This is the opening and how Tino, and Humans Fluttershy and Rainbow went inside Castle Oblivion in Destiny Hearts: Chain of Memories.

(Tino, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are walking down a dirt road surrounded by grass, and Tino sees Chao up ahead, who's carrying a letter from Queen Twilight in his hand. Tino and the gang proceed to chase Chao down the road. Later on at night, Tino, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are asleep in the grass. Tino wakes up and walks a short distance down the path. He then comes to a crossroads of four paths and stares into the sky. A man's voice is heard)

???: Along the road ahead lies something you need.

(A figure wearing a black-hooded coat is seen behind Tino. Tino turns around but the man disappears. Tino looks around for him, and the man reappears behind him. Tino turns around and faces him)

???: However---in order to claim it you must lose something that is dear to you.

(The man turns around and disappears. Tino walks ahead towards him but he is gone. The scene switches to a girl in a white room drawing on her sketchbook. There is a doll of her inside a cage hanging in the corner. The girl's drawing is seen as a colorful castle as she puts her sketchbook down. The scene switches to a similar-looking castle in the distance on a single path. Tino stands overlooking the castle, and the Chain of Memories logo appears on the screen. Tino, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy then walk toward the castle. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy say something to each other that is not heard. Tino looks up at the castle and gasps slightly, wondering what's inside. He continues toward it)

Human Rainbow Dash: Huh?

(They all continue into the castle. Tino opens the door and looks inside. The trio then walks in)

Human Fluttershy: Hey, are you sure that it's OK to barge in?

Human Rainbow Dash: But we gotta do it, if we're gonna find the Queen...

Human Fluttershy: The Queen? Queen Twilight is here?

Human Rainbow Dash: Something just told me she'd be here, OK?

Human Fluttershy: Really? Now you mentioned it, I was sorta thinking the same thing.

Tino Tonitini: Seriously? Me too. One look at this castle, and I just knew. Our very best friends are here.

Human Fluttershy: (Giggling) I guess great minds think alike.

Spike: Wait, hey, hold on! It can't be just a coincidence!

Human Rainbow Dash: Oh no! You don't mean that-

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