you fix your T-Cog.

Flamzer: Aren't you coming Burnard?

Burnard: No, I'll be fine.

[The Mixels, Sunset and Gordon leave the base]

Burnard: [Sighs] I guess I have write a diary.

[He takes out his book and starts writing]

Burnard: Hey There Thomas, It's me again, We're Finally Beat King Nixel off, even he was tinyest, Also I take down Scar, Frollo and Ratcliffe In Rainbow Rocks crossover, and also I still haven't seen any bad guys, well I hope they come back for more, Sincerely, Burnard.

[Suddenly, a mystery guy shows up and puts his hand into the Spacebridge portal]

Burnard: Hey, what is that?!

[He sees the Mystery guy]

Burnard: Uh, what is he doing?!

[Burnard whistles to the Mystery guy]

Burnard: Ahem!

[The Mystery Guy turns]

Burnard: Excuse me, what are you doing?!

[The Mystery Guy runs]

Burnard: Never mind, I'll just go.

[Burnard chases the Mystery Guy]

Burnard: Wait!

[A groundbridge opens up]

Burnard: Stop, Wait!

[The Mystery Guy runs into the Groundbridge and it closes just before Burnard can jump in]

Burnard: Wait!

[But the groundbridge disappears]

Burnard: D'oh!

[Burnard looks confused]

Burnard: Uh, Hello?

[Burnard cups his chin]

Burnard: (Sighs) Just great!

[The Mystery Guys arrives on the Nemesis, revealing himself to be Orion Pax]

Orion Pax: That was close.

[Soundwave greets him with a wave]

Soundwave: Hello.

Orion Pax: Hi, Soundwave. I need to return to Crystal Planet.

Soundwave: Okay then.

[The Nemesis heads for Crystal Planet]

Orion Pax: Here it is, our home.

[Orion steps out into the streets]

Orion Pax: Thanks.

Soundwave: You're welcome.

Orion Pax: Now, to get down to business.

[He enters his secret underground lab]

Orion Pax: Let's rock.

[He gets started by looking at some pictures he took from the Battle of the Bands]

Orion Pax: That's interesting.

[Suddenly, a small chirping noise is heard]

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: [chuckles] I know that's you, Laserbeak.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: I know you didn't like me going to Cybertron, but I need to find out what is happening on that planet.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: But I am puzzled by one particular finding.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: I found out some information a new living Train-Prime. He calls himself OpThomas Prime.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: Yet, I did not see him back in the days of the war.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

[Orion looks up at the readings he's taken]

Orion Pax: There is something strange happening on that planet.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: I just know that I'm going to find out one of these days.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: I must create device that can find the power of the Ponies, engines, Mixels and Autobots.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: I understand, Laserbeak.

Laserbeak: (Chirping)

Orion Pax: Sssh! Here comes Airachnid!

Airachnid: Hey there.

Orion Pax: Oh, hi, Airachnid.

Airachnid: Going so well?

Orion Pax: Yes. Everything's going great.

Airachnid: Good.

[Airachnid leaves the room]

Orion Pax: Okay then.

[Orion starts working on his device]

Orion Pax: Let's rock.

[Meanwhile, outside]

Burnard: Who was that guy?

Flamzer: Orion Pax.

Burnard: Didn't expect to find you here, Flamzer.

Flazmer: I know.

Burnard: Why are you here anyway?

Flamzer: I found that Mystery Guy.

Burnard: What was that Mystery Guy?

Flamzer: Orion Pax.

Burnard: Now I get it.

Flamzer: He had Optimus Prime's features, though.

Burnard: Really?

Flamzer: Yeah.

Burnard: Whoa!

Rokit: Sweet!

Flamzer: I even got a photo.

Burnard: What is it?

[Flamzer shows the photo of the Mystery Guy]

Burnard: Oh my.

Flamzer: I know.

Burnard: Could it be, Optimus?

Flamzer: Not sure.

Burnard: Orion Pax.

Flamzer: Probably.

Burnard: Okay.

Flamzer: Right.

Burnard: Let's find Orion.

Flamzer: Sure thing.

[They look up Orion Pax on a computer]

Rokit: Okay, now I'm checking out.

Flamzer: It says that Orion Pax was Optimus Prime's pre-war identity.

Niksput: Got it.

Flamzer: And he was given the Matrix of Leadership and turned into a Prime.

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